How To Use Stremio For Smart TV? [Complete Guide]

Are you considering using Stremio for smart TV? This article will help you to show how to use Stremio in your home media system.

Stremio is free to use. Due to its simplicity and superior performance, the app has become immensely popular, even among users of the two preceding applications. And to install and use the stream for smart tv, you need to follow some basic steps like installing Stremio on the Smart TV, logging in to Stremio, and finding the content you want to watch. To know more in detail, continue reading it further. 

This guide will explain Stremio, how to set up Stremio for smart TV, and how to use it so that it gets easy for you to do. It is a user-friendly app compared to others. This article will teach us how to set up and operate Stremio for smart TV.

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What Is Stremio?

You can watch any TV series, films, online channels, and live Television on Stremio Android TV. It is a media player that meets all your visual enjoyment demands. The platform works similarly to the well-known Kodi media player program, enabling you to add user add-ons and broadcast almost anything available on the web. 

You can quickly go around the app because it is pretty straightforward. The media center application’s user interface is simple and well-organized, and the available content is divided into channels, films, and shows.


Installing Stremio for Android add-ons will enable you to stream the material and unleash the app’s potential, allowing you to see more stuff for nothing.

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How Does The Stremio Work?

Because Stremio is cloud-based, it differs from most streaming applications in that it syncs all of the content, add-ons, and streaming activities across every one of the devices on that you have installed and are logged in. You may start watching a movie on your Firestick and continue it later on your mobile device while on the road. Also based on torrents is Stremio. 

The program sources its content from several pirate websites, and you can check the location of a link when beginning to view it. You may also consider how many peers are connected to each link to choose the links with plenty of seeders.

stremio work

Stremio differs from Kodi in addition to utilizing torrents since most community add-ons are housed inside the software, making it challenging to remove add-ons while also making the installation procedure noticeably simpler. So lets Stremio download to enjoy watching your favorites. 

Stremio Installation On Your Smart TV

Stremio is an excellent application. It is simple to locate the application on the Play Store on Google. Set up a profile on your PC or mobile device to simplify signing up. You may have to install the Stremio app on your smartphone or desktop. Installing it first on your phone is also beneficial because it is simpler to install than the Smart TV app. So to start installing Stremio for smart TV, it is mandatory.

The Google Play Store and Aptoide TV provide the Android app, making it simple to download and set up on your phone. Search for “Stremio” on your preferred store app and select the first result. The following options include:

  • Logging in with the Facebook account.
  • By creating a new report by signing up, you can

logging in

  • Logging in with an already-existing account.
  • I am logging in anonymously.

Now Install Stremio On The Android TV

Let’s examine how to install the application on an Android TV.

  1. Start the application by visiting the Google Play google play store
  2. As the software usually doesn’t appear independently, you must install the Downloader by putting in AFTVnews.aftvnews
  3. Open and install the software when you’ve located stremio
  4. Open the vibrant orange icon after installation.
  5. You must provide Downloader permission when you first launch this software. To give the program access to your device’s data and files. Choose OK.
  6. downloadAfter that, to install Stremio for smart TV, enter a URL to start the download. Enter the Stremio website’s URL here.stremio
  7. Download this website. However, the Stremio installation will take a lot of work. download website
  8. The pop-up message will inform you that your settings prevent you from downloading from unidentified sources.
  9. You must change this setup in the settings. To achieve this, choose the settings icon, go to Downloader, and toggle the switch to enable the installation of unidentified programs.
    installed stremio
  10. When the menu asks you to, select the yellow install button.
  11. After clicking “done,” you must delete the extra Stremio file. When you click “done,” a pop-up will appear asking whether you want to keep or remove the Stremio APK for the Android file. Press delete. You will be prompted again to confirm your choice to delete.
    delete the extra stremio file
  12. Select Setting, Applications, and Stremio on the home screen, then press Start to launch the app. 
    launch stremio

Let’s See How To Use The App Now

Now let’s see how one can use the app after the previous step:

  1. The App Stremio for intelligent TV may be found on the main screen or by selecting the option for applications and channels. To perform the latter, look for the icon with three squares and a white + sign next to the right edge of the display. After clicking the icon and choosing it, find the application with the purple play button
    find application
  2. Once you’ve selected that app, you can log into a current Stremio account or set up another one.login to stremio
  3. To create an account, log in manually to the server, or use the QR present here to log in. create account
  4. Once you sign in and validate your account, you will be brought to the app’s main page. There are many movies and television shows to pick from, including recent releases and classics.
  5. Move your pointer to the three parallel lines in the upper left corner of the TV to explore even more entertainment options. You may choose from a wide variety of films, TV shows, series, and other content when you access that menu. So this was easy how to install the app on smart tv
    stream on stremio


Is Stremio legal?

Both the Play Store and the Apple Store have Stremio to install. So, the application has to be secure. Yet the Amazon Shop does not list it. Through the Stremio website, you sideload this app. It's one way to download an application from a website; it's quite another to obtain it through an official app store.

Is Stremio cost-free?

Indeed, Stremio is an open-source program that is free to use. There aren't any in-app purchases, and downloading it is free. Free add-on installations and content streaming are also available. Running unobtrusive advertisements helps Stremio maintain its business. AdEx, a distinct legal entity owned by the founding team, is an advertising business specializing in transparent ads that protect privacy.

While Using Stremio, Should one use a VPN?

To protect your privacy and security, connect to a VPN alongside Stremio. Use a VPN if you're going to be watching illegal content as well to protect your identity. VPNs encrypt online activity to prevent other parties from reading your online activity.

How is Stremio different from Kodi?

Because it is a cloud-based program, Stremio sets itself apart from Kodi. An add-on you install on Stremio is added to the cloud-based profile instead of the device. This implies that adding an add-on to the Stremio application on your mobile phone would also sync with your smart TV. The software's usability is significantly enhanced as a result.


How to use Stremio for smart TV is a fantastic streaming app for Android TV owners. To start using Stremio, you only need a device and an internet connection. Stremio consolidates all available sources into one app, making searching and streaming information from many sources simple.