What is CRM Software | Top 5 Open Sources for CRM Software

Well, isn’t it a known fact that business is all about your clients. The happier and satisfied your customers are, the better it is for your companies graph to shoot up. A key point in ensuring a happy customer is a proper relationship with your customers.
Well, how do you do make that possible? CRM software is your answer to it.

CRM (Customer relationship management) software plays a vital role in the companies relationship with its potential and key clients and customers. Through CRM software interaction, management and organization of the company-customer bond is taken care of, which ultimately leads to improving the companies growth, increases its sales, and ensures the retentivity of the prospects. Therefore, CRM software helps bring all the information and data related to customers under a single unit, thus making access and utilization easier.

CRM Software work under certain basic blocks. These being:

  • Information
  • Technology
  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Metrics
  • Collaboration
  • Process
  • Customer Experience

There are different types of CRMs, like:

  • Strategic CRM
  • Operational CRM with its three components i.e., sales force automation, marketing automation, and service automation.
  • Analytical CRM
  • Collaborative CRM

The growth and utilization of CRMs have seen an increment of 12.3 % since 2015.

The CRM software are mostly used by:

  • Startups
  • Enterprises
  • small and middle scale businesses
  • large companies
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • SMBs.

Some general features that CRM software provide are :

  • Contact management
  • Lead Management
  • Deal Management
  • Email management
  • Sales
  • Reports and analysis
  • Marketing
  • Mobile CRM software etc

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Best five open sources CRM Software

Suite CRM

With the unavailability of SugarCRM’s open-source version, it’s users would always prefer something similar. Also for those who preferred SugarCRM and its features, there is Suite

SuiteCRM Software
SuiteCRM Software

CRM, which is incentivized from the above-stated features of SugarCRM.It works on a cross-platform operating system.It has features like pdf template, invoice, workflow, contrasts, products, quotes, etc. It also has a wide-scale application like in project management, contact management, billing, in several departments like sales, finance, etc. Also, it tends to the needs of business of any scale, be it a simple startup to multiple companies.

Visit: SuitCRM

Vtiger CRM

CRM specifically directed for small-medium businesses. It has a Microsoft outlook plug-in, which makes it different from other CRM software. This feature it enables the users to have data synched with their Microsoft account, thus making accessibility easier and simpler.

VtigerCRM software
VtigerCRM software

Also, its other features include an end to end sale cycle management, mobile applications, workflows, task management, role-based access control, etc. It comes with an open-source version as well as a cloud-based version. The pricing plans are different for sales, marketing, help desk, etc. on the cloud-based version.

Visit: Vtiger CRM

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Another CRM in the aid for the SMBs. The striking feature of this CRM is its tracking feature. This enables you to keep a check on the activity of the contacts on the website for a period of seven days. Also, the features of CRM are free, and there no additional or hidden charges.

HubSpotCRM software
HubSpotCRM software

Its features include partner relationship management, opportunity, and pipeline management, contact and account management, and also, task management, desktop integration, quota management, price, and product list management, etc. It also provides insights into the activity of the companies. It also comes with prospect tracking and lives chat features.
Also, its merger with Gmail and Outlook makes accessing mails and working with mails simpler.

Visit: HubSpot

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If you need something which can work on a broader scale and at the same time be less complicated to manage, then definitely go for fresh sales.

FreshworksCRM software
FreshworksCRM software

It lets you manage unlimited clients and contacts. Also its merger with Microsoft and Gsuit helps work with mails and calendars. Also, its interface is easy to navigate and doesn’t have any complicated procedures.

Visit: Freshsales


Zoho CRM provides a customer relationship management solution. It’s suitable for both small as well as large scale businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. It includes data storage up to 1GB, and it also has a free platform for a maximum of 3 users.

Zoho CRM software
Zoho CRM software

Mainly it deals with contact management, but along with this, it can also help in pipeline management and regulate purchases. Its opportunity tracking tool lets you know the position of the customer on the sales cycle. It also has it’s android and ios edition which makes it handy to use.

Visit: ZohoCRM

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There are several other CRM software in the market. The choice of CRM entirely depends on the business requirements. So choose a CRM which meets your needs and helps you make your customers content. So, Decide what kind of CRM you need. Open source-based, cloud-based, free, or paid. And also consider the efficiency of your IT consultant to work with that particular CRM and incorporate it into your daily business. Compare and contrast the features depending upon needs and price, so that you can pick a CRM which costs you minimally at the same time meeting all your needs.

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