7 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone | Top Picks of 2023

The iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X/XS, Xs Max, and XR have the best versatile cameras right now available. Cameras enable you to get a 3-dimensional thought of the space that you’re catching. And so here are some of the best photo editing apps for the iphone.

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While the facts confirm that your iPhone 8 or more and iPhone X’s camera can make taking the best picture simpler, it won’t generally get your ideal impact — that is the place an app comes in.

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7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

iPhones are getting more and more compatible with modern apps and new software platforms. These photo editing apps for the iphone helps you to enhance your photograph.


Snap seed is proved to be one of the best Photoshop apps for iPhone, and it is a product of google. This app Is free of cost, this is one of the reason it is tops among the apps. Any app which allows you to adjust an image’s curves, color balance saturation, and sharpness doesn’t come for free, but this app is different as it comes free. The photo editing apps for the iphone are user-friendly.


The app also provides a feature to presets and save them for future use. In case you’re new to iPhone photography, Snap seed ought to be the principal photograph proofreader application you download. With this application, you’ll have the capacity to make dazzling alters that will drastically improve your pictures. Snap seed has exactness veiling, which enables you to alter the profundity of field, Snap seed has accuracy covering, which enables you to alter the profundity of field – picture takers regularly do this to make the foundation hazy and the closer view in core interest.

Visit: Snapseed

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This is another app with great features and free of cost, if you are bored with normal filters.


It really filters your images perfectly according to your requirement and sharpens, brightens, and balances the color of the image. You can adjust the filters and tune the color manually using this app. Filter strength can be adjustable.

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Visit: VSCO


This app is reasonably good for all kinds of photo editing apps for iphone. Advanced features such as selective color, curves, gradients are available in this app. A beginner can also use this app with ease, filters by well known photographers are also available.

afterlight 2

Tools like color, exposure, the crop are additional features in this app. The customizable text and artwork are a bit of fun for those who love photoshop. But this app comes with a price tag but is worth the money.

Visit: Afterlight

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In this photo editing apps for iphone you will be having your own control over edits and effects. This app has clone effect which is used to remove defects from an image. If you want to get creative, then this is the best app.

enlight photo editor

This app has artistic effects apart from traditional tools. In this app we can turn a picture to drawing. Whether you are a professional or beginner, it is easy to work with enlight. This app also comes with a price tag. For people who wants artistic effects I recommend this app.

Visit: Enlight

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You  can remove some features in a photo which you don’t want in a photo. It is pretty much easy to use. The blemish remover tool helps to create high quality portrait mode photos.


A special tool called as line remover which removes any lines such as cables and wires in the photo. Some of the features of the app re little bit complex but overall usage of the app is pretty much easy.

Visit: TouchReTouch

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This app has very advanced tools for photo editing apps for iphone but easy to use, both beginners and professionals can use this application with ease. The one tap filter feature makes the editing very easy even for a beginner.

adobe lightroom cc

Some of the advanced features include curves, split tone, helps you to edit the photo better. If you have been using adobe photoshop then this app is a piece of cake. This app also has some premium features at extra cost. It also gives you access on all your devices through adobe creative cloud.

Visit: Adobe Lightroom CC

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This app is mainly for the people who are looking to apply textures to the photo. It also got some different features like grain, light leaks, gradients.

mextures photo editor

You have different options to edit your photo which are already preset. You can set them manually too. This app also comes with a price tag. Most of the Professionals use it.


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Can you professionally edit photos on your iPhone?

Simply open the photo you wish to alter, then tap Edit in the upper right corner of the screen. The iPhone picture editor has three icons at the bottom of the screen. If you're editing a Live Photo, you'll see four icons. These icons provide access to a variety of picture-altering tools.

Is Facetune free on iPhones?

Facetune Video is available for free download from the App Store and provides free tools and features right away!

What do photographers use to edit photos?

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. When reviewing the finest photo editing software for photographers, it's impossible to overlook Adobe Lightroom. Adobe products are often regarded as the gold standard in picture editing software.


So, these are the 7 photo editing apps for iphone which are user friendly and affordable to edit your photos and make them creative.

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