Best Word Game Apps to Improve Vocabulary in 2023 [Top 7]

“Easy to learn, hard to master”- the following best word game apps have been the leading source of killing spare time productively. These word game apps as they are a perfect blend of enjoyment and knowledge. The ability to research, understand vocabulary and spellings of English words are some of the skills which one can master while playing these games.

Here is the list of Best Word Game Apps to Improve Vocabulary in 2023:

  • Typochondria
  • PicToWord
  • Word Cookies
  • Word Crush
  • Alphabear 2
  • Word Swipe
  • Word Connect

You can also level up your math skills using math game apps. Some of these apps are available on Windows as well. 

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7 Best Word Game Apps to Improvise your Word Play in 2023

The users of these best word game apps have concluded the games as addicting and compelling simultaneously. Large numbers of word games are available on the Google play store.

best word game apps

So here, we have the seven best word game apps in 2023 to quench your voracious thirst for knowledge. Each of the below apps outshines a tremendous feature with games, which is why these remain the best word game apps one can ever come across with. 


This famous mobile word game app capacitates the user to unleash the hidden typo finder within themselves. This is one of the best word game apps that hones the misspelling-finding skills of the gamer and boosts the thinking ability of the brain. Available on both Apple and Android, it has multiple game modes and four different book genres, including Crime, Sci-fi, Romance, and non-fiction.


Do you take yourself as the Grammar Nazi around? Hence, rev up on your “I after e” regulations as you struggle to become the Earth’s best and, probably, the most annoying typo finder!

 Visit: Typchondria 


The tremendously popular Android and Apple game created by Kooapps reflects the amazing features and numbers it to one of the best word game apps. PicToWord is perfect for all age groups. It is a picture-guessing game. The best feature of this word game app is that it runs in offline mode also. The game displays two pictures with the help of which you have to guess the correct word, which best relates the given photos from the given set of alphabets.


This word puzzle obsessive game keeps you always hooked to your cell phone. Join millions of trivia players worldwide boasting and get started with word unscrambling. 

 Visit: PictoWord

Word Cookies

It is a kitchen-themed, simple, and single-player game that has classic graphics and an interactive user interface. This is the amazing and the best word app which is available on iOS, Android, and Windows. It is a perfect choice for the knowledge-hungry people.

word cookies

The level of hardness increases as one moves to a higher level. The game offers exciting daily bonus rewards as well.

Visit: Word Cookies 

Word Crush: Hidden words

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Being yet another attractive and one of the best word game apps, the users here are compelled to find all the hidden words at a particular level. This game has four difficulty levels. Unlike other word game apps, the levels of this app cannot be skipped or missed without any performance. The app initiates using mental abilities by finding new words and earning bonus points on the same bench. There are four levels of this block-collapsing game easy, intermediate, hard, and extreme.

word crush

First-time users get the benefit of 20 free hints in the game. One can feel the all-new experience of a word puzzle game with this one. Enjoy this lively brainstorming game with beautiful themes and around three thousand levels.

 Visit: Words Crush 

Alphabear 2: Words across time

Released by Spry Fox in September 2018, Alphabear catches the eye of gamers because of the cute bears in the game. The app has an attractive composition among the other best word game apps. It is compulsory to choose letters from the puzzle grid. The size of the bear gets more significant with the increasing number of letters from the puzzle grid. Points earned in this game depend on the size of the bear.

Alphabear 2

Alphabear 2 is the advanced version of the Alphabear Word game app. The greatest strength of this game lies in its transparency. The built-in dictionary now offered in this game is a great way to learn and have fun simultaneously.

 Visit: Alphabear 2

Word Swipe

This game is designed for the smartphone as the user has to tap and swipe on their mobile screen while running their minds. It provides bright graphics, amazing animations, and beautiful scenery landscapes that attract the audience to this game, and it overalls make a comfortable space with other best word game apps. 

word swipe

It is an easy task to play a word game by collecting coins as a reward. Also, the collection of coins helps to unlock the different themes of the game.

 Visit: Word Swipe 

Word Connect – Word Games Puzzle

Made for real word geniuses, Word Connect tends to improve the concentration, vocabulary, and spelling skills of the gamer. This game can be played anytime, anywhere, because of its feature of running without the internet. Words can be formed by connecting the letters vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

word connect

Minimal advertising is another feature that acts as a cherry on the cake resulting in making it the best word game app. When forwarded to the next level, the game could become stressful yet compelling. 

Visit: Word Connect 


What word game app is the most popular?

Bonza Word Search It is ranked first on the list of the top word games on Android by Android Authority. The app features a puzzle builder that you can use to create your own puzzles in addition to daily puzzle challenges.

Do word games help you learn new words?

Word games can actually help you learn new words. This is due to the fact that most word games make use of semantic and/or phonological abilities, both of which are necessary for word learning.

What kind of word game app is it?

A 5-letter word game online is called Wordle. The word of the day is revealed every day, and players get six chances to correctly guess it. Tiles will change colour as players guess to aid in word recognition.


Therefore, try using these now, and aggrandize your profile