How Much Is A 3ds Worth In 2024? | Complete Information

What would a 3DS game console cost in 2024, you inquire? Because technology is always evolving, predicting how gaming systems will change is challenging. This article assesses the worth of a 3DS console as of 2024. But most of us still want to learn how much a 3DS is worth. We’ll discuss everything on how much a 3ds is worth. 

It’s crucial to remember that 75.87 million 3DS units have been sold globally as of July 2020 when discussing the price of a 3DS in 2024. The original 2DS, which costs around $80, is the most affordable console (in the US). The New 3DS, which costs well over $200, will likely be the most expensive device in 2024.

Read through to see whether we could fix your problem; this post would be the best place to understand how much a 3DS is worth.

What Is A Nintendo 3DS?

The Nintendo 3DS is the follow-up to the DS series of portable game consoles. Without using special glasses, the original Nintendo 3ds can provide 3D effects.

During E3 2010, Nintendo also announced several first- and third-party video games. Although Nintendo 3DS games are made exclusively for the device, the 3DS can also play games from all Nintendo DS versions and download DSiWare games created for the Nintendo DSi.

The outside of the Nintendo 3DS should look familiar even if its inside hardware is far more advanced than that of the Nintendo DS line. The two-screen configuration and the clamshell design are carried over from the Nintendo DS. The 3DS’s bottom screen is smaller and still has touch sensitivity, but the top screen shows 3D images.downloading nintendo games

The Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS still have some discernible visual differences: The DSi cannot take 3D photos, but the 3DS can. In addition, the 3DS features an analog nub atop its conventional cross-shaped d-pad. Let us move forward with the price of a Nintendo 3ds. Check this out if you want to know about the best 3ds emulator for iOS.

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What Are the Features of the Nintendo 3DS?

The Pica200 chip, created by Digital Media Professionals, serves as the graphics processing unit (GPU) for the Nintendo 3DS. Anti-aliasing, per-pixel lighting, and generative texturing are possible with the Pica200, which can produce 15.3 million polygons per second at 200MHz. To use a colloquial comparison, the 3DS’s aesthetic appeal is on par with that of a GameCube.

nintendo switch

  • The Nintendo DS Lite’s top screen is just around 11.3% bigger than the 3.53-inch top screen of the 3DS. The bottom (touch) screen is 3.02 inches smaller than the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS Lite, or roughly 3.2% smaller.nintendo 3ds worth
  • The battery life of the Nintendo 3DS ranges between three and five hours before it has to recharge. How a system uses affects how long the battery lasts; for example, utilizing Wi-Fi, the 3D display, or a brighter screen setting causes the battery to discharge more quickly.
  • A motion sensor and a gyroscope are features of the Nintendo 3DS. The conventional A, B, X, Y, L, and R buttons and the cross-shaped D-pad are all back, along with the touchscreen. Above the d-pad, there is an analog nub called the “circle pad,” which people find great for navigating 3D games. The slider allows users to change the 3D image depth on the upper screen, or they can completely disable the 3D effect
  • Three cameras are there on the Nintendo 3DS: two are placed outside the device for 3D photos, and one is positioned above the top screen facing the user.nintendo 3ds games
  • The Nintendo 3DS has wireless internet access and local multiplayer capabilities similar to the Nintendo DS and DSi. Even while the 3DS is in sleep mode, the built-in feature “Street Pass” exchanges Miis and game information with other 3DSs nearby (closed). Let’s look at how much a 3ds is worth.

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Price Of Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system costs around $100. When it first came out in 2011, it cost $250, but the price decreased when Nintendo released newer devices like the 3DS XL. So this is Nintendo 3ds value. nintendo on ebay

The 2012-released Nintendo 3DS XL is bigger than the original 3DS. In addition to having bigger displays, it is thicker overall, has larger buttons and a circle pad, and has a longer battery. Due to this, the Nintendo 3d’s worth ranges between $175 and $200 more than the 3DS.nintendo graphics

Both of these consoles have been around for a while. Therefore it is possible to get reconditioned systems online for less money.

It is now more difficult to find the 3DS because Nintendo no longer promotes it on its website and instead concentrates on the 3DS XL. This is how much a 3ds is worth. 


Will the 3DS gaming systems increase in value over time?

The cost of these consoles will likely continue to increase. People can only find consoles in mint or packaged condition, even though manufacturers have built millions of them. The rarer variants, such as the standard New Nintendo 3DS, will likely continue to be appreciated.

What about limited or special editions? Are they more valuable?

There have been plenty of special editions for the Nintendo 3DS, including ones with Minecraft Creeper 3DS XL and Zelda, Mario, Yoshi, and Pokémon characters. Specific special editions are more valuable than others. It depends. The best bet is to conduct a pricing comparison between your limited-run console and a conventional color or version on websites like eBay and other auction sites.

What is the value of a Nintendo 2DS?

The 2DS consoles were unique since they still belonged to the 3DS series and could run 3DS games, but the screen did not support 3D gaming. Therefore, your options are limited to 2D games. The 2DS has a single-slate design rather than the recognizable DS clamshell, but it is close to the original 3DS. Consoles of the 2DS series are focused on affordability.

Is A 3DS Purchase Worth It?

When purchasing a 3DS on regular 3ds price, there are numerous things to take into account. Several of these include the price, the available accessories, and the game. The person must ultimately make the choice based on their preferences and needs.


So, how much is a 3ds worth? People are constantly looking for value in things that are only somewhat valuable. Your Nintendo 3DS may seem valuable, but in the end, E-Shops will close in March 2023. For Nintendo, the 3DS has been a great gaming system. They successfully developed a different gameplay experience.

Additionally, the 3DS features a massive selection of games. Many games use the handheld’s unique characteristics and help push it to its limits. This explains why the system continues to have great sales. We hope this article has helped you all with how much a 3DS is.

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