10 Best Automotive Youtube Channels For You If You’re Into Cars

Most people are fond of cars and driving in this modern world. The main reason is that cars make travel much easier than public transport systems. Even people of different age groups have immense love for cars and are enthusiastically searching for new features and specs in a car. If you are a huge car lover looking for the largest automotive youtube channels to suit your interests, let us take a look at the 10 best automotive youtube channels.

Several youtube channels show diverse aspects of the field of driving and the peculiarities and specifications of cars of different periods. Among them, the best automotive youtube channels include Doug DeMuro, Donut Media, Engineering Explained, Hoonigan, Mighty Car Mods, Petrolicious, Motor Trend Channel, Matt’s Off-Road Discovery, Regular Cars, Daily Driven Exotics. These channels provide an overall outlook for a car enthusiast’s necessities.

automotive channel on yt

A true car lover loves to watch car races, stunts, reviews, and specs of new and old cars, peculiarities of old vintage cars, and even processes behind the working of engines. But the most important thing everyone looks forward to is a car’s performance. Many softwares help you manage your car’s performance, such as car tuning software.

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Top 10 Car Youtube Channels For Car Lovers

Youtube has immensely helped us learn about several things around us. In every field, it has created a great impact. The same applies to the field of automobiles also. Many top automotive youtube channels and car Youtubers help car lovers discover and explore a car company’s new and innovative elements.


It also helps them to analyze the differences between the workings of old and new cars. It also enables them to watch car races and traveling videos in which they might be greatly interested. Here are some best automotive youtube channels which you can watch if you are a true admirer of cars, their features, and driving. 

Doug DeMuro

The American Youtuber Doug DeMuro is a car Youtuber well known for his systematic reviews of cars. A car lover who wants to know the cheapest or most luxurious cars can visit his channel.

doug demuro

His style of presenting his reviews is palpable as it subtly and humorously discusses the cars’ features. This channel is one of the best for you to know more specs of every kind of vehicle on a wide range.

Visit: Doug DeMuro – YouTube

Donut Media

Donut Media is one of the best car channels on youtube, which can provide you with information on a wide range of automobile-related content.

donut media

This channel is the right place for car lovers as it pinpoints old and new cars and their features. The anchors of this channel are James Pumphrey, Nolan Skyes, and Andrew Hawkins, who gives their best efforts even in talking about the history of each automotive company they are analyzing.

Visit: Donut Media – YouTube

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Engineering Explained

This channel is run by Jason Fenske, who is related to Mechanical Engineering. He is a car Youtuber who talks mainly about the processes behind a motor vehicle and the technological process involved inside a car.

engineering explained

He clearly explains all these technical aspects in normal language without excessive jargon so that even a normal man could understand what he means. If you are interested in the technical work inside a car, this could be your best option.

Visit: Engineering Explained – YouTube


Hoonigan is a top car youtube channel that can be recommended to extreme car enthusiasts as it is mainly featuring car races and stunts.


This channel undoubtedly creates some car-related content with high-performance cars, hill climbing, car stunts, dashing, etc. 

Visit: Hoonigan – YouTube

Mighty Car Mods

This is a youtube channel owned by Blair Joscelyne and Martin Mulholland that shows diverse ways of automobile modifications. Suppose you are interested in making innovations to your car.

mighty car moods

In that case, this channel is a good option as it gives you several new techniques and styles of car modification, that too, within a limited budget. Check out this youtube channel if want to learn about the trends and tricks of finances.

Visit: Mighty Car Mods – YouTube


The main aim of Petrolicious is to create high-quality videos and articles for vintage car lovers. Their unique selection of classic cars made them easy to create a huge fan base.


This automobile youtube channel focuses not only on providing information but also on the viewer’s entertainment.

Visit: Petrolicious – YouTube

Motor Trend Channel

This is one of the top automotive youtube channels that talk not only about car reviews but also about the newest specs of cars, trial runs, etc. through this channel.

motor trend

You can get an overall outlook on the major cars and their features worldwide.

Visit: MotorTrend Channel – YouTube

Matt’s Off-Road Discovery

This channel uses GoPros to capture real incidents while driving. So real car addicts might find this channel more entertaining.

matts off road

Everything is shown as it is without any pre-recordings or pretentions. 

Visit: Matt’s Off-Road Recovery – YouTube

Regular Cars

As the name suggests, this channel features regular and ordinary cars that middle-class people can use. This is an automotive youtube channel that reviews cars.

regular cars

It talks about the experiences of driving certain cars and the kinds of people related to each type of car.

Visit: RegularCars – YouTube

Daily Driven Exotics

This is an automotive channel on youtube that telecasts vlogs on different kinds of cars, sports, etc.

daily driven cars

Along with providing entertainment, this channel also points to innovative and foreign vehicles.

Visit: DailyDrivenExotics – YouTube

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Which youtube channel is the best for automobiles?

Many youtube channels aim to talk about automobiles and their new features. Some of those channels with huge fan bases are Doug DeMuro, Donut Media, Engineering Explained, Mighty Car Mods, Hoonigan, Petrolicious, Motor Trend Channel, Matt’s Off-Road Discovery, Regular Cars, Daily Driven Exotics, etc.

Which YouTuber reviews cars the best?

Among the several reviewers, Doug DeMuro, Donut Media, Motor Trend Channel, etc., are the most liked car reviewers on youtube.

Who is the number 1 automotive Youtuber?

Many youtube channels talk about the varied aspects involved in automobiles. Amon them, Doug DeMuro is the most popular one.

Which is the best car maintenance youtube to watch?

Automotive youtube channels focus on reviews and other features of cars. Engineering Explained is the most popular channel in this criterion. Some other channels sought to explain the technical and mechanical aspects of automobiles.


In this era of scientific and technical growth, people have become busier. Cars have become an integral part of our life due to travel’s ease and comfort. This has greatly influenced the popularity of cars and made people fall in love with them. Nowadays, people started to look keenly into every specs and feature of every automobile and started to analyze it in their own ways. This article gives a clear idea for those searching for the best automotive youtube channels that might give them the desired results. These channels cater to all the requirements of those passionate about any aspect of the automobile industry.

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