6 Best Free Keylogger Apps For Android | 2020

What is a keylogger and for what purpose the key logger is used? A keylogger is a software or an app. It is used to know what the other person is typing in his/her laptop or phone. The main feature of the keylogger to give detailed data of what the other person typing on the device. The keylogger installed on the target device. The target device is whose data is targeted for access when a user types a password or essential information on that device. It will automatically send that information to the receiver client. In this article, we will look at the best free keylogger apps available on the internet.

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Best Free Keylogger Apps

1. Spyzie

It is one of the most advanced and best free keylogger apps available on the internet. It is mostly used to monitor the activities of the target device. Most parents use spyzie to track what their children do with their smartphones. It is available in both android and ios variant on the internet. Yes, it is also legal to use spyzie on the devices on which you have proper legal rights.


Spyzie can monitor a person’s call log, MMS, SMS, location of the phone, all the social media chats, browsing history. It can also control what kind of videos  watched by the person. Therefore it can also obtain a view of the targeted device calendar and installed apps. It is not necessary to root your device for the working.

Steps for installing

  1. Install spyzie on the targeted device.
  2. Complete the setup process of the app.
  3. Buy the premium subscription of spyzie to unlock all its features.
  4. Go to the dashboard and manage your settings.


2. Flexispy

After spyzie, another name we know for keylogger is flexispy. The flexispy also works in the same way as of spyzie. It remotely monitors the targeted device and records the keystrokes a user made on that device. It sends all the keystroke data on the monitoring device.


One important thing that it also monitors some keywords that may type. This feature helps the parent to know when their children type some random or inappropriate words. This feature of the keylogger also used in maintaining security as it gives warning in the case of a security breach.

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3. Mspy

Another app for keystroke monitoring available on the internet is mspy. Mspy is one of the widely used. keylogger app is used in all over the world. It works on the devices without letting the user know that it is installed.


It is the second preferred keylogger by most parents and also offers many features like SMS tracking, location tracking, call tracking, email tracking. Also it helps in social media chat monitoring, internet usage tracking, calendar, and events tracking, and also view files and apps installed on the targeted device. It is most popular also and one of the best free keylogger apps.

4. Ikey

Another prominent name in the keylogger category is the Ikey app. Mostly the key loggers used by an employer to monitor over his/her companies employees. This is for the significant data security breach or some other tracking of their activities in the working time.


Ikey also serves the same as others in this list, and it comes on the 4 number of our list because of its preference and interest among the people all over the world. The features and working are the same as the other best free keylogger apps on our list. It tracks the targeted device activities and sends a detailed report to the client monitoring device.

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5. Hoverwatch

Hover is a very powerful and advanced keylogger used for tracking the activities of both mobile and computer. It works on both phones and computers. Hoverwatch is available in android, windows, and ios. It is installed and set according to what kind of activities are being done. Also it helps to monitor on the targeted devices.


After that hoverwatch works in complete silence without letting the user know about his presence on the device. It records the activities like what type of messages  sent by the user. The name of the persons with whom the users are talking on a phone call. It also tracks the websites which user do visit on that device and also records every keystroke performed on that device.

6. The Truthspy

Truthspy is also one of the most advanced and developed keyloggers available on the internet. It comes with exciting features call recording and live to listen to the call on the targeted device. These features make this keylogger different from all the other keyloggers available on the internet.

 The Truthspy
The Truthspy

It is possible for both Android and iPhones operating systems. Like other best free keylogger apps, it also offers many features like phone tracking, call log tracking, geolocation tracking. It also supports SMS and MMS tracking, social media, and chat monitoring, browser history tracking. It helps to remotely backup and format the targeted device data, and lastly prepares the detailed report of the keystroke performed on that device.

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