How to Quote on Reddit using the App or Website | 2022

There are various platforms in 2021 which allow the socializing of people online. The delivery of thoughts has become easy. One such well-known platform is Reddit – it is a social media platform that will enable people to post different niches, build community, upvote similar views, and discuss. On Reddit, people put their opinions out in context, and sometimes they need to be quoted to convey the idea. Other people who view are given a handful of options to encourage and show their relevance to the post. That is how they can promote one thought, one opinion on the platform.

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The Audience and Outreach of Reddit

Reddit’s algorithm spreads the bars to a broader audience that receives the most engagement. The options available to promote one’s thoughts through the post are voting, commenting, and sharing. There a lot of people who have healthy discussions, find answers to the questions on Reddit. Generally, this happens in the comment section.

how to quote on reddit

For a platform like Reddit, where millions of people are given the exposure to talk, the probability of accumulating spam under a post is understandable. In that case, if there is something that you find meaningful and want to show up the earliest, then you have the option to pin the comment to the top or, as Reddit says, ‘quote’ it on the post. When any second person comes to the post and wishes to check the comments under the post, the quoted comments show up the earliest.

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How To Quote On Reddit Website

Reddit has its website, which is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. People who tend to use Reddit are often given the option to add it as an extension on their homepage. The website is easy to use and well compiled. There are many built-in options on the Reddit website to perform targeted tasks. The informative website has all of it served for you on a single plate! Follow the steps mentioned below to quote a comment on the Reddit website.

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Follow these steps on the website:

  1. Firstly, Log in to your Reddit account with the required credentials.
  2. Secondly, Find the post on which you want the quote to be put. Open to quote on reddit
  3. Open the comment section and search for the comment you want to quote on the post.
  4. Select the comment that you want to be quoted on the post.the post you need
  5. Copy the comment that you have selected by the fundamental steps that are Ctrl+C.
  6. The next step would be to select the option which allows you to reply. You will see a ‘More’ icon. Select quote
  7. There will be an icon on the panel, which looks like the ‘Quote’ symbol. Select that option.
  8. Finally, you will see a blinking bar. Click right on the mouse and select the option to paste what is copied. Check if the comment that you have copied is pasted inexact. Then, click on the ‘Reply’ option.

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How To Quote On Reddit Application

Apart from having a website, Reddit has a well-developed application to perform similar tasks as in the website. We can observe that the app has lesser steps to follow to complete a given task in fewer steps, like reading a deleted post. The Reddit application is available on every reliable platform – both android and iOS.

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For example, you can use the Reddit app for quoting what we are talking about, and as mentioned in simpler and fewer steps. The website has a quote icon which you must have gone through if you followed the above steps. The Reddit application does not have the quote icon for a change, which lessens our steps to follow. 

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Follow these steps on the app:

  1. Firstly, Download the Reddit app on your device from your respective system. Open the Reddit app on your phone. Credentials will be asked to login into your account. You must enter by providing them. If you do not have any account made prior, you will have to sign up.
  2. Secondly, Find the post that you wish to quote the comment on.comment button
  3. An option ‘Comment’ is present alongside the comment icon. Click on it to open the comment section. If there are no comments, the ‘Reply’ icon will be visible on the screen. Tap on it.
  4. Now, the step is different from how it used to be on the website. You will have to put a greater sign ‘>’ before you begin to input whatever you want to quote.add comment
  5. After putting the symbol, begin writing anything that you want to quote. You can see long-press to find some additional options like copy, paste, clipboard. You can use them to paste anything added to the clipboard on your device or something you last copied.
  6. This would be the final step. Finally, You will see a post option on the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to post your comment and quote it.


In conclusion, these are the steps on how to quote a comment on reddit. Click here if you want to add backlinks to your Reddit post. Finally, we hope you have got the answers to your questions. Happy learning!

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