Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone With 4 Apps | 2022

Here are the top four quick access to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone.

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1. MobileTrans- Phone Transfer

Developed through Wondershare, MobileTrans, helps transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone. Phone Transfer gives an unbroken cell phone to smartphone switch solution. Since it helps a go-platform transfer of records, you could pass your documents from Android to iPhone or vice versa without problems. It enables the transfer of all styles of essential information like snapshots, films, contacts, messages, call logs, reminders, calendars, and a lot extra. There is no need to root your device as it supports every popular Android or iOS smartphone. Here’s how you may transfer textual content messages from Android to iPhone using MobileTrans – Phone Transfer.

Follow the steps to transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone:

Phone Transfer Application

To transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone, install the MobileTrans application on your computer and launch it whenever you wish to transfer your data.


From its home, select the “Phone Transfer” feature to proceed.

Make sure the connections of iOS and Android devices are proper.

Now, you may connect your Android and iOS devices to your pc using working USB cables. Both the phones could be detected by using the utility, and they may be marked as either source or destination. Since you wish to switch text messages from Android to iPhone, your iPhone should be the target even as Android should be the supplied tool. There is a flip button right here that you could use to place their placement accurately.

use mobiletrans

Transfer the Data

Now, you could choose the kind of facts you want to transfer (in this case, messages) and click on the “Start” button. If you wish to erase the current statistics on your iPhone, then choose the “clean data earlier than replica” choice ahead. That’s it! Now you can sit back and watch for a few seconds because the utility would transfer textual content messages from Android to iPhone. Once the manner is done, It will notify you so that you can adequately dispose of both the gadgets. You can also watch the video manually to transfer textual content messages from Android to iPhone using MobileTrans – Phone Transfer.

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2. Transfer Data Wirelessly with MobileTrans – Copy Data to iOS

You may also take the assistance of MobileTrans to transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone. The desirable component is sharing your data every time you want, even if you are already using your iPhone. Therefore, it will overcome the problem of Apple’s Move to iOS app, the handiest we could use to switch statistics while putting in place a new device.

wondershare mobiletrans

MobileTrans: Copy Data to iOS is a consumer-friendly software that supports the transfer of eleven one-of-a-kind fact sorts. This consists of the switch of contacts, messages, call logs, photos, documents, motion pictures, bookmarks, blocklists, and so forth. You can join both the gadgets thru a wired connection (cable and a USB adapter). To discover ways to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone immediately, the subsequent steps may be taken:

Connect your iPhone and Android 

Firstly, you need to attach your iOS and Android devices using an operating cable and a USB to lightning adapter.

After organizing the connection, unlock your iPhone and trust the connected device to provide the wished permissions.

Select what you desire to transfer

After connecting the gadgets, you could release the MobileTrans utility and select what you want to transfer. Enable the “Messages” from the supplied listing before tapping on the “Start Importing” button.

Transfer your facts 

Here you are! As you will begin the switching process, the application will circulate the chosen documents from Android to iPhone in no time. In the give up, it’ll notify you of the completion of the switch procedure. You can remove both the devices and use them the manner you prefer.

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3. Transfer Messages the usage of Move to iOS

Here is how to transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone. A few years back, Apple launched the Move to iOS app to make it less complicated for users to switch their records from an antique Android to a brand new iPhone. If your smartphone runs on Android 4.3 or a later version, you may genuinely use the Move to iOS app without cost. It can transfer your messages, Camera Roll records, contacts, bookmarks, and Google account records. Please be aware that each device needs to be placed nearby to be linked securely. Here’s a stepwise academic to discover ways to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone using the Move to iOS app. And in case your Move to iOS is not working, checkout: Move To iOS Not Working, How To Fix This Problem?

transfer files

Firstly, visit the reputable Move to the iOS web page at the Play Store and download the software on your Android. Also, activate your iPhone and carry out its initial setup. While putting in your phone, pick out to transport records from an Android.

Launch the Move to iOS app to your Android and make sure the WiFi and Bluetooth features are enabled on them. Once you position the gadgets nearby, tap on the “Continue” button. Your iOS tool will show a unique code you want to enter for your Android to establish a secure connection. When both the gadgets are linked, you’ll be given a choice of what you wish to transport. Ensure that the “Messages” option is enabled right here and wait as the chosen content can be moved to your iPhone wirelessly.

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4. Transfer Messages Wirelessly with Send Anywhere

If you want to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone, you could also use Send Anywhere. The app is free to be had and can be installed on each Android and iOS device via Play/App Store. Since the app helps a pass-platform transfer of facts, you can join each of the gadgets without difficulty. It relies on WiFi directly to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone and follow your snapshots, films, and contacts as nicely.

transfer messages to any phone

Before proceeding, visit the Play Store or App Store for your device and set up the Send Anywhere app to your telephones. After installing it, launch it, and permit it to get entry to your tool storage.

Once you launch the app, you want to mark both the devices as Sender (Android) or Receiver (iPhone). Subsequently, you want to turn the WiFi function on them to connect them wirelessly.


These were some of the easiest ways to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone. We hope you liked them.

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