Top 10 Best Video Editing Tools For Influencers: 2022

With video content booming, and Instagram and TikTok leading the charge in social media marketing, any aspiring influencer needs a suite of robust and reliable best video editing tools for influencers in their bag of tricks. Today we look at fantastic paid options to help your videos and reels stand out from the crowd and get you the views you need to boost your career success.

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List Of Top 10 Best Video Editing Tools For Influencers

Below are some of the best video editing tools for influencers to create amazing visuals as per their imagination and have a delightful user experience.


InShot is an intuitive and easy-to-use best video editing tools for influencers with one fundamental purpose- creating vertical video. If you’re working as a social media influencer, you’ll know that vertical video has become the new norm, primarily as the Reels format spreads across social media platforms.


If you’ve got a fantastic piece of backstage gossip, or a great montage, to share, but it was shot horizontally, InShot will convert to vertical video in a few clicks. It also allows conversion to the recommended 19:6 recommended aspect ratio effortlessly. It has some capability to add text captions, trim, Splice, alter the speed, add filters and background music, and more. Look no further if you want a simple, effective tool that gets the job done.

Download: Inshot

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is widely seen as the can’t-miss video editing app for anyone wanting to be seen as a severe creator of video content, so this one needs to be on your go-to list. Using a non-linear, timeline-based editing interface, this powerful program has pretty much anything your heart desires rolled into the package making it one of the best video editing tools for influencers.

premiere pro

It’s been around since 2003, and the latest edition is one of the most powerful yet. It has even been used to edit actual feature movies, including top hits like Gone Girl and Deadpool. While the interface and absolute power of this heavy-hitter can be intimidating to learn, it’s well worth putting on your radar, as it’s the single most powerful video editor you’ll find on the market today.

Download: Premiere Pro

Adobe Rush

Another video editor from Adobe, Adobe Rush, specifically aims at the social video community. Think of it as a slimmed-down version of Premiere Pro, emphasizing the Reels format and a slightly less intimidating learning interface.

adobe rush

You can even directly publish content from the app to Instagram. It also allows for the export of videos in HD quality, a facet becoming more vital if you want to get eyes on your video content, making it one of the best video editing tools for influencers.

Download: Adobe Rush


Attention perfectionists- your video editing app is here. KineMaster allows you to create professional, flawless, high-res videos remarkably easily.


It brings a lot of features most other social media video editors don’t consider to the table, including the ability to add voice-overs and sound effects to your work and clean up background noise effortlessly. It even has limited animation functionality, shape masks (for logos or just cute add-ons), and the standard transitions and text overlays. Motion graphics are also included. 

Download: KineMaster


Are you a fan of slow-mo? This is your best video editing tools for influencers editor right here. Horizon offers some of the best slow-motion support for social media videos. Horizon is a low-cost and somewhat powerful video editing app with all the usual bells and whistles.


While you’ll mostly want to edit vertical video, it can convert to landscape for any other social media platforms you use. It also records in 2k, which is pretty impressive for a phone-based app.

Download: Horizon


Put Splice on your radar if you’re looking to lend a Hollywood air to your video output. Its effects are more cinematic than many other editors and allow you to customize and change background videos easily.


The transition styles are more dynamic than you find in basic editors, and it has a wealth of standard effects and trendy filters you can use. It’s an excellent, light program that still gives you the air of a pro videographer and is a must for attractive, caught video making it one of the best video editing tools for influencers.

Download: Splice

A Color Story

If you can’t imagine posting a video without the perfect filter, then take a closer look at A Color Story. It offers some free filters and a wealth of unusual paid filters to make our videos stand out from the crowd. Most can be added with one easy click.

a color story

It also allows you to plan videos on a grid system, enhance and alter existing colors, and much more. 

Download: A Color Story


Animoto allows you to leverage existing reels and still images you love to create slideshow-style video content that’s attractive and engaging to the eye.


While there is a free version, it caps the length of your videos. So upgrade to the paid suite for maximum versatility. One-click slideshows that are seamless, simple, and attractive have never been easier to create.

Download: Animoto


The tool food vloggers didn’t know they needed is right here. Specifically designed to help you capture the gloriousness of every delicious dish. It’s great for still images and allows you to work with short, Reels-style videos of up to one minute.


If you tend to focus on the plate rather than your face, this will help you create irresistible videos that your viewers want to taste.

Download: Foodie


You can try WeVideo for free, although you’ll get the most functionality from the paid version of the app. It supports videos up to 4k and offers a clear timeline and full-screen preview for video editing. It also has a green-screen effect for background substitution.


What’s particularly noteworthy about WeVideo is the inclusion of a sound effect, (royalty-free) music library, and some stock video clips you can use to beef up your video content. For a powerful tool, it’s surprisingly intuitive to use, and the cloud service allows you to upload your work from anywhere, so it’s excellent for travel vloggers. You can also take your WeVideo activities across devices, making it one of the best video editing tools for influencers.

Download: WeVideo


What do the majority of YouTubers use for video editing?

What do the majority of YouTubers use for video editing? It is revealed that the top three video editing apps used by YouTubers are iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. A first choice is the ideal tool for newcomers. You can use iMovie on Mac OS even if you have never used it before.

Do video influencers apply filters?

Normal: Actually, Normal is the Instagram filter that influencers use the most. This is due to the fact that the majority of influencers utilise high-quality cameras and occasionally alter their Instagram photographs, negating the need for filters.

How can I edit my Instagram videos to look appealing?

You should post your video to IGTV rather than your usual grid if you want to upload the best quality video on Instagram. In comparison to the conventional uploading method, IGTV offers a substantially higher quality and bitrate.

Which app are celebrities most likely to use?

Instagram: One of the well-known apps that the most well-known Hollywood figures utilise is Instagram.


The video content market has become a driving force of social media. It’s more important than ever before that your content is slick, visually appealing, and high-quality. With these video editors in the bag, creating stand-out clips has never been easier. Take your video content to the next level, and try some of them out today.

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