8 Stremio Addons That Is Best For You | Updated List

Want to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and entertainment uninterrupted on Stremio? Are you trying to find the top Stremio add-ons? Are you worried about Genesis becoming unusable or shutting down? If these questions are your major concerns, you’re in the right place! You can also install Stremio on your Android TV to make your Stremio viewing experience alluring and worth the try! 

stremio addons

Here’s a list of the 8 best addons for stremio to kickstart your ultimate stremio addons experience:

  1. Juan Carlos
  2. Zooqle
  3. YouTube
  4. Popcorn Time
  5. Twitch
  6. The Pirate Bay
  7. OpenSubtitles
  8. RARBG

In this article, you’ll find our well-researched and tested best Stremio addons that will not just serve their purpose but also ensure a smooth, hassle-free visual experience that leaves you enthralled and binging on your personal favorite shows and movies on Stremio that is free and legal to use.

8 Best Stremio Addons To Use In 2024

Here’s a list of the Top 8 addons for stremio. Compare and choose as per your personal preference.

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos is a Stremio addon that permits clients to stream content from torrenting destinations at no expense. Assuming you’re prepared to introduce Juan Carlos, you can select Juan Carlos 2.juan carlosA few sites have hailed Juan Carlos on the web, yet most clients report that it’s protected to use for however long you wish to, provided you’re utilizing a VPN. The add-ons library is reliably refreshed, so you will likely find the content you’re searching for with this stremio addon. This particular addon shows films and TV shows from its website. Clients should be alert while getting to the Juan Carlos addon since it can sometimes disperse unwanted content. You can download it from here.

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Zooqle is another Stremio addon that gives an expansive scope of video content. Additionally, it places an ideal way that anyone could hope to find sources in a single spot and lines up the best quality streaming connections. You can use torrent trackers from other addon options.

zooqleThis addon lets clients stream TV projects, motion pictures, and narratives from torrent websites. Zooqle has no torrent website where the addon gets video content. It has no principal site or server to get the substance streams.


YouTube is another stremio addon that comes introduced as a default addon. As you most likely know, YouTube has a lot of content, from family channels to educational, tech, and much more.

However, the addon has a few constraints. You can only watch the usual standard videos. You will be unable to log into your own YouTube account.

youtubeAlong these lines, you cannot find your previous watchlist, previously subscribed channels, and other specifications well-defined for your personal profile. It likewise doesn’t transfer YouTube TV content.

The benefit of the YouTube Stremio addon incorporates promotion-free video so clients can watch trailers, web series, and other content. This particular addon comes pre-introduced, and clients can use it to watch content without obstructing or upsetting promotions.

Visit: Youtube

Popcorn Time

Two of the most well-known torrent services, EZTV and YTS, are accessible to you through Popcorn Time. The upsides of Popcorn Time incorporate a free stream, a simple to-utilize user interface, an expansive media library, and wide access points.

popcorn timeEZTV and YTS are consistently refreshed with new content to stream. This implies there is continuously a new thing to watch with Popcorn Time, making it one of the best stremio addons. So grab a bowl of your favorite flavored popcorn and check it out. Nonetheless, the impediments of Popcorn Time incorporate unfortunate security and, now and again, malicious media substance. 


The Twitch addon is a famous video real-time addon where you can stream live games and content transferred by gamers or makers in topics like cooking and drawing. Introducing the Twitch addon gives you admittance to the whole Twitch library so that you can stream content from inside the stremio application.

twitchIf a client could do without gaming, this local topic-driven addon is loaded up with live streaming who broadcast themselves cooking, drawing, public speaking, shooting, and in any event, painting. Clients can undoubtedly peruse and stream shows by introducing a Twitch addon without interchanging applications.

The upsides of the Twitch addon incorporate a free month-to-month membership, free games consistently, and a variety of other options. Another detriment is that the Twitch addon permits a client to watch only one live stream at a particular time.

This exciting add-on has made it to my list of best stremio add-ons, and so should your stremio account.

Visit: Twitch

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The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Stremio addon gives you admittance to the whole data set of the exceptionally well-known torrenting site The Pirate Bay. This addon lets you stream torrent media without downloading them on your gadget.

the pirate bayYou can introduce the Stremio addon for The Pirate Bay by clicking on the jigsaw option at the top and looking for Pirate Bay. Select the install option; look for any piece of content on Stremio; you’ll find the Pirate Bay choice, given it’s accessible on the website. It has an inexhaustive assortment of your number 1 motion pictures and shows.


OpenSubtitles is another Stremio and comes as a default addon with stremio. In the event that you like to have captions when you watch motion pictures or need them while streaming, not English or non-understandable substance, OpenSubtitles is a perfect choice. You can easily find a lot of translated content on OpenSubtitles. The addon is accessible on the Kodi addon, also.

open subtitlesThe upsides of the OpenSubtitles addon are that it supports mobile phones and internet browsers. In any case, the principal weakness is the slow contact support.

OpenSubtitles has a far-reaching registry of free caption documents viable with Stremio, English, French, and more dialects.

Visit: Opensubtitles


This Stremio addon pulls different connections from different torrent servers for the film or shows you might want to watch. It has an immense storage facility for your number-one films or shows, including documentaries and other content. Assuming you’re fortunate, you could try and discover a few 4K resolution streams.
rarbgRARBG permits streaming substance in your favored quality, from resolution SD to full HD resolution giving flexibility. Its content index ordinarily has all the famous TV shows and motion pictures.

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Are all Stremio addons safe?

Introducing addons is extremely easy. The ones mentioned above provide authorized content from true sources and can be utilized without worry. Essentially, click the jigsaw symbol in the upper right, find the addon you need, and select Install.

Is Stremio safe?

Indeed, Stremio is protected, dependable and secure. While utilizing Stremio is legitimate, you could, in any case, you can expect to take responsibility for watching pirated content on the off chance that you stream it. Nonetheless, you can safeguard yourself by utilizing a Virtual Private Network.

Could you at any point observe live games on Stremio?

Stremio media player is the best spot to observe free Movies, TV Shows, Live IPTV Channels, and Live Sports.

Which is the best addon for Stremio?

My personal choice is OpenSubtitles, as it allows me to watch content in different languages. You can check out our other list of best addons in the above section of this article.


Do you have other choices of stremio add-ons we didn’t refer to? Do you feel your most loved addon is superior to those recorded here? You may undoubtedly unwind knowing that the world of stremio movie addons and much other content on stremio is always expanding and increasing. The article mentioned above is a quick reference in case you have trouble finding some of the best stremio addons. If these work for you, feel free to share them with others and try other new stremio addons. Who can be certain? You might even score another number one!