How Old is My iPhone? This Is How You Find Out! | 2022

As Apple is releasing its new iPhones from time to time, do you consider changing your present iPhone? Are you fascinated by the new iPhone and want to sell your current one, or do you want to buy a second-hand iPhone and do not know how old that one is? Are you buying your iPhone at a higher cost and selling your current iPhone at a lower price than it should be only because you do not know the age of your iPhone? Keep reading to find out if you often wonder how old is my iPhone.

Checkout How Old Is My iPhone? This Is How You Find Out!

Whatever your case, you can find out the generation of your iPhone in two ways.

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The first way is through using Apple’s Check Coverage. But first, it demands to know your serial number, which is easily accessible.

Try these following steps:-

  1. First, go to your iPhone’s Settings, then the option of General will appear, click on General, then click on ABOUT and select the Serial Number option.ios serial number
  2. Next, press your finger down on the serial number until the copy bubble appears on the screen and when it does, tap on it. This step will help you copy the Serial number to the clipboard, further used in any other context. After getting the Serial number, the next step is to check Apple’s ‘Check your Service and Support. Coverage’ Page. It will help you in finding out when you purchased the iPhone.service and coverage iphone
  3. When you are done with this step, copy the Serial Number you got earlier and paste it into the given tab.
  4. Then, enter the captcha code below and tap on the continue button to proceed. A summary of your ios device coverage will be displayed on the screen when things like valid purchase date, technical support are present. Under Telephone Technical Support, you will find a paragraph that will state what the Coverage offers, so on and so forth. At the end of this paragraph, you will find, Coverage End Date, which will be the exact date when you purchased your iPhone, except the year mentioned above will be different.

phone service and coverage

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Remove 2:

But the problem arises when you cannot see this date even after following the steps mentioned above. This problem may occur in front of you if your phone is older than a year, and in that case, you may get the age of your phone through the use of the ‘Chipmunk Online Tool.’ 

Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Open the Chipmunk tool on your iPhone.chipmunk klantenservice
  2. Enter the Serial Number procured in the space bar by following the first step mentioned at the article’s starting.
  3. Then press the ‘Show Information’ button."how

This will open a new page where all your information will be present, and through that, you have it.


Follow these steps to know how old is your iPhone. Now all your work might get easier. I hope this helps!

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