Top 5 Savage Hunting Apps For Hunters to Try | 2020

Technology is a boon and a curse. A cliché line we all have heard from time immemorial. But No, Not in our case. As a hunter, you need to befriend this technology for the better and superior hunting experience. But things could turn a little different with hunting apps.

Okay, I know what you might be thinking? Hunting is supposed to be fun, immersed in the cool breeze of nature, in the woods. Far away from tech life. Right? But trust me on this, when I say hunting combined with the power of technology is a deadly weapon. So what do you need to do? Simple, go to your app store and download the hunting apps from the list below. That is it. The next time you go hunting, use the apps and feel the change yourself.

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5 Awesome Hunting Apps

The following is a list of 5 best hunting apps that are bound to change your approach towards hunting for good.


This single App is a powerhouse of several features, and maps, which makes it one of the best hunting apps. Real 3D plans are available to view topography and place markers, lines, shapes, and trails. You can calculate the distance between any two points, such as the length of the shot. You can view property available for sale near hunting areas. It shows weather information for the hunt area. It has features to predict where a waterfowl would land based on wind direction.


Need to connect to hunters nearby, the App will smoothly honor the task. Honestly, there is nothing this App cannot do. What’s more, the App is free for the use of its basic features. You only need to pay for premium features.

Download : Android | IOS

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If you are a beginner, this is one of the incredible hunting apps is a must for you. It is a social media app for hunters. It has few mapping features, nothing extraordinary. Besides, it provides one extraordinary service, though– connecting hunters. It helps in connecting with expert hunters who can answer the queries and mentor beginners through the hunting. You can also share your success stories with others.


Experts in hunting can register as mentors. This App is completely free and currently the best App for connecting hunter’s communities.

Download : Android | IOS

onX Hunt

It is the best mapping and hunting apps available. Period. It also provides a host of other features, such as GPS support, tracking facility, which are readily available in other apps. But, the one thing where this App beats others is the map. It has extensive map data collected from 50 states. It clearly shows the parcels of land with their ownership.

onx hunt

The best part, you can download the maps to save them and use them offline. A feature that beats down any other apps out there. It is expensive, though. It costs $29.99 per year to download the map for an individual state or $99.99 for the entire country.

Download : Android | IOS

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Offline Survival Manual

You are off the trail, deep in the woods, chasing the deer, but stuck now. This manual comes to your rescue. It has a manual guiding you on how to light the fire, get food, water, and build a shelter. When in the wild, it is also crucial to know what not to do.

offline survival manual

This app guides about identifying the poisonous plants you need to stay away from. It also teaches you about essential medicine, first aid kit.  This App is crucial to have if you plan to go further deep from the roads. In ordinary cases also, this App is enjoyable to have. Learning survival skills has never hurt anybody.

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Download : Android | IOS


It is your go-to weather and one of the best app. It gives you live forecasts such as weather data, sunrise, sunset, past trends, local alerts, and much more. If it is related to weather, this App has got it.

accuweather ios app

Now, you do not have to worry about bad weather. This App has got you covered with its accurate core forecasts.

Download : Android | IOS

Conclusion: Which is The Best in Hunting Apps?

To conclude, we could not tell which is the Best among these Hunting apps without knowing the users needs. That is to say each app has different features that make it impressive. These apps are bound to change your hunting experience in unknown and paranormal areas. So, what are you waiting for? Download them and let us know your review.

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