How to Quote on Reddit: Easily Explained in 7 Steps

Are you the one interested in raising their voice on important matters? Reddit might be the one platform for you to do so. Reddit is one social media platform that allows users to discuss any particular topic of interest or vote on content posted by some user. Since it gives users the freedom of speech, it’s unsurprisingly banned in some countries. But people who are still using it would agree that it is one of the best platforms to share a wide array of content in texts, photos, videos, links, and posts. You must be familiar with its advantages over other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder etc. Here we would be discussing how to quote on Reddit.

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how to quote on reddit

Reddit offers karma points to control spam on the site, based on the number of times a content gets up-voted or down-voted by users. Another popular feature is Sub-Reddits, which are smaller groups based on a similar topic of interest that brings people together to discuss the same issue. It has some unique features like creating your case in a subreddit, responsive multi-threaded commenting, and quoting someone else’s quote as a reference while commenting. For people not knowing how to make a quote block in the comment section, this guide is for you as we’re going to explain how to quote on Reddit mobile app and web in a step-by-step process. 

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How to quote on Reddit Website? 

Quoting feature is one of the most commonly used features, and thus Reddit website offers a built-in feature that allows users to quote someone’s words with a single tap.  

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You follow these steps if you’re accessing Reddit from Mac, Windows, or Linux. 

1: Open Reddit on your browser and log in or register your account. 

2: Find the particular post you want to insert your quote in. 

reddit desktop

3: At the “comment” section and appearance for the comment you’ll want to quote or the first thread post if you would like to quote something or the entire of that. 

4: Select the particular word, sentence, or paragraph and copy them using the command “Ctrl + C.” 

5: Tap on the reply button and find the “More” icon represented by three dots at the left bottom side of the reply section. Select it.


6: You will find the quote icon there. Click it, and the gray line will appear in the reply section.  

 7: Now, you need to paste the text using “ctrl + V” and proceed by clicking the Reply button. Voila! You’re good to go. 

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How to quote on Reddit mobile? 

You can also quote on the Reddit app for mobile users, although, unlike the web-based Reddit platform, the app version doesn’t come with the built-in quote icon. But worry not! Because the app indeed has the quote function.  

All you need is to know the correct command to do it. Let us show you the proper steps to follow: 

1: Open the Reddit app on your phone and log in to your account. If you already don’t have an account, create one by registering there.  

2: Go to the particular post you want to quote the text on. 

3: Select the “comment” icon and add your comment.

4: Find the comment you would like to quote and replica it. 


5: Start the quote line at the beginning of your comment by adding a more significant sign, “>” (without quotation marks) before the quote. 

6: Paste the comment you copied for quoting.  

7: Publish your comment. Now your text will appear as a quote on the app. 

This mobile method is also applicable over the Reddit website, or you can use the built-in quote function over there. It’s a matter of wonder why Reddit developers still haven’t added this excellent feature in the mobile app version. But seeing its popularity, we hope they will update their app someday. 

Another interesting thing to note is that you can now quote someone in a comment while using the Reddit mobile app, which was not available earlier. I hope this article was helpful enough, and you have understood well by now how to quote on Reddit

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Is it possible to quote my text on Reddit?

Absolutely. Reddit allows its users to quote ANY text, including your own. The steps are the same that we instructed above, and it is as simple as quoting someone else's text.

Can I use the Reddit platform to quote without signing in?

Well, a big NO. You can browse the Reddit platform and its posts without an account. But if you want to join a specific community and voice your opinion in the comment section or quote someone's text, you have to be a member of Reddit. For that, you will need an account. Sign in to your account or create one by registering if you already don't have one and join the community.

How to protect your identity when quoting?

I Know some topics shouted at Reddit can be pretty sensitive, and thus it is harmful to reveal your personal information to the public. In that case, you can either use a username that won't reveal your real identity; or if you want to have an authentic account over there, then maybe use a throwaway Reddit account. It is a temporary account used for particular purposes, and you can call it your secondary or backup account.


This was the insight on how to quote on Reddit. We hoped you found this article helpful, and it solved your queries on the topic. Reddit can be a great platform for communication and we hope you keep exploring and quoting on Reddit!

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