We Had Some Trouble Getting To Reddit [Solution Guide]

Is your Reddit having issues? Reddit may not be accessible right now. Several users have reported seeing an error message: “Sorry, we couldn’t load content for this page” or “We had some trouble getting to Reddit.” You can easily fix these problems by following the mentioned in the article. 

If the Reddit app on your phone isn’t working, you can fix it by forcing Restart of the Reddit application, Restart the device, Check the web connection, Logging out of the Reddit account, Deleting the cache for the Reddit application, verifying Reddit’s server status and Installing the app again. To know about these in detail, keep on reading.

Reddit features the largest online discussion board, millions of active members, and dozens of subreddits. And you can have problems logging in. To fix this, we had some trouble getting to the Reddit problem you are facing with your Reddit application. Follow the ways to get your Reddit started. 

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Ways To Fix Problems With Reddit Application

Let’s look at some ways to fix the trouble you are fixing with the Reddit Application.

Force Restart The Reddit Application 

The best solution is also the simplest. Even when you exit the app, Reddit remains active in the background, so it doesn’t go down. This implies that any bug the program has will also continue to function. You’ll need to quit and restart the program to repair this completely.

force closeTo access the App Switcher on iPhones, iPad, or Android, simply swipe up from the bottom of the display. While it’s open, slide up to cause the Reddit panel to disappear from the screen. When some time has elapsed, reopen the Reddit application. It requires Cleaning to have everything ready for usage. This can also solve your problem of Reddit videos not loading

Restart The Device

The problem isn’t with the Reddit app but with your phone or tablet. You need to reset your smartphone in this situation. Restarting your phone will only update the hardware and software, including any installed apps. This implies that restarting your device will start whichever components are responsible for the issue if, for instance, your gadget is having trouble showing images or connecting to the web.

restartThe Power and Volume Up keys can restart an iPad or iPhone. Swipe a slider to the right whenever it displays at the top. Holding down the Power button after the gadget has turned off will restart it. Just keep holding the power button to restart an Android smartphone. Choose Power off or Restart from the option that pops up on the screen. Restart your device after turning it off to fix the trouble you are fixing with the Reddit Application.

Check The Web Connection

There must be a steady internet connection for anything to load on the Reddit application, especially photographs and videos. The app may cease responding entirely if your signal is patchy. If it doesn’t help, go near the Wi-Fi router or join another internet signal. Consider switching from Wi-Fi to mobile internet data if you use Wi-Fi. Switching connections can occasionally reactivate the app and make it functional again, even if you are already receiving a good signal.

There’s a potential that Reddit has just been restricted whether you’re attempting to join from a location with limited internet access, such as a school or library. You’ll have to look for a new internet connection if this is the case.

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Log Out Of The Reddit Account

The link between applications like Reddit and your account can occasionally break, albeit uncommonly. As the software can’t determine if you’re a legitimate user, it typically freezes at this point. This might be the problem if all previous troubleshooting techniques have failed.

log outOpen the app, then hit the account icon in the upper-right area to resolve this. As soon as the Accounts pop-up displays, press the arrow in a box symbol to the side of the username. Log off the website. The profile symbol in the top-right of the screen may be tapped to log back in after you’ve logged out. To sign out of Reddit, click this symbol.

Delete The Cache For The Reddit Application

Every application has a “cache,” a location it utilizes to store information that requires in the future because its data is kept in the cache. Previously seen photos load promptly when you view them again.
Caches do offer many benefits, but there are also drawbacks to fixing the trouble you are fixing with the Reddit Application. For instance, the Reddit app may encounter damaged data and keep it in the cache, resulting in various issues. This may also occur if the program tries to load the data from a deleted comment or other content that shouldn’t exist anymore to fix the trouble you are fixing with the Reddit Application.

delete the cache

You can erase the app cache on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. Nevertheless, the process varies depending on the device. You can fix the “Reddit is having trouble loading data” problem. To remove its cache, Reddit must be deleted or offloaded from an iPad or iPhone. You may uninstall the program by selecting Settings, General, iPhone Storage, and Reddit. Reinstalling the program will remove the cache after you’ve completed any of those two steps.

On an Android device, go to Settings, hit Storage, and then choose Applications. Tap Clear cache after choosing Reddit from the list. You could check however much room the cache occupies by swiping down.  This can solve we had trouble getting to your Reddit problem of yours.

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Verify Reddit’s Server Status

If you are having a “we had some trouble getting to the Reddit app” problem, try this way to fix your problem. Another possibility is that the problem has nothing to do with the phone or the program. Reddit’s servers may be the source of the issue.

serverNeither the app nor the website will function if the Reddit servers are unavailable. You won’t be capable of fixing the problem no matter how frequently you launch the program. You’ll need to be patient until Reddit’s internal staff restore operations to fix the trouble you are fixing with the Reddit Application. Reddit keeps track of outages on its server status page and notifies users of anything wrong. If the application abruptly stopped functioning and you cannot fix it, look at this page.

Install The App Again

If no other solutions have worked, it could be your only option to fix the Reddit application, which might be a bothersome procedure. This can fix your trouble getting to Reddit App. To thoroughly delete all data and ensure that any corrupted or out-of-date components are replaced, Remove the Reddit app first and then install it again. Also, it will provide you with the most recent updates, many of which include bug fixes.

reinstallRemove Reddit from an iPhone or iPad by clicking the icon, choosing Uninstall App, and then select Delete App. Reinstall the application from the Play Store. On an Android device, hold down the Reddit application icon with your finger until a pop-up selection displays, then hit the I button. Whenever the application’s information page displays, select Uninstall from the menu. Redownload it from the Play Store once you’ve erased it. This will fix you “we had some trouble getting to Reddit” problem. 

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What does Reddit imply when it claims we had difficulty accessing Reddit?

The apparent conclusion is that something is amiss when you encounter an error notice that states that the website had some problems getting to Reddit. You'll have to wait and give it another shot later because there is absolutely nothing that can try to change the issue.

My account was banned permanently by Reddit; why?

If an account violates the content policy, becomes compromised, and cannot be safely retrieved, it may be permanently banned. You would be notified of the cause for the ban in a personal message you get when it happens.

Why would someone use the Reddit app?

With such a forum-style discussion format, Reddit is a social network. People participate in comment threads and publish content in subreddits or topic-based communities. Each topic's original poster (OP) is responsible for its creation. Also, users may up or down the algorithm by voting on other people's material.

How long does a permanent Reddit ban last?

It pre determines the duration of temporary suspensions. Reddit will resume normal operation when the suspension period has passed. Future violations of the content policy evaluate in light of the previous bans. Suspensions that last forever are perpetual.


The developers can be directly contacted to report a bug or issue if you’ve done everything on the checklist and Reddit is still not functioning. Enter the website or mobile app problem in the r/bugs forum. A live list of updates, bug fixes, and problems with the mobile applications may be found on r/redditmobile. A helpful Help Center is also available on Reddit, addressing most queries and problems with Reddit. We hope this article has solved your problem on “we had some trouble getting to Reddit”.