How To Quote On Reddit: Easily Explained In 7 Steps

Reddit is a popular social media platform that enables users to discuss various topics, vote on content, and express their opinions. It offers a wide range of content formats, including text, photos, videos, and links. Despite being banned in some countries, Reddit remains a platform for sharing diverse content.

Have a quick look at how to quote on Reddit: Highlight the text you want to quote on Reddit. Click on the “reply” button underneath the comment you’re replying to. In the comment box, precede the quoted text with a “greater than” symbol (>) on a new line. Add any additional comments below the quoted text. Click “Submit” to post your comment with the quoted text on Reddit.

Reddit offers unique features like karma points and subreddits that allow users to engage in discussions and form communities around specific topics of interest. Quoting on Reddit is a handy way to reference and respond to specific lines or comments. Whether you’re using the mobile app or the web version, the process is straightforward and can be accomplished in a few steps. Despite slight variations between mobile and web, the quoting feature is easily accessible with a single tap. With millions of users, Reddit remains a popular platform for sharing and discussing diverse content. Let’s now dive right into the step-by-step guide.

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How To Quote On Reddit Website? 

Quoting feature is one of the most commonly used features, and thus Reddit website offers a built-in feature that allows users to quote someone’s words with a single tap.  

You follow these steps if you’re accessing Reddit from Mac, Windows, or Linux. 

  1. Open Reddit on your browser and log in or register your account.
    reddit login
  2. Find the particular post you want to insert your quote in. reddit desktop
  3. At the “comment” section and the appearance for the comment, you’ll want to quote the first thread post if you would like to quote something or the entire of that. 
  4. Select the particular word, sentence, or paragraph and copy them using the command “Ctrl + C.” 
  5. Tap on the reply button and find the “More” icon represented by three dots at the bottom left side of the reply section. Select it.quote
  6. You will find the quote icon there. Click it, and the gray line will appear in the reply section.  
  7.  Now, you need to paste the text using “Ctrl + V” and proceed by clicking the Reply button. Voila! You’re good to go. Also, click here to learn how to delete Reddit History.

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How to quote on Reddit mobile? 

You can also quote on the Reddit app for mobile users, although, unlike the web-based Reddit platform, the app version doesn’t come with the built-in quote icon. But worry not! Because the app indeed has the quote function.  

All you need is to know the correct command to do it. Let us show you the proper steps to follow: 

  1. Open the Reddit app on your phone and log in to your account. If you already don’t have an account, create one by registering there.  log in
  2. Go to the particular post you want to quote the text on. 
  3. Select the “comment” icon and add your comment.
  4. Find the comment you would like to quote and replica it. mobile
  5. Start the quote line at the beginning of your comment by adding a more significant sign, “>” (without quotation marks), before the quote. 
  6. Paste the comment you copied for quoting.  
  7. Publish your comment. Now your text will appear as a quote on the app. 

This mobile method is also applicable over the Reddit website, or you can use the built-in quote function over there. It’s a matter of wonder why Reddit developers still haven’t added this excellent feature in the mobile app version. But seeing its popularity, we hope they will update their app someday. 

Another interesting thing to note is that you can now quote someone in a comment while using the Reddit mobile app, which was not available earlier. I hope this article was helpful enough, and you have understood well by now how to quote on Reddit. Read this article for how you can download reddit videos on iphone.

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Another Simple Method For Quoting On Reddit:

You can take another simple action in addition to the one listed above. Read on to learn more.

  1. Pick the passage you wish to quote from the text. quote
  2.  Then, immediately clicks the “Reply” button to have the message automatically repeated.
  3. At this point, you can make remarks on the article below. The additional choice at the bottom of the comment field is optional.

Regarding quoting on the Reddit app, iOS, and Android are very different. It’s easier than it appears. So let’s review the next steps:

  1. To choose whatever section of the content you wish to remark on, click the “Reply” button. reply
  2. Copy the content now.
  3. After that, paste the information you want to quote and type “>” (excluding the double quotes) in the blank spot.
  4. You can boost the number of “>“s before inputting the text to add additional quotes. Also, learn the best date and time widgets for your Android device.

How Should A Quote Be Formatted On Reddit?

Start your remark in an empty text box on a computer when using Reddit, then choose and select Quote Block.
Using the mobile version, you can format text as a quote by beginning each line with a >.

How To Make A Reddit Quote Block?

  1. Launch Reddit in your favorite browser on your Mac or PC. launch reddit
  2. If you haven’t already, go into your account and browse the composition area in the subreddit of your choice to start writing your Reddit post.
  3.  After finishing the post, highlight the passage you want to use as a quote. quote block
  4. Click “Quote Block” Just above the posting composition area in the center of the toolbar; it will show up as a quote symbol.
  5. After making any last adjustments, click “publish.”

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To Make the Most of Reddit, Try Stackbrowser

The Reddit quote format is easy. To know how to quote people on Reddit, choose and copy the comment you wish to quote, add a quotation block to the text box, and then quote the Reddit comment. By establishing a quote block, you may also conduct quoting on Reddit.stack browserReddit is referred to as the home page of the internet. More than 450 million people utilize the site monthly as of 2019, representing a more than 200% rise over the previous five years.

However, it’s not exactly the easiest platform to use. It may be difficult for folks unfamiliar with Reddit to understand how to quote someone on Reddit.

