All About Killer Network Service And Tips To Manage It

If you are troubled or want to know anything about Killer Network Service, then you are in the perfect place. In this blog, we will provide all you need to know about Killer Network Services. We will further talk about why it is one of the hottest topics of discussion among gamers. And whether it is harmful or good for your pc. So, go through this blog, and you will get your answer in the following sections. Manage your customer service department with the best Network service.

killer network service

Many people say KNS is not good for the pc. In contrast, some argue for bringing in enhanced performance in gaming. But it does cost the health of the CPU and GPU. We will look into all of this in the further blog.

Tecyhost brings you this awesome blog about Killer Network Service. We will finish this ever-going debate about whether the killer network is good or bad. And whether you should install it or not. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the world of KNS. 

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What is a Killer Network Service?

The Killer Network Service is also known as KNS. It acts as a background service that is responsible for utilizing all network connections. Further, it also utilizes the network’s access resulting in enhanced seamless gaming. 

Almost every computer have a KNS installed. But it is to be remembered that KNS isn’t a Windows app. To know where it is located, visit the file folder of the program.

KNS itself is not harmful. However, many malware or viruses are renamed as KNS, which corrupts the pc. Many times a newly bought pc or laptop can be destroyed due to this malware.

Pros Of Killer Network Service

There are many advantages of a killer network service or KNS. Following are the advantages: 

  • Decrease Latency in games
  • Decrease Lag in games
  • Increase Frame rate

All these above brings in a seamless and smooth experience to gamers.

Cons Of KNS

Though Killer Network Service is good for gaming. It costs the health of your CPU and GPU.

The CPU and GPU get extremely heated because of KNS. It can even damage them, causing you to repurchase them. 

So, if you are wondering why your pc or laptop is getting heated, check if you have KNS in your system or not. In the next section, we will discuss where to find KNS on your pc.

How To Find A Killer Network Service Location? 

Suppose you don’t know whether you have KNS on your system. Then you need to check it by going to the following location to see.

1. Firstly, open the Device Manager on your pc.

device manager

2. Then a window will appear. Find Network Adaptors. Click by the side of it. 


location of kns

A list appears. Suppose you see anything by the name of Killer. Then understand you have Killer Network Service on your pc.

However, please note don’t go to uninstall it. Since it may cause a lot of other fatal problems.

How To Disable Killer Network Service?

Suppose you are fed up with your system getting insanely hot due to KNS. Then you should disable it rather than uninstalling it. Follow the below instructions to disable KNS.

1. First, go to the Device Manager. Then under Network Updates, see which KNS package is installed.

device manager

2. Next, go to the support link below and find your KNS package.

killer network serviceuninstaller

Visit: Download Link

3. Scroll down and go to others. Download Killer Uninstaller.

find killer network service uninstaller

4. After downloading, find the KNS. Open it. Press Scan for installed Killer Software.

scan killer network service

5. Finally, click the Disable Killer Software to disable the KNS on pc.

disable killer network service

This will keep the KNS in the pc but disable it. Remember, don’t uninstall it in any way as it will result in causing fatal damages to drivers.

Please follow the above-mentioned steps to avoid any kind of bugs.

Bigfoot Killer Network Manager

If you want to view your device’s performancehealthor some other issuesyou can use Bigfoot Killer Network Manager.

It is software that increases the bandwidth of online gamesAs a resultyou get a lagfree enhanced gaming experience.

Soif you enjoy being a pro gamerthen you must try Bigfoot Killer Network ManagerIt helps immensely in MMO and heavy video games.

Killer Network Service For Windows 10

The Killer Network Service is very essential for windows 10 usersIf you don’t have itthen all the apps get equal treatment when online.

location of kns

If you want to get some special treatment, you must go for Killer Network Service.

A lot of computers don’t have KNS pre-installed. So, first, go and check if it is there in the Device Manager. If  KNS is present, then update it. Or if not present install it.

How To Install KNS?

You can very easily download the Killer Ethernet E2400 from the internetThen install it on your deviceIn doing soyou will have your KNS.

install kns
Howeverif you don’t choose a trusted KNSit may corrupt your deviceSoinstall it carefully.

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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about KNS.

What do you mean by KNS?

The Killer Network Service is also known as KNS. It acts as a background service that is responsible for utilizing all network connections.

Is Killer Network Service or KNS malware?

The KNS is not malware. However, there are a lot of viruses out there that are named Killer. And unknowingly downloading then results in fatal consequences to the pc.

Is KNS good or bad for the system?

While KNS provides a seamless and smooth gaming experience, it damages your CPU and GPU's health. So, if you want to sacrifice your pc or its specs, you can continue using it.

Can I delete or uninstall Killer Network Service(KNS)?

You can uninstall KNS safely. However, uninstalling it will result in further complications. Moreover, the driver can also get corrupted. So, restrain yourself from uninstalling it. Rather disable it.

How to update Killer Network Service?

To update Killer Network Service(KNS), first, know which KNS you are using. Then go to the official website and see if there are some updates. Finally, in this way, you can update KNS.

Hope we have cleared all your doubts regarding Killer Network Service.

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To sum it up, we believe you can now decide whether to keep Killer Network Service on pc or not. We have provided you with all the pros and cons of it. So, you know what to do now. Please share your views about the blog in the comment section below. We will see you in the next blog soon. Until then, stay tuned and follow Techyhost to know more exciting news and updates from the tech world.

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