6 Free Personal Safety Apps To Keep You Safe From Predators in 2023

The 2nd most popular country after China, India is on its way to surpassing China in becoming the most populated country in the world, reaching the number 1 spot globally. Apart from this, India has been parallelly reaching the number 1 spot for all the wrong reasons too. The major one being raped. Every new day brings in new cases of harassment, sexual abuse, kidnaps, murders, with the numbers refusing to go down. Here we can introduce the use of safety apps.

When a new horrifying rape takes place, men and women, children and teenagers, and the older generation take to the streets with banners in their hands and rage in their hearts demanding justice for the victim and expecting a new law to be passed. Many of us claim different methods which might help women when they sense danger which may include shouting for help, running away and hiding in a safe spot, trying to fight the molester; however, when a woman actually encounters a predator, the high chances are that she might not be able to fight for herself especially in the cases of gangrapes.

The present generation, from small kids to old men and women, carry high-tech smartphones, which have become a vital part of everyone’s day-to-day activities like entertainment, social activities, business activities, for learning purposes, etc. When we have such devices in our pockets round the clock so why not make use of them for safety too? Well, it is understandable that women who get attacked by a molester do not have the time to stand still and ring up someone and explain the situation to them for help. What do we do then? The answer obviously lies in apps!

Safety Apps You Need To Have on Your Phone

Let’s look over the six safety apps for android, which may indeed turn out to be useful for you:

bSafe – Personal Safety App

 This is one of the most imperative safety apps for women. The individual has to set a group of people – family or friends in a group called ‘guardians’ who can access your location whenever you are out. Your location will pop up on the guardians’ phone screens in case of emergency so they can rush to save you. This app also records video and audio messages giving you the cut to use them as proof to show to the police in the future. You can also record a key phrase during the emergency, which the app will send to the guardians immediately. 

be safe

Interesting, isn’t it? This is definitely one of the best personal safety apps as the name says.

Visit: bSafe

SOS StaySafe App

Presenting more convenience your way by just shaking your phone! Does it really work this way? 

sos stay safe

Well, just set the shaking deadline in the app and shake your phone when you sense danger, and emergency messages will be sent to your friends and family for help. Sounds cool, right? Download and try it yourself!

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless

This is one of the safety apps which is pragmatic with a single ‘distress signal’ to any contact or group in your phone in case of emergency.

nirbhaya safe appa

Emergency messages will be immediately sent to a specified person for help. Get this app on your phone now!

VithU App

In case you become numb during an attack, then this app is the best way to reach out for help. Just press the power button twice, and emergency messages will be sent to your friends or family along with your current location.


Your friends and family will receive emergency messages every 2 minutes indicating your situation. Isn’t this a very thoughtful and easy method to call for help through apps safety?


Here is another one of the safety apps you can use for aid in dangerous situations. Whenever you find yourself in such situations, just one click will send emergency signals to the nearby security services. These kinds of mobile safety apps will immediately identify your location through GPS and send your location to the nearest services. Who doesn’t prefer help in no time? If you are one of them, then just click the download button and get the app on your phone. Thereupon be assured of your safety whenever you are outside.

fir safety app

Visit : FIR

My Safetipin: Complete Safety App

Known as one of the most popular women’s safety apps, users consider a ‘blessing in disguise.’ Here here are the reasons why- Find yourself lost in an unknown place? Need not worry, as this app will determine your location and send it to your family and friends immediately. Require instant medical help? Stay calm and press a particular button, and this app will call the nearest ambulance by scanning your location. Stranded in a dark place? Do not freak out because this app will provide you torch lights to find your way out. Sense a dangerous stare following you in an unknown place? This app will show you the nearest public spots like supermarkets, transport stations, police stations, or hospitals to rush to. This app has various modes of safety, which will promise you quick help to tackle dangerous situations.

safety pin safety app

So, you should make sure to download it and use it during times of distress easily.

Visit: Safetipin


What is the safety app on my phone?

The Personal Safety app is one of the perks of having a Pixel phone. It provides access to many unique safety features, such as car crash detection, crisis detection, safety checking, etc. It makes sure you get the help you need in a situation where you can't reach out for it yourself.

Is there a panic button on iPhone?

Hold down both the side and volume buttons until the Emergency SOS slider appears. To contact emergency services, move the Emergency SOS slider. Assume you keep holding down the side and volume buttons instead of dragging the slider. A countdown begins, and an alert sounds in that case.

What is the Circle of 6?

Two taps notify your Circle of where you are and how they can assist you. The Circle of 6 iPhone and Android apps make it simple to contact the six people you select. It's a mobile way to keep an eye out for one another on campus or when you're out for the night. A simple tool for preventing violence before it occurs.


Wonderful, isn’t it? We live in the advanced era. So how about making use of these apps to keep you safe. You must have heard the famous phrase “Better be safe than sorry,” and yes, you and everyone around you need to be alert at all times. No more wasting time and download any of these personal security apps and open the door to your safety with your own hands.