5 Best System Monitoring Software for Windows [2022]

Windows is one of the most used computer operating systems in the corporate world and our daily life activities. Windows is a highly preferable device to perform sensitive data for intensive tasks, produce content for entertainment, and carry out everyday tasks such as listening to music or browsing the internet. Because of such widespread use, people may expose to problems associated with using windows like data loss or theft, hacking and unbounded use of the internet by underage kids, as the internet has an ample amount of things that aren’t suitable for children below specific age group. That is why system monitoring software helps us in overcoming these tasks. 

Whether you are the owner of an organization or a parent of a child, it is your responsibility to monitor their actions.

It is where windows monitoring tools come into action. It provides the power to keep an eye on the monitor or screen activities over a distance. Many software developers offer such devices that provide monitoring features, but they aren’t that useful.

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5 Best System Monitoring Software You Must Try Using in 2022

Here are the five best system monitoring software mentioned below. All of the software is easy to use and affordable to operate. This list includes both paid and free software.


Kickidler is an employee monitoring software for windows. They provide the admin user with all computer forensic capabilities. Kickidler monitoring software allows one to keep an eye on the employees’ computer system. So that one can make sure no security breach happens.


Features of Kickidler

  1. Data to judge productivity
  2. It gives the data on which time of the data, the employers are most productive through graphical reports.
  3. Live Monitoring
  4. It provides screenshots of employers’ activity on the computer, along with desktop monitoring.
  5. Apps and sites usages tracking
  6. It can track the websites and apps the employer has been using and block them if required.

Visit : Kickidler

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ActivTrack is a free and comprehensive cloud-based analytical software that allows business owners to obtain details and improve employees’ productivity. The software has an easy-to-use dashboard admin user interface; all the collected data is displayed in a manageable way.


Features of ActivTrack

  1. Live Monitoring
  2. To keep an eye on the employers’ computer, it has the feature of live monitoring.
  3. Encryption
  4. All the data transferred between the admin’s and the host’s windows system is encrypted, so it’s hard to hack.
  5. Screen activity recording and productivity analysis
  6. It has the feature to record the screen and analyze how much production the employee has done, including the time.

Visit : ActivTrack 

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer

It is a weightless but effective system monitoring software that you may install remotely or manually. It records all the screens and delivers the option for live streaming, but the software lacks cloud integration.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer
Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Features of Employee Desktop Live Viewer

  1. Online and offline screen recording
  2. It records and saves the screen activity.
  3. Instant Messages
  4. This tool helps in sending instant messages to the monitored computers.
  5. Easy to Use
  6. This software is beginner-friendly and easy to use.

Visit : Employee Desktop Live Viewer 


It is a monitoring tool with a highly intuitive admin dashboard and user experience. It is a system monitoring software that can do nearly everything a monitoring tool requires. Also, it offers cloud-hosted deployment. One disadvantage of this tool is that too many options are available, which may be challenging for beginners.


Features of Teramind

  1. Live Monitoring and Keylogging
  2. It has the feature of live screen recording employees’ activities and also provides the keylogging by capturing keystrokes of the employee.
  3. Stealth Mode
  4. It gives the option of being hidden in employees’ computers in its stealth mode without the employees’ knowledge about it.
  5. Powerful automation
  6. It has powerful automation and reporting of employees’ activities with data.

Visit : Teramind


It is a robust system monitoring software for Windows and is available for smartphones, Android, or iOS. It can track emails, call logs, live screenings, etc.


Features of Flexispy

  1. Cross-Platform Software
  2. It is one of the best features of this app. It can be used on a smartphone or a tablet also.
  3. Parental Control
  4. Technologies surround children. This feature keeps children safe from unwanted and harmful content on the internet.
  5. Powerful Spy Feature for Computers
  6. It can spy any computer, and one can see the live screening activities any time, it can also record and restrict browser activities.
  7. Few standard features in all of these monitoring systems
  8. Live Screen recording
  9. Remote access to employees computer
  10. Browser and app usage history.’
  11. Productivity analysis of the employers

Visit : Flexispy

Final Words

These were some of the system monitoring software available for windows users. Before trying any, read the above system monitoring software features carefully and compare the requirements accordingly. If you download any of the above system monitoring software, we’d like to hear about your experience. Your Android might face system UI issues sometimes, check out the article to see how to solve them.

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