How To Install Google Play On Fire Tablet? Complete Guide

Amazon has its app store pre-installed on all devices, including Fire Tablets, but apps are limited. It would help if you had a Google account, an Amazon Fire tablet, and four APK files. You may download and install the Google Play Store on your smartphone, though, as Fire OS is a customized version of Android. The article discusses how to install google play on fire tablet.

You can install google play on a fire tablet by allowing applications from unknown sources. To do this, choose Settings > Security and enable “Apps from Unknown Sources.” Obtain the PlayStore APK file by downloading it. Install the downloaded APK files. Make your tablet remote.

However, accessing Google Play services and installing Android apps is a common requirement. You are often limited to using the Amazon AppStore on the Fire Tablet. However, because an Android operating system powers the Fire Tablet, you can install google play on fire tablet and access Android Apps. Keep reading to know more.

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How To Install Google Play On Fire Tablet?

You can easily install google play on fire tablet

Allow Applications From External Sources

There are four APK (Android Package) files to install to launch google play on fire tablet. The term “APK” refers to the .apk file extension. As .apk files, Android applications are all packaged. You need help seeing this portion on the different app shops. 

allow installationHowever, when you click “Install” in an app store, you download an .apk file. These files can be downloaded via the Silk web browser from Amazon, but Silk can’t automatically install .apk files.

allow on silk browserGo to the Settings app, then pick Security & Privacy > Apps from Unknown Sources > Silk browser to modify that. Then turn on the allow setting. You can now begin downloading files after that is complete.

Install The Apps

Google Play Store, Google Play Service, Google Services Framework, and Google Account Manager are the four prerequisite downloads for the Google Play Store. The Play Store app requires the first three to function as frameworks. Thus, they must install google play on fire tablet before the last one.

It gets tricky at this point. Depending on the Fire tablet you have, multiple Android versions are supported. Hence different Android versions require separate installation files. Remember to check Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet to see which tablet you have.

download apkDownload all of these files at Illogical Robot LLC, which also runs the news website Android Police with an emphasis on Android, is the owner of APKMirror. After being downloaded through Google’s servers, google play store on fire tablet update and maintain these apps. All of this indicates that this procedure is generally secure.

open filesThe necessary apps are listed below, along with download links. Wait to open them; download them.

  • Account Manager for Google
  • Google Services Framework\s
  • Google Play Services
  • Shop on Google Play
  • Devices running

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Download The Apps

You can now download the google play store on kindle fire.

  1. Install the apps now. download
  2. Follow the proper sequence.
  3. Wait to press open after you are finished. install google play
  4. Before accessing the Play Store, you need to reboot. Install,,, and
  5. It’s time to restart your Fire android tablet after all four apps have been installed. restart
  6. Select restart after holding the power button until the power menu appears.

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Access Your Google Account

How to get google play store on a fire tablet? You should be able to launch the Google Play Store, log into your Google Account, and begin downloading apps after your Fire tablet has restarted. access your google accountAgain, only some things are functional, but there is unquestionably a wider variety here than on Amazon’s Appstore.

How To Use Google Play On Fire Tablet?

You can start using your tablet as you normally would once you’ve completed putting the Play Store on it. To ensure you don’t have any Play Store or other updates, check the list of apps on your device. There is an issue with having the Amazon Appstore and add google play store to kindle fire on the same device. Therefore, some Amazon apps ask for updates here.

google play on fire tabletWhen you update apps from the Play Store, they’ll likely request an update from the Amazon App Store. This is true for apps you installed through the Amazon Appstore that are also listed in the Play Store. It’s an endless loop, but you can stop it by entering your device’s settings and turning off updates from the Amazon Appstore.

You can use the Play Store on your device as on any other typical Android tablet. Some apps, like Netflix, have listings on both platforms, duplicates of the Amazon Appstore. However, some programs are exclusively available on this platform, so you should use them.

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Can a Fire tablet download Google Play?

Restart by pressing and holding the power button until the power menu appears. You should be able to play store app install, log into your Google Account, and begin downloading apps after your Fire tablet has restarted.

Why does Amazon Fire not have Google Play?

Because Amazon has its app store that neatly labels Amazon Appstore, Fire tablets do not come with Google Play. The apps available are carefully chosen and created to run on the specific tablet operating system.

Can you download any Android app on a Fire tablet?

Any software in the common Android APK format to install on the Kindle Fire, but you can also transfer apps from a phone or get them from a popular app store. Even for free apps, you can get APKs from numerous pirate websites.

Why is Google Play Store not functioning on my Fire tablet?

Assume that after updating your Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Play, and all of the apps you downloaded from the Store stopped working. In such a situation, update the tools you used to sideload the Play Store, Google Account Manager, and Google Services Framework.

Can you install non-Amazon apps on a Fire tablet?

One choice is to install the Google Play Store. Even though they aren't offered through Amazon's marketplace, most Android apps run on a Fire tablet. But it also means that they ship with the Amazon Appstore, which has a smaller range of apps and games, rather than the Google Play Store.

Can I download APK on an Amazon Fire tablet?

Sideload applications on your Amazon Kindle Fire. You can also transfer your APK file using a USB cord after downloading it from a PC. When you open the APK file, a prompt asking if you wish to install the application, will appear. Click Install. However, some apps are only available on this platform, so you should take full advantage of the Play Store while you have it.


It is all about how to install google play on fire tablet. It is unnecessary to carry out any actions from your PC to install the Play Store on a Fire Tablet. Installing the necessary files after downloading them is the simplest method. However, when you click “Install” in an app store, you download the file using the steps given in the article.

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