Reading Apps for Kids that You Can Start Using Today [2022]

Today, in the 21st century, technology plays a critical role in everyone’s life. Indeed, the effect that technology has on children has outsourced various perspective. Although the debate on technology remains to be highly intrusive as each individual may have its own opinion. For the proper growth of children, it is equally important for parents to aspire to the necessary knowledge in technology. That is why we suggest the following 7 reading apps for kids as they can help to boost the growth years of your child. Know how to read deleted reddit posts from this aricle.

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7 Suitable Reading Apps for Kids Growth Years

So to all the parents reading this, here we recommend handful of reading apps for kids. These apps would probably help in improving the motor skills of your child along with increasing their IQ, knowledge, and language skills.

Amazon Kindle 

We believe this app is designed for each age group. They have a vast collection of eBooks, which includes comics, textbooks, novels, and what not! From bestsellers to best reads across genres like romance, science fiction, children’s books, self-development, religion, non-fiction, and more.

free kindle app

Also, they have access to their content in 5 languages, precisely making learning easier with your mother tongue. That is why we consider Amazon Kindle as one of the proficient reading apps for kids in 2020.

Visit: Amazon Kindle


English is the official language in government and private offices. Also, it is the language of instruction in all the Universities and colleges across the country. The scenario is such that one needs to own the skills of English to obtain a job. Mere knowledge of subjects is no more the only criteria to secure a job. One needs to master in English communication skills for attaining a professional position as over the years, it has evolved as a language of status.


Duolingo is a free-spoken English app. Here, learning is made easier with one platform offering solutions for speaking, writing, and listening considerably making it as one of the advantageous reading apps for kids.

Visit : Duolingo 


Vedantu is not only a learning app, but also a reading app for kids. This online app has access to free live classes, NCERT Solutions for IIT JEE, NEET & Boards. It concludes as a specialized guiding platform of various institutions like CBSE, ICSE, State Board from Class 6-12. The students experience interaction with the experienced teachers who had qualified from Engineering and medical colleges.


The extra-ordinary feature of the app is having access to clearing sessions for free. Thereby, it makes a comfortable choice among the other reading apps for kids.

Visit : Vedantu 


ePathshala is a joint initiative of the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, and NCERT. They have access to a wide range of educational e-resources like textbooks, audio, video, periodicals, and a variety of other digital resources. A student studying in the CBSE board can make the best use of this app with various learning criteria as mentioned before. 


As the app has made learning easier, it also points out in increasing the mental ability of your kid(s) by offering a reading solution. Perhaps, it can also be considered as one of the significant reading apps for kids.

Visit : ePathshala 

Bolo: Learn to Read with Google

The app Bolo is structured to help children in their learning and reading activities anytime and anywhere, using just their voice. Bolo is pre-loaded with an extensive collection of stories in 9 different languages.

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Children can enjoy learning as the app has in-built word games. Also, it ensures reading becomes fun and a daily habit.


This app is also available offline with no ads, that is, prominently designed for children to focus on their tasks without any distractions. Thus, this is also among suitable reading apps for kids.

Visit : Bolo 


Loco is a daily live quiz. The host asks ten questions, given a time limit of 10 seconds per question. If the player successfully answers all the ten questions correctly, then s/he is awarded through Paytm cash prizes. The quiz questions range from politics, news, current affairs, GK, sports, history, geography, sciences, current trends, technology, etc.


Also, it is a platform to improve awareness with returning awards. Therefore, this is another among many reading apps for kids and adults to increase their awareness.

Visit : Loco 

Brain Out – Can You Pass It?

For some of us, an increased IQ level is one of the abilities to boost self-confidence and morale. Precisely, through this we try to attempt new things, fight challenges or to tax mental resources and stretch the arch to scale greater heights. This app is a brain teaser that has several trivia questions to boost your child’s brainpower.

brain out

Using this app during the lazy hours can improve their EQ and IQ. This is among the best reading apps for kids. It is easy to use as it offers surprising gameplay activities.

Visit : Brain Out


To sum up, we thoroughly recommend these apps for purely educational to some fun-filled brain teasers. Also, we believe this to be the best opportunity for children to spend some quality time while using their smartphones.