To get the answer of how to quote someone on Reddit? Begin using Stack, a new browser regarded as the internet’s operating system, to utilize Reddit more effectively. It enables you to use multiple account logins and side-by-side placement of websites and applications.

If you want to try, request access to Stack Next as soon as possible.

How to Modify Your Reddit Username (Fast and Easy)

 We comprehend your want to modify your Reddit username. You should be aware that changing your nickname or waiting three days after signing up on Reddit does not exclude your account from doing so.redditThe only option left to you would be to re-register (don’t worry, you can use the same email) to choose a new username, assuming one is available. But, this has the drawback that you will forfeit your karma, including your posts, saves, followers, and comments. 

On the other hand, Reddit will choose a username for you on its own if you signed up for an account using your Google or Apple ID. You will have 30 days to amend it. The steps are outlined in the instructions below if it applies to you.

Depending on your platform, the procedures for altering your Reddit username may differ slightly.

On the iPhone and Android, change your Reddit username:

1. Launch the Reddit application and log in using your Reddit credentials. On the screen’s upper left corner, tap the icon for your profile.reddit credentials

2. Reddit will prompt you to choose a new username if you don’t like the one at random.

If you cannot alter your username, you may have unintentionally chosen the default username, or the 30-day grace period has expired.

3. Tap Change Username to select your preferred username. You should enter your desired username here. Remember that changing your username will only be an option once. Therefore be careful to type it properly.chnage username on reddit

4. Reddit will inquire whether you intend to keep using that account indefinitely. If you want to keep the username automatically allocated, click Go Back. Otherwise, tap Save Username to complete the process.

Reddit Username Changes On

Here’s how to modify your username if you use

  1. Visit and sign in using the account you just made. After the successful log in, you will be prompted to change your username or keep the default one.reddit sign up
  2. You may modify your username by tapping the Change Username button.change reddit username
  3. Please enter the username you want to use. Recall that this is a one-time thing. Hence, before saving any changes, be sure of your username. Click Proceed to save your update after that.

Reddit Website

Here are the Reddit website features, pros & cons.


  • Registered users have their profiles on Reddit. These profiles display information about the user, including their post and comment history, joined subreddits, and any awards they have received.
    reddit logo
  •  Reddit has a system of awards and karma points. Users can use coins or Reddit Premium to award posts or comments they find particularly interesting or valuable. 
  • Reddit offers various content filtering options to help users personalize their experience. They can filter content by specific subreddits and keywords or block content from certain users.


  • Reddit offers opportunities for networking and professional growth. Many subreddits are dedicated to specific industries, career advice, and skill development. It is the primary benefit of Reddit.reddit name with logo
  • If you can develop awareness about what you offer, Reddit will bring free traffic to your website. That could be accomplished by distributing material that people find appealing.
  • It enables people to leave comments on articles without creating an account. Everything you publish or comment on is stored in a secure environment where hackers and spammers cannot simply steal your information. 


  • Because of its simple form, this social media may appear disorganized to many users. You can’t change your profile page or make folders to distinguish different Subreddits. That may not be a huge concern at first.dive into reddit
  • The drawback of utilizing Reddit is that it may be risky to post material and frequently needs more trustworthy sources. Many users will upload items from websites that are only sometimes well-known, making it harder to check their legitimacy. 
  • Reddit is largely text postings with minimal graphics. Thus, it may only be for some. That is why many individuals avoid attending at all. 


How can I format quotes on Reddit?

You may use quotation marks to format quotes on Reddit, or you can use the > sign to create a block quote format. Use suitable formatting techniques such as line breaks or italics to improve your quotations' readability and visual attractiveness.

Are there any rules or standards for utilizing the Reddit quote format particular to each subreddit?

Yes! There are rules or standards for utilizing the Reddit quote format. Each subreddit may have its rules or guidelines for formatting quotations. Understanding and obeying the subreddit's formatting requirements are critical, often located in the sidebar or community rules. Following these criteria guarantees that your sources are displayed effectively within the culture and style of the relevant subreddit.

How do you quote someone on Reddit?

To quote someone on Reddit is simple. To quote another user's comment, include a > symbol at the beginning you want to mention. That helps indicate that you are referencing someone else's words in your response.

How to quote text on Reddit?

To quote text on Reddit is straightforward. To quote text from a post, comment, or external source, precede the quoted text with a > symbol at the beginning of each line. This formatting style helps distinguish the quoted text from your content.

How to quote on Reddit mobile app?

To Quote on Reddit mobile is straightforward. To quote a comment or text, press and hold on to the desired text until a menu appears. Then, select the Quote option. That will automatically insert the quoted text with the > symbol in the text editor.


This was the insight on how to quote on Reddit. We hope you found this article helpful and that it solved your queries on the topic. If MIUI 12’s system-wide dark mode is enabled, quotes and spoilers are rendered unreadable. White background with white writing. Light/Dark mode and modifying the in-app theme must resolve the issue fully.
Only entering the system’s Light Mode will do so.
To do this, follow the steps below:

Display -> More Dark Mode Options -> Settings Disable Dark Mode for the app by looking for Boost in the list.

Reddit can be a great platform for communication, and we hope you keep exploring and quoting on Reddit! Also, click here for the top 6 best Streaming Video Recorder Software.

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