Best Kodi Addons For NFL Games | The Top 10 You Need To Know

All sports enthusiasts are invited! Are you excited to watch your team’s upcoming game for free? You’ve come to the correct site, then. The solution to your prayers is this article on the best Kodi addons for NFL games

We have listed the best Kodi addons for NFL games:

  • NemesisAio
  • The EndZone
  • Ghost
  • The Loop.
  • Asgard
  • ApeX Sports
  • SportowaTV
  • tvOne

Kodi addons are simple to use. As you will see, Kodi is a great source of sports information. The greatest sports addons currently on the market will be discussed in this article. Keep reading this article for more information about the best Kodi addons for NFL games 2024 and to be ready for the approaching major sporting event. You can also read this article to watch the NFL On an LG Smart TV.

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What Are Kodi Sports Addons?

Sports enthusiasts may watch all the newest and best action for free on Kodi thanks to sports addons. All collections are accessible through the addons, including live sporting events, replays, sports networks, and live PPV events.
You may download and set up the top Kodi sports addons to never miss any important sporting events. Cricket, soccer, hockey, motorsports, rugby, tennis, and boxing are a few of the well-liked sports content categories included in such additions.

kodi sports addonsWhile some sports Kodi addons are primarily used as a center for viewing live sports streams and catching up on sports replays, some all-in-one Kodi addons (like The Crew) also allow users to watch free movies, TV series, and other content.

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Best Kodi Addons for NFL Games

Major sporting events may be streamed using a variety of Kodi addons. Here are some Addons for Sport that you ought to think about.

Pro Sports 

Pro Sports is an unauthorized addon for Kodi from a third party. Reddit provides links to streams for Pro Sports. This one is the best Kodi addons for NFL games. Reddit’s communities and subcommunities know sports live streaming, so you’ll receive the most recent and functional streaming connections. Pro Sports offers various live sporting events, including the NBA, NHL, and NFL.

pro sportsThe sports add-only’s independent activity is monitoring Reddit. Yet, all credit must go to it for accurately giving active links for sports streaming. 


Nowadays, Maverick is the top sports addon. It favors stream live sports Kodi, involving football and the NFL. The live stream of the largest sports networks and functional streaming offers links to numerous live sporting events.

maverickThat is a good streaming experience. Buffering isn’t a problem at all; it starts up rapidly.

NBC Sports Live Extra 

The Kodi variation of the NBC network is called NBC Sports Live Extra. Everything being broadcast is available to watch on NBC. Sports channels like the golf channel that are somehow associate with the NBC network are also a part of the addon. For sports like football, the Olympics, and horse racing, NBC Sports Live Extra is a solid option.

nbc sports live extraTalk shows like NASCAR America are also available to you. With this addon, watch live sports on Kodi easily. 


Although some archival shows are available, SportsDevil web request is mostly a Kodi addon for live sports. Among the most popular Kodi sports addons is this one. You can watch various athletic events and competitions.

sportsdevilSportsDevil has been around for some time and has persevered in the face of fierce competition. Because of this Kodi sports add-reliable on’s performance, we adore it with Kodi Sport.

ESPN Kodi Sports Addon

In terms of sports, ESPN is a sports all-arounder. Any Sport you want to watch is available, including MLB, the NFL, NBA, and college basketball. No additional Kodi addon is necessary if you have ESPN.

espnESPN is a global sports network with several regional affiliates. Therefore it offers coverage of a wide range of sports. ESPN on Kodi requires logging into your account. This is among the best Kodi addons for NFL games. 

Sports HD

Sports HD is the greatest sports addon for Kodi that enables you to watch live streaming of a wide range of sporting events, like NBA, soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Rugby, UFC, and much more.

sports hdFor the greatest Kodi sports channels globally, visit the Bugatsinho Repository and look for the Sport HD addon.

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US Sports

Watching live sports on Kodi is now possible via the Kodi Addon US Sports. Watching your preferred game in crystal-clear clarity is possible. It offers a variety of NFL games, including soccer, hockey, rugby, basketball, Formula 1, boxing, cricket, and many others.

us sportsLive sport is one of the numerous categories included. Streams retrieve from a well-known IPTV website via the US Sports Kodi Addon.

Selfless Kodi Addon

With the help of the brand-new Kodi addon Selfless, you can watch sports for free in real-time. It contains the Big List, USA networks, 24/7 programming, Video on Demand, WWE Live, Sports Heaven, UK Channels, and live games.

selflessThe new Kodi addon from a third party, bookmark, is “Selfless.” By utilizing this plugin, you may take use of the software. The sports enthusiast will like this addition. This is something you ought to install if you enjoy sports.


A popular Kodi addon, BOOM, enables users to view sports material with outstanding visual quality. It is an excellent sports addon for all versions of Kodi, which updates regularly since it was first released and offered a ton of new and updated data. Football, Boxing, UFC, Golf, Acestream Sports, MotorSport, and many more popular sports are just a few of its well-known categories.

boomA brand-new addon for Kodi from a third party like Kodi Genesis may be found in the Boom Repository. This addon is for you if you enjoy sports. You may view a variety of sports stuff thanks to it. For customers, it provides an abundance of sports material for Kodi Sport.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is a Kodi addon for IPTV video of live sports. You may watch your favorite sports in high-definition live by downloading Rising Tides.

rising tidesIt has a ton of sports material from several sources throughout the globe. For the sports enthusiast, this addition offers nearly everything from boxing, golf, and racing to the NFL, football, and cricket. The Mullafabz (Rising Tides) Repository is the source of Rising Tides.

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Which Kodi Sports Addons are the Best?

The Crew, SportHD, The Loop, and a host of additional addons are among the top Kodi sports addons, and we've included them all here.

How can a sports addon be set up on Kodi?

As most addons come from outside sources, you should activate the programs from unknown sources before installing them. Download the sports addon repository next, then select Options, File Manager, and Add Source from the menu. Click OK after adding the repository's URL and typing in its name.

Do Laws Apply to Kodi Sports Addons?

TROYPOINT cannot determine the legitimacy of unconfirmed Kodi Sport Addons. At first sight, several addons on this list appear to be disseminating copyrighted information without the appropriate authorization. These untrusted addons, programs, and websites are the end user's responsibility.

Can I Trust Kodi Sports Addons?

You may install and use the official Kodi program on any device without problems. Yet, certain addons that aren't vetted could be dangerous. While streaming, it is advised to always use a program like VirusTotal to check the repository's URLs and establish a VPN connection.

What Devices Support These Streaming Options?

Each Internet-connected gadget you can imagine is compatible with every addon on this list. This covers Amazon Firestick, Windows and Mac computers, smartphones, tablets, and more.


Kodi is the finest option for watching an endless supply of sports. You may watch live streaming of every sporting event anywhere globally with the list of sports addons provided above. Additionally, Kodi Sports is a versatile platform. A single problem might have several solutions. You may then pick any addon from the list of Kodi Sport channels. Try the next one if the first one doesn’t work in this article on the “best Kodi addons for NFL games“, and so on.

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