How To Send Long Videos From iPhone To Android [Full Guide]

Transferring videos from an iPhone to an Android device is trickier than transferring music. The size of a brief video can be comparable to that of numerous tracks. As a result, popular data transport techniques like email are no longer available.

The good news is that there are still a few ways to know how to send long videos from iPhone to an android. From this article, you can learn about these possibilities and employ how to transport your films from an iPhone to an Android smartphone without delay.

  1. Step 1: Go to Photos on your iPhone and select the video you want to send to Android.
  2. Step 2: Now, tap the Share icon at the bottom left corner and select either Message or Email as shown in the figure.
  3. Step 3: if you choose the Message option, enter the phone number of your Android phone and hit Send.iphone and androidYou might be thinking about several things, including video formats & quality, data transmission speed, and more while moving videos between an iPhone and an Android device. You can easily send long videos from iPhone to Android by sending videos via USB, or you may share videos through google drive.

This article will solve your query about how to send long videos from an iPhone to an android.

You require a solution that makes it easy to transfer iPhone videos to Android as quickly, securely, and with the highest quality possible. Choosing the ideal answer before delivering your film would also greatly reduce the likelihood of squandering time and memory.

This post will demonstrate how to send long videos from iPhone to an Android and the most suggested methods for sending videos from an iPhone to an Android device. Be sure to finish reading so you may only gain knowledge from the best.

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How to send large video files from iPhone to Android by using FoneLab HyperTrans.

FoneLab HyperTrans is a tool that allows you to move all forms of data across computer, iOS, & Android devices. Above all, it is a fantastic tool for transporting multimedia content without degrading the format or quality of the original media file

This tool’s primary purpose is transferring. It ensures that your transfer session will be successful and safe. It is the greatest option for you if you need to know how and where to send videos from an iPhone to another iPhone, from an iPhone to an Android device, and vice versa.

Use FoneLab HyperTrans for sending videos from iPhone to Android: 

  1. First, download and install the FoneLab HyperTrans software on your PC.fonelab hyper trans
  2. Second, use a USB cord to connect your iPhone & Android phone to your computer.connect usb to otg Choose the iPhone as that of the source device by clicking the menu button in the interface’s top center.
  3. Third, choose the videos you wish to transfer from the preview panel by clicking Videos in the left sidebar.videos on fonelab
  4. Large video files can be sent from Android to iPhone using this technique. Instead of using a third-party program, you can share iPhone videos to an Android smartphone via a PC.

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How to send large video from iPhone to Android using USB.

When exporting from an iPhone, you only need File Explorer & USB cords on your PC. That’s the best way to send video from iPhone to Android and send large files from iPhone. transfer using usbTo transfer video over USB from an iPhone to an Android Phone, navigate to your iPhone shortly using File Explorer’s This PC interface. On an Android phone, navigate to the DCIM folder, then pick all the movies you want to share. Next, open the Android device after returning to this PC. Set the target folder next, after which paste the copied films. You can right-click your mouse and choose paste or just hit the Ctrl + V buttons simultaneously.

Sharing videos from an iPhone to an Android device is a breeze using this method. You can perform this on your iPhone & Android by yourself as well.

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How to send long videos from iPhone to an android through Google Drive.

Data, including multimedia files, may be stored, synced, and accessed via Google Drive across many devices. You can access anything you upload to Google Drive at any time and on any device. You can also add Google Drive to file explorer in simple ways. You can post videos from your iPhone to Google Drive and then access them on an Android phone later. 

  1. Install Google Drive first on your iPhone & Android devices. On your iPhone, open Google Drivegoogle drive installation.
  2. Go to the videos you wish to share by selecting Photos and and videos
  3. Third, open Google Drive on your Android device and log in with the same Email Address as on your iPhone. The uploaded videos are accessible from sign in
  4. Without a computer, this is one of the best ways to transport a big video from an iPhone to an Android device. If the videos you wish to transmit are tiny, you can send them through email.

send file via mail

How to send long videos from iPhone to Android through email.

Email is still a popular way to exchange information and data regardless of the devices used. 

Email is a tried-and-true method of sending data and media assets regardless of the devices being used. In that case, sending videos from an iPhone to an Android device is possible through email.use mail dropTouch the Share icon and decide on Mail as your sending option. Enter the user’s mail address, which corresponds to the account that is now logged in on the Android phone, shortly. Large video files should not be sent from an iPhone to an Android device via this approach, though. This is due to the 20–25 MB file size restriction on emails. As a result, you ought to use FoneLab HyperTrans, which has no file size restrictions.

How to send long videos from iPhone to Android through Drag-and-drop.

Even if iOS is a close-running system, you can still transfer some graphic files from your iPhone to your computer. 

  1. Connect your iPhone using a Lightning cable to your computer. Click Import pictures & videos when the AutoPlay dialogue box appears.autoplay defaults
  2. Open Explorer’s window; click the phone to reveal the folder where videos, such as DCIM or Movies, are stored. Next, drag & drop the media files from the temporary folder into the desired folder.

explorer window


Why can't I text a video from my iPhone to my Android device?

When MMS is turned off on the iPhone, you cannot send videos by text message from an iPhone to an Android device. MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, is thus known. As a result, if MMS is blocked, you cannot send messages with attached videos.

When I send videos from my iPhone to my Android device, do they become hazy?

The quality of videos transferred from an iPhone to an Android device can vary depending on how they are transferred. Following that, some techniques automatically compress the video. The best options that guarantee no quality change must be identified to ensure that the video is received in its original quality.

How to use any trans to transfer videos from Android to iPhone?

Launch any trans for Android & connect your device to your computer via USB.

Is it possible to transfer videos from an Android device to an iPhone?

Yes, you can share videos from Android to iPhone using the methods described above.

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We hope that this will solve your query about how to send long videos from iPhone to an android. Therefore, even though moving videos from an iPhone to an Android smartphone is complex, it is possible. It is also obvious that you must use MobiKin Transfer for Mobile if you want to select the ideal approach.

And that’s how you send videos from an iPhone to an Android device. See how simple and fast it is. All that’s left to do is choose your chosen method and download your iPhone videos to Android.

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