Why Is Boost Unavailable On Facebook? [Check Alternatives]

Boost is a feature on Facebook that allows users to pay to promote their posts and increase their visibility to a broader audience. However, it is only sometimes available to everyone. Do you know the reason why is boost unavailable on Facebook for everyone?

This is because Boost was not meeting Facebook’s standards for providing a positive user experience. This decision was made after Facebook conducted research that showed that Boost was not providing the best results for its users.

Continue reading to learn more about Facebook. This blog post will cover brief pointers on why is Boost unavailable on Facebook, factors affecting the same, solutions, etc.

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Factors and Solutions

Boost on Facebook is a paid feature that allows users to promote their posts and reach a larger audience. The availability of Boost depends on several factors, including location, type of content, and Facebook’s ad policies. 

factors and solutionsIn some cases, Boost may be temporarily unavailable due to technical issues or updates to the platform. Additionally, Boost may be restricted in certain regions to comply with advertising regulations. If you cannot use Boost, it is likely due to one of these reasons and should be resolved shortly. Users should check Facebook’s Help Center for more information on the availability of Boost in their region and any current restrictions or limitations that may apply.

Understanding Why Is Boost Unavailable On Facebook

Is Facebook Boost unavailable? Learn these features; they are effective tools for companies and individuals looking to reach a larger audience. The feature allows users to promote their posts and increase their visibility on the platform by targeting a specific audience. Even though the availability of Boost is only sometimes guaranteed, various factors can restrict its use. 

boost unavailableThis article will examine the potential causes of Boost’s possible Facebook unavailability and possible solutions.

Location and Content Restrictions

The user’s location is the primary factor affecting Boost’s availability on Facebook. In some regions, Boost may be restricted to comply with advertising regulations which vary from country to country. Facebook has strict guidelines for content that can be promoted using Boost. However, Boost will be available if a user’s content needs to comply with these guidelines.

location and content restrictionsFacebook prohibits promoting content that promotes hate speech, violence, or adult material, among other things. To ensure that your content complies with Facebook’s ad policies, reviewing them before attempting to boost a post is essential. You can check for this if you can’t boost a post on Facebook.

Technical Issues and Updates

Another reason Boost may be unavailable is due to technical issues or updates being made to the platform. Facebook constantly updates its features and services to provide a better user experience. Sometimes these updates can cause temporary disruptions to services like Boost.

technical issue and updatesUsers who encounter technical issues when using Boost should check Facebook’s Help Center for more information and wait for the issue to be resolved before trying again.

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Ad Account Restrictions

If your Facebook ad account has been restricted, Boost will not be available to you. This can happen if Facebook determines that your ad account has been used to violate its ad policies or is determined to be high-risk.

add account restrictionsIn such cases, users should review Facebook’s ad policies and make any necessary changes to their accounts to come into compliance. Failure to do so can permanently restrict using Boost and other Facebook advertising features.

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Alternatives to Boost on Facebook for Increased Post Visibility

To understand why it boosts unavailable on Facebook, learn there are still ways to increase the visibility of your posts. One option is to engage with relevant Facebook groups and promote your post to their members. Utilizing Facebook Ads is a different option that enables targeted advertising to particular audiences. 

alternatives for boostEven though reaching out to influencers or other pages for collaboration can help expand your audience. Additionally, paid promotion on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn can be a helpful alternative. These methods may not offer the same ease of use or targeting options as Boost, but they can still help you increase the visibility of your content.

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Instagram Ads 

Instagram, owned by Facebook, provides a similar advertising platform with unique features and targeting options. The platform offers various ad formats, including photo, video, carousel, and story ads, thus making it a suitable alternative to Boost.

instagram adsIf you want to boost a post on a personal Facebook account and Facebook isn’t working, then you can try Instagram.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform for pay-per-click advertising that enables companies to design and display ads on all of Google’s properties, including YouTube and Google Search.

google adsIt has wide-ranging targeting options and the ability to reach a massive audience, making it a valuable alternative to Boost.

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LinkedIn Ads

As a business-focused networking platform, LinkedIn offers targeted advertising options.

linkedin adsLinkedIn Ads allows targeting based on job title, company size, and other professional demographics, thus making it a good alternative for B2B companies.

Visit: LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Ads

Twitter, a microblogging platform, offers business advertising options.

twitter adsThey provide targeting options based on interests, keywords, and behaviors, making it a suitable alternative to Boost for businesses targeting a specific audience.

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Visit: Twitter Ads

Snapchat Ads 

Snapchat is a popular social media platform among younger audiences and provides advertising options for businesses looking to reach this demographic. It offers targeting options based on interests, behaviors, and geographic location, making it a valuable alternative to Boost for companies targeting younger audiences.

snapchat adsIn conclusion, Boost is a beneficial advertising option for businesses on Facebook. Other platforms offer similar features and targeting options. If a business wants to reach a particular demographic or increase visibility, many alternatives to Boost can help meet advertising goals.

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How to delete a boosted post on Facebook

Deleting a boosted post on Facebook is quite simple. First, go to your Facebook account and navigate to the 'Ads Manager' page. Once there, click on the 'All Ads' tab at the top of the page. This will bring up a list of your active and inactive ads. Find the post you want to delete and click on the icon with three dots. From there, select 'Edit' and then 'Delete.'

Why is boosting unavailable on Facebook?

Boosting may be unavailable due to the post's content, issues with the user's account, or technical issues on Facebook's end. Posts that violate Facebook's policies regarding acceptable content may not be eligible for boosting. Additionally, accounts that violate the platform's terms of service may be temporarily or permanently banned from using the boost feature.

Why can't I boost my Facebook post?

The most common reason you can't boost a post is that it violates one of Facebook's advertising policies. This could include anything from using the wrong language or images to making false claims or promoting illegal activities.

What types of content are not eligible for boosting on Facebook?

Facebook has strict policies regarding acceptable content for boosting, including adult content, hate speech, and promoting drugs.

How do I boost a post on Facebook?

To boost a post on Facebook, click the 'Boost Post' button below the post, select the target audience, choose your budget and duration, and complete the payment process.


Boosting a post on Facebook is a paid advertising feature that allows users to promote their content to a broader audience. However, there may be circumstances that prevent the boost feature from being available, such as issues with the content of the post, the user’s account, or technical issues on Facebook’s end. To boost a post, click the “Boost Post” button, select the target audience, choose a budget and duration, and complete the payment process.

Boosting is not available on personal Facebook accounts. There are still ways to reach a larger audience organically through tagging friends, using relevant hashtags, and posting at optimal times. In conclusion, these are some reasons why is boost unavailable on Facebook.