12 Crazy Scary iPhone Games For this Winter Vacation!

Love watching horror movies? Want to have some haunted experience in life? We fulfill your wish with some scary iPhone games which will leave you petrified. Get ready for nightmares at night. If you are brave enough, then only move through this blog. Before playing these high graphics embedded games, we highly recommend you to have the following resources on your iPhones. 

Roblox Horror Games would make you want to keep your eyes closed the whole gameplay. Check it out!

Specs required

iPhones are known for their posh quality. But we still recommend you to have these minimum specs to enjoy unhindered gaming.

gaming iphone

  • Display :6.00-inch,144Hz 
  • Apple GPU
  • RAM:8GB 
  • Internal memory:128GB 
  • Battery capacity: 6000mAh.
  • iOS 6(and higher versions)

Having these resources installed in your iPhone will ensure lag-free gaming.

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Top Scary iPhone Games

We bring a fantastic collection of scary iPhone games for horror nerds. Tighten your seatbelts and dive into this journey of discovering the creepiest games available online.

Slender Rising

The game revolves around the myth of Slender Man. The eerie sound effects in the background are enough to scare you.

Move through the abandoned city and woods. Try not to see the faceless man. The weird and unearthly events that follow are sure to make your blood run cold.

slender rising

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
  • User rating in App Store:4.2 
  • Compatible versions: ios9 and above

Since its release in 2012, Slender Rising has been a favourite of horror fans. Overall we highly recommend you to try this game. 

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Walking Dead: Season One

The game begins with a zombie apocalypse happening. The atrocities humanity faces after this mishap is the main USP of the game. Explore the unearthly events that follow and escape through the zombies. 

The plot is similar to what we see in zombie movies. Experience it now with Walking Dead: Season One.

walking dead season one

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
  • User rating in App Store: 4.2 
  • Compatible versions: ios6 and above

The exceptionally well-worked graphics make this game a must-try for all horror nerds. The game has a 17+ rating. Hence do play accordingly.

Rest in Pieces

This is the unique game in this list of scary iPhone games. Escape through various souls and creepy sea monsters.

Your main goal is to swing the figurines made of porcelain. But do remember you cannot break them.

rest in pieces

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
  • User rating in App Store: 4.8
  • Compatible versions: ios10 and above

The game is for above nine years. Since the game is widely lauded for its graphics and eerie music, so do try this highly rated horror game.

Lost Within

Lost Within’s plot mainly explores an abandoned asylum. You play as the protagonist who is left in the asylum. Now you have to escape and save your lives from the creepy and unearthly creatures.

The spooky CGI and eerie background score will surely make your heart miss a beat.

lost within

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
  • User rating in App Store: 4.4
  • Compatible versions: ios8.1 and above

Buy it from App Store for $3.99 only to play Lost Within. Do remember the game is for 12 years above.  

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Five Nights at Freddy’s AR

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR is the next installment of the widely popular FNAF franchise.

Your main goal is to fight the weird, uncanny animatronics. Save yourself from them and complete your mission.

five nghts at freddy's ar

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
  • User rating in App Store: 4.4
  • Compatible versions: ios13 and above

The game is available for free in the App Store. It is highly admonished to play the game only if you are above 12. Therefore play according to your discretion.

Home – Unique Horror Adventure

The game revolves around a haunted house and the sinister events that follow in it.

At first, looking at the graphics, you may seem not interested. But keep your patience, and you will be flabbergasted by the unearthly events following.

home - unique horror adventure

  • Genre: Haunted, Adventure, Horror
  • User rating in App Store: 3.1
  • Compatible versions: ios8.0 and above

The perfectly matching eerie background score will definitely scare the hell out of you. The game is available in-app store for only 2.99 $ only. Hence it’s a must-try.

Year Walk

This list of scary iPhone games would have been incomplete without including Year Walk. The game is for 12 years and above.

year walk

  •  Genre: Haunted, Adventure, Horror
  •  User rating in App Store: 4.2
  •  Compatible versions: ios8.0 and above

 The haunting music and graphics are pretty amazing. So you can definitely give it a try. You need to purchase the game for only $3.99. We prescribe you to play these games if and only if you are 16+. So play accordingly.


The Eyes is the scariest iPhone game available presently. With stunning visuals, the game can make your blood run cold.

The creepy music and creatures are sure to give you nightmares.


The game is developed on the Unity Engine and is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS. It is developed by  Fearless Games Purecka and Pabis Spolka Jawna. An awesome user rating of 4.6 on the App Store makes it a must-try for all. Enjoy this free game from App Store.

  •  Genre: Haunted, Adventure, Horror
  •  User rating in App Store: 4.6

Visit: Eyes


Vanished is another awesome game that is available for free on the App Store. You really need a good set of headphones to experience the horror.


Since the game is mostly based on dark visuals you also need good graphics.

Dark Meadow

The Dark Meadow is the most unique game on the list. The story of the game is quite fascinating. You have to defend witches after waking up in the hospital.

Though it is a horror game, it still brings in some dark humor. Protect yourself with a sword and bow from minions and witches.

Dark Meadow

The game has an amazing user rating of 4.4. So, definitely try Dark Meadow and share your experience in the comments.

  •  Genre: Haunted, Adventure, Horror
  •  User rating in App Store: 4.4

Visit: Dark Meadow

The House of Horror

The House of Horror is a very popular game where you have to simple escape from the house. The game may sound very simple but as you move through the house you begin to feel intimidated.

The House of Horror

The awesome creepy graphics and eerie background score make it a perfect horror game. Your only task is to solve puzzles and get out. The game is free to install on the App Store

Visit: The House of Horror

The Woods

The Woods is a horror game that plays with your mind. Your task is to help a paranormal investigator to stop demons. Moving through the deserted forest is sure to scare the hell out of you.

The Woods

The game is compatible to run on all iPhone devices and is available on the App Store.

Visit: The Woods

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Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Which Is The Scariest Game Available For Free?

Emily Wants to Play is by far the scariest game available. You can go with our list of scary iPhone games to have a haunting experience.


Experience haunting like never before with these extremely scary iPhone games. Please go through our specs recommendation to have a seamless gaming experience. Please remember the games can be horrifying and can leave you petrified. So get ready for some nightmares. For playing more such awesome games, keep following Techyhost.

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