6 Best Time Wasting Websites You Can Spend Time With [2023]

The young people of the current generation have a lot of time to spare on social media. But when you think of the internet, it is more than just social networking sites. There are many ways we can use it when we do not want to get bored. If you know where to look, there are so many fun things to do online when bored, and some of them are even considered constructive.

Here are the best time-wasting websites:

  • Ocearch Shark Tracker
  • Apartment Therapy
  • A Soft Murmur
  • Gravity Points
  • Buzzfeed
  • Imgur

Some of these time-wasting websites can be found to be certainly addictive too. Check out this list of Fashion driven websites if you are into fashion.

Popular Websites For Time Wasting

There are many popular time-wasting websites; let’s take a look at some below

Ocearch Shark Tracker

Humans have always had the primal instinct to do random things to keep themselves occupied, and we tend to get easily entertained, like tracking sharks. Not something we thought we could do, right? But we have a website for that, ‘OCEARCH Shark Tracker.’ This website enables anyone to track tagged sharks. Now, this might not be one of the most conventional time-wasting websites on the internet, but it definitely is the coolest.


Visit: Ocearch Shark Tracker

Apartment Therapy

Now, if you’re more interested in decor, this is one of the best time-wasting websites for that too. ‘APARTMENT THERAPY’, this website features a ton of visual and written content about DIY Projects and Home Decor; you can easily find yourself spending hours of time here. They also have a BEFORE AND AFTER series that shows the interiors before and after the makeover and tours of people’s actual homes and apartments.

Apartment therapy

Visit: Apartment Therapy 

A Soft Murmur

‘A SOFT MURMUR,’ this time-wasting website, is available on apps for Android and IOS too. It is one of the fun websites to waste time on as it acts as a white-noise machine that contains different types of sounds of nature for the user. It has a slider control that can regulate the sound of the chosen nature sound. There are five available sounds: Fire, Rain, Thunder, Wind, and Waves. It is customizable for the user, such as turning on Rain and Thunder would give an effect of a distant storm outside and calm you down

soft murmur

Visit: A Soft Murmur

Gravity Points


‘GRAVITY POINTS,’ created by Akimitsu Hamamuro, is one of the addictive time-wasting websites that creates an effect of gravity by allowing you to plot small gravity centers across the screen and smaller objects on the screen to gravitate towards it and orbit it. You can create as many gravity centers as you like and watch them compete with each other. In addition, the gravity centers could absorb each other and become a black hole causing the spacing effect right on your screen.gravity points time wasting website

Visit: Gravity Points



This website is pretty famous for its ability to spend a lot of time on it. ‘BUZZFEED’ this website has a collection of quizzes to articles. Anyone that starts with one article on life hacks would find themselves a couple of hours later on a quiz on “What type of cupcake are you?”buzzfeed time wasting website

Visit: Buzzfeed


The last one on the list of time-wasting websites, “IMGUR,” is a website that contains all the weekly viral content. This website has a lot of users and updates faster than Twitter and Facebook. This is one of the best websites to waste time on. That contains all the currently trending memes and posts and has a large network of users.

Imgur time wasting websites

Visit: Imgur


When it comes to whiling away time, we have a number of sites like Bored Panda; although certain websites mentioned have a lesser description, it’s mostly because the vastness of the time-wasting website is not possible to describe. Meanwhile, we have a variety of choices, from recipes to comics, to spend time on.

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