What Controllers Work With Steam {Updated}

Steam is a video game distribution service. Additionally, players can play and stream games using Steam Link Controller. So let’s see some of the best controllers that work with Steam. We all have been there. An era when we were uncertain about whether a controller will support our game and its all functions or not. Nevertheless, today you can use any controller to play any game using Steam.

The Steam Deck is compatible with various Bluetooth controllers, similar to gaming laptops. This includes popular options such as Microsoft’s Xbox controller, the Sony DualSense controller, third-party wired Xbox controllers, and even the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. These controllers can be used seamlessly with the Steam Deck.

There are some controllers that excel over others. Therefore, we present you with a list of controllers that work with Steam.

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What Is Steam?

Valve launched Steam in 2003. It is an online game distributer platform that players can use to download and play any game they want. Moreover, Steam also provides its users with video streaming options and social networking services.

what controllers work with steam

Steam is compatible with multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Players worldwide love this platform. Players love to play games on Steam using controllers.

Follow this article to know what controllers work with Steam.

What Controllers Work With Steam?

It is undoubtedly delightful to see our game on a bigger screen, like a TV, than a PC. Steam Link facilitates its users to do the same, and users can use controllers to play the game.

steam controller

When it comes to the list of all the controllers that are compatible, the list gets too big. Hence, below are some of the top-of-the-game controllers that you might want to look at before buying a new controller for yourself.


Before streaming your game on a TV, you have to ensure the following points.

steam deck

  • A PC running Steam, Windows 7 or above, macOS 10.10, SteamOS, Linux 12.04 or higher.
  • A TV or a display capable of performing at 720p or higher.
  • Network connectivity to both the PC and the display. (Wired networks are highly recommended for smooth functioning)
  • Input device

How To Use Controller With Steam

Follow the steps to use the controller with Steam.

use controller with steam

Connect your controller to your PC. Open Steam and click on the top-left corner. Open Settings. Click on Controller Tab and further select General Controller settings. Select your controller from the list.

Top 9 Controllers

We have short-listed top x controllers that work with Steam.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of controllers in the gaming industry. With its latest offering, the Microsoft Xbox Wireless controllers, the company has once again demonstrated its commitment to setting new standards and surpassing its competitors. This works similarly to the stream link Xbox One controller.


The key features of this controller are the hybrid D-pad, textured triggers, Bluetooth support, and a replaceable battery. Moreover, this controller has a 3.5 mm jack to plug in your headphones directly to the controller and not your PC or display.

The controller is powered by 2 AA batteries. The highlight feature of this controller is its price. The comparatively lesser price attracts customers that are on a budget. The build quality is top-tier, as always.

Visit: Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

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Sony DualShock 4 Controller

Tech giant Sony has been delivering some of the best controllers in the market. Sony DualShock 4 controller is arguably one of the best controllers.

sony dual shock controller

The controller provides wireless connectivity. Additionally, the controller has a 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery. What sets this controller apart is the motion technology. Since it has motion sensors, you can have interactions like driving a car and aiming in shooting games by moving the controller itself.

Buy: Sony DualShock 4 Controller

Xbox Elite 2 Series Controllers

The Xbox Elite 2 controller stands up to its name. The design, the feel, the texture, the performance, everything is “elite.”

Along with the wireless connectivity, this controller goes a step further and offers wireless charging as well. You get a 40-hour backup after a full charge. The customization options available make the user feel more than attached to the controller.
xbox elite series controllers

Although the controller is on the pricier side of the spectrum, its price-to-performance ratio is phenomenal. Those who are looking for an all-out controller can definitely buy this.

Buy: Xbox Elite 2 Series Controllers

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The ultimate gaming company, Nintendo, developed this controller to be ideal for players. This is one of the best controllers that work with Steam.

nintendo switch pro best controller

Nintendo Switch Pro controller offers 40-hour battery life even while used wirelessly. The quality and build of the product are reassuring. The controller comes with a USB-C port, unlike many other controllers.

When compared to Xbox Elite 2 series, this controller definitely loses in terms of personalization and features. Also, the price-to-performance ratio of this controller does not stand out.

Buy: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Controller

When the question arises of what controllers work with steam, this controller is known as the beast of controllers. This controller will never let you down.

razer wolverine v2 chroma controller

The controller comes with six buttons that users can remap according to their needs. The controller comes with RGB background lighting to enchant the users. The product sets itself apart from the others with the hair-trigger locks for better performance.

Buy: Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Controller

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Talk about being extra! This keyboard has gone over and beyond by providing its users with a complete wireless controller and a minimum wire setup for gaming.

turtle beach recon controller

The controller provides a headset along with it to reduce the number of wires connected to the display. Moreover, the controller offers audio control on the device itself.

The controller performs smoothly, and the keys react faster than most controllers. Although it may be a little expensive, it is totally worth it.

Logitech F310

The controller falls under that cheaper side of the spectrum of price. This is great for beginners. You have everything that a professional controller includes.

logitech f310

Despite being cheap, this controller is durable and performs better than most controllers in the same price range.

Buy: Logitech F310

Wireless Xbox 360

If you have any doubt about whether you can use an Xbox controller with the Steam link, then use Wireless Xbox 360.

Installing is very easy. You just need an adapter to connect. There are both wired and wireless versions of the product.

wireless xbox 360

It is needless to mention, the wired version is cheaper than wireless.

So, try this quality product and take gaming to the next level.

Buy: Wireless Xbox 360

Sony DualShock 4 V2

The Sony DualShock 4 V2 is a Steam link-compatible controller. This is Sony’s version of the DualShock.

sony dualshock 4 v2

It has extremely good controls. So, you get an enhanced gaming experience. Moreover, it comes in some amazing colors.

Hence you should definitely try it.

Buy: Sony DualShock 4 V2

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Here are some FAQs.

Do PS5 Controllers Work On Steam?

Yes. You can use your PS5 controller on steam, and it is undoubtedly the easiest way to use it on a computer since steam has built-in support for the PS5 controller.

Can You Use Xbox Controllers On Steam?

Yes. You can use your Xbox controller on steam. Add your controller to steam before playing, and then you are good to go.

Which Controller Is More Comfortable?

Although at a higher price range, all available controllers are comfortable, Xbox controllers of all price ranges prove to be the most comfortable controllers.

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After reading this article, we are sure that you are confident about what your next controller will be. This was the list of the top Stream link-compatible controllers. Controllers come in all price ranges. The expensive controllers definitely perform up to their price, whereas, for beginners, mid-range controllers or budget controllers can also prove to be just as efficient. We hope that you now know the answer to what controllers work with Steam.