10 Color Picker Extensions For Chrome [Full Guide for 2023]

Whether creating content for your website or designing an advertising campaign for clients, color pickers are a necessary component of any web designer’s toolkit. The best feature of these top  Color Picker extensions for Chrome is that they make choosing colors quick and simple.

The best options for you to pick up color extensions for Chrome include:

  • AKColor
  • Black-shrimp
  • Change colors
  • ColorPick Eyedropper Extension
  • Chroma
  • ColorZilla
  • Swatches Expansion
  • Slick Color Picker

Designers and artists, you no longer need to worry about learning all the hex codes! Let’s examine some of the top Chrome Color Picker extensions.

The 10 Color Picker Extensions for Chrome

Finding the perfect color for your project can seem like an immense task, but with the help of the right color picker Chrome extension, you can easily and quickly find the perfect hue. There are numerous Chrome extension color pickers, each offering unique features and capabilities.

color picker extension

From color pickers that allow you to extract colors from an image to those that feature a large selection of color swatches, an extension is right for every user. Here are the 10 color picker extensions: –


Designing can be a difficult task, particularly regarding color selection. The browser extension AKColor, which is a color picker, can make things simple. AKColor makes it easy to find the perfect color for a forthcoming project by allowing you to sample colors anywhere on the web.akcolor

It also includes a palette, allowing you to save and revisit your favorite colors later. Whether you’re a designer or just starting, AKColor is a great tool. There is no excuse not to download this Chrome extension for color selection right away since it is free!

Download: AKColor extension for Chrome


Black shrimp is a valid color finder Chrome extension that will help you find the perfect color for your next concept design. It is also a Color Picker from image Chrome Extension.

black shrimp

By clicking on the improved version button and choosing the Color Picker Option, you may locate the color you need easily. You immediately select the Color Picker Option; you are presented with a palette of colors from which to choose.

The brightness and density of the palette’s colors can also be adapted to achieve the desired shade. Moreover, Black Shrimp has a Save feature that enables you to preserve your preferred colors for upcoming projects.

Change Colors

You can go right with Change Colors if you’re looking for an add-on for color pickers. It’s one of the most popular choices, and it’s easy to understand why.color change Change Colors is ideal for novice and experienced users because of its clear interface and simple controls. Also, it has an integrated color wheel that makes choosing colors simple. 

The palette’s Color Picker highlights all colors belonging to that family when you click on one of the colors. As a result, you won’t need to go through every color to discover your requirements. This tool will be helpful for designers who want to compare various tints of a specific color side by side!


Chroma is a Color Picker Extension of Chrome, allowing you to view any color’s hex code on a website. It’s also free and simple to use! Seeing a color you like and want to incorporate into a design project is ideal.


Install the extension, then navigate to any webpage and float over the color you want to see. Select this color, and you’re done! You’ll be taken to a new tab where you can copy the hex code to your clipboard. It’s as simple as that!


ColorZilla is an excellent choice for a Chrome extension for color pickers. This extension allows you to quickly obtain the color code of any element on a web page. It also includes a handy palette that allows viewers to see the colors used on a page at a glance.color zilla extension tool Additionally, there is a built-in contrast checker if you need additional assistance choosing colors.

The built-in contrast checker will tell you if two colors are sufficiently dissimilar. For example, you might want a dark green distinct from a lighter green or blue background. This feature will tell you which one to select.

Download: Colorzilla extension for chrome

ColorPick Eyedropper Extension

ColorPick Eyedropper is a fantastic extension for quickly determining the hex code of any color on a website. Click the icon, hover over the desired color, and there you have it! The hex code will be shown. color pick eyedropperThese Color PickerChrome extensions are useful when matching colors from an image or finding a specific color used on a website. You may find inspiration by looking through a collection of lovely hex codes, which can also be helpful.

Download: ColorPick Eyedropper extension for Chrome

Swatches Expansion

The Swatches extension is a fantastic tool and one of the Color Picker Extensions for quickly and easily collecting color swatches from web pages.color click Colors can be added to your palette and used in your next design project with just a few clicks. Swatches Chrome extensions for color pickers are completely free and simple to use. You’ll appreciate the time you save and the enhanced quality of your designs.

Slick Color Picker

Slick Color Picker Is ideal for designers looking for a quick, simple Color Picker Plugin for Chrome that can be accessed directly from their browser.

slick color picker

 Click the icon to find your desired color and scroll through the page with your mouse. Then, click the Copy button to copy the color code and paste it where needed.

Hex code is copied and pasted without the inclusion of any additional data on RGB values or hex code conversions. One drawback only? You must install it via the extensions page since it is not an app in Google Chrome.

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Color Picking Software – Geco

Finding the perfect color for your design project can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be with the correct tools. Geco is an excellent Chrome Color Picker extension, making choosing colors simple and enjoyable.color picker tool You can sample colors from any website on the internet with Geco, and you can make unique color palettes for your projects.

The Color Picker browser extension from Geco is also simple and intuitive, making it a great option for inexperienced and seasoned designers. The option to export your palette in many forms, such as CSS3, SVG, or PDF, is an intriguing feature of this plugin. To edit it offline if necessary, you may also save it locally as an HTML file. Everyone can investigate Geco’s many other wonderful features independently.

Colorfly Extension: A Color Picker

Colorfly is a great choice for client Chrome extension color pickers. 

color pick eyedropper

Using this add-on, you may rapidly determine the Hex code, RGB, and HSL values of any color on a web page. Moreover, you can create a color palette using your chosen colors.

slick color picker

These Chrome Color Picker extensions are fantastic for those looking to get inspired by new color combinations as well as for those who wish to match colors in their design projects.

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How many colors does a Color Picker have?

A color slider and a color canvas are the two major components of a color picker. The seven hues of the rainbow—violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red—are represented by a linear or radial gradient in the color slider. You can pick from any of the seven primary colors.

What is the overall color scheme?

Analogous, Monochromatic, Split complementary, complementary, Square, triadic, and rectangle are the seven major color schemes (or tetradic).

What are the types of color codes?

The four most common color types are PMS, CMYK, RGB, and Hex. PMS and CMYK are print colors. RGB and HEX are used for on-screen graphics.

What colors does a six-point color wheel have?

Most color wheels have three primary colors, three secondary colors, and six intermediates formed by combining a primary and a secondary, known as tertiary colors. They employ the trichromatic color model.


Whether you’re a web developer or artist or want to match colors, Google Chrome’s Chrome Web Store has several add-ons in the form of Color Picker extensions that can help. Any color on the web can have its HEX, RGB, or HSL values obtained using a Color Picker Chrome extension. Keep pointing the marker to the color to obtain the code needed to match it.

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