Instagram Direct Message Video Not Playing | 10 Easy Steps To Fix

Have you been looking to fix your Instagram direct message video not playing? This article will find the best ways to solve your problem.

You can attempt to resolve the issue of videos not playing in Instagram direct messages by logging out of your Instagram account and then logging back in. Several users have reported that this method has successfully allowed them to access and play videos. To do this, simply tap on the profile icon located at the bottom right corner of the Instagram app.

In this article, you’ll find the top 10 fixes to the problem of your Instagram direct message video not playing users generally face. These methods include using the save-to-camera roll option, contacting through a different avenue, and manipulating your storage accordingly.

Instagram Direct Message Video Not Playing

After reading this article till the end, you’ll be able to solve the problems arising in due course of Instagram direct message videos not playing on your device.

instagram direct message video not playing

And as well as you’ll be able to solve any queries that arise in your mind through the FAQ section that follows the article.

Video Belongs to a Private Instagram Account

Someone shared a private Instagram video. Is that right? You cannot view the transmitted dm video if the answer is yes and you are not following that private account. In its place, Instagram will display the phrase “unavailable status.” Most Instagram users have changed their profiles to private to prevent prying eyes.

someone shared a private instagram video

Once the individual accepts your follow request, you may check your direct messages for any reels or videos you’ve gotten from the private Instagram account. Click here for the 5 best Instagram caption generator apps.

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Save or Download a Video to a Phone

You may save your video to the app or download it to your phone if Instagram dm videos are not playing. Then you can see whether it’s not playing or download a video to a phone

The Instagram DM video may be downloaded or saved as follows:

Start the video by opening the desired DM. Three options will appear after you press and hold the video. Select “More,” after which you may try to watch it. Now, Choose “Save” from the menu on the following page, which will be stored in your account. Then lastly, After selecting the video, select the top-right three dots on the following interface. Select “Save to camera roll” from the option.


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Video is Not Accessible in Your Area

The licensing of sports, movies, and TV shows is unclear. You might not be able to see some of the video material from Instagram pages or profiles you get in your direct message.

For instance, ESPN in the US has streaming rights to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). You won’t be able to see the UFC Fight Night video clip that your American buddy provides since UFC streaming rights are held by another media business in your country.


To work around the problem, you can temporarily set up a VPN network and connect to a server in the appropriate location to play such movies in Instagram direct messages. Read this article to learn the best Google Chrome Extensions to block Facebook.

Receiver May have Blocked You

In addition to Instagram’s rules, the actual person can potentially have blocked you. You are unable to interact with them in any manner as a result. Naturally, you might try contacting them through a different avenue to get the ban lifted.

user not found

However, go up to their profile to check if they have blocked you. You have most likely been blocked if your following list is empty, you get the “User not found” notification, or you are unable to follow anybody.

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Examine Network Connectivity

On a sluggish internet connection, are you attempting to download and play Instagram videos that you have received? Instagram Direct Message video won’t play on your phone because of the shaky network link.

To stream videos received via Instagram DMs, use a fast Wi-Fi network or the mobile data on your phone. Click here for the top 7 free Facebook proxy sites.

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Instagram Cache Delete

Instagram DM not loading, IG DMs not working, a slow-loading feed, Instagram videos not playing in direct messages, Instagram not loading videos, and other problems might result from too much Instagram cache. Try again after clearing the Instagram cache on your phone.clear instagram cache Select the little Info button by giving the Instagram app icon a long touch. The Instagram app’s information menu will open. Decide on Storage. Select clean cache from the option that appears. Launch Instagram, then begin to play recordings of private discussions.

Log out and log in

You might be unable to play received videos in discussions due to an odd authentication problem. You must log out of your account and then re-login.

  1. Launch Instagram on your mobile device.
    instagram on phone
  2. Visit your profile page.
    profile page
  3. Choose the hamburger option from the top right corner.hamburger option
  4. Access Settings.
    instagram settings
  5. Click on Log Out.log out

Enter your login information to access Instagram DMs and start playing videos there. Getting Problems while Changing Your Twitter Handle? Click Here to solve it!

Instagram app update

Instagram often updates, adding new functionality and fixing bugs. You might get into problems if you use an outdated Instagram build.

update your instagram app

Installing pending Instagram updates on your phone is possible by opening the Google Play Store on an Android device or the App Store on an iPhone. Want to learn how to change the name of a Facebook Group? Read This.

Examine Instagram servers

The media file someone provides you in a video is preserved on Instagram servers.

examine instagram servers

Your phone cannot connect to the corporate servers to download and play the video if they are down, which happens frequently. Visit verify the problem, go to Down detector.

In this situation, you will need to wait for Instagram to fix the issues on their end before trying again.

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Phone Does Not Support the Video Format

In addition to Reels and Instagram video uploads, the device gallery may also be used to distribute videos.

phone does not support the video format

If you get slow-motion or other video formats that the phone cannot play, you will continue to experience video-playing problems.

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Why am I unable to view the Instagram videos I sent?

Where to look at vanishing Instagram Direct photographs and videos. After you send a photo or video, you can't view it since it will disappear, but you may check to see whether it was sent, watched, replayed, or screenshotted. In Feed's upper right corner, press or.

Can you send videos over Instagram DM?

Instagram Direct users may share their own photos and videos, as well as posts from their feeds, disappearing pictures and videos (similar to Snapchat), other users' Instagram stories, hashtags, and location pages.

What does Instagram's Clear Cache do?

You only remove the files that Instagram saves on your phone when you clean the cache for the app. The firm's systems protect your uploaded files and do not delete them from your Instagram account. Your posted images, videos, and Instagram Reels are, therefore, unaltered.

Are Instagram DM videos able to be saved?

To save videos in direct video messages that have been delivered normally, users simply need to press and hold the targeted video. Upon doing so, they will see various options displayed above the video message to store the DM videos.


We hope your query has been solved by using these solutions. This article will prove helpful to you in all the situations where you face problems with Instagram’s direct message videos not playing. So that’s the end of this article, and I hope you found this useful.

This is the ultimate guide for solving your Instagram direct message video, not playing related problems all in one. Also, learn how to download all photos from Facebook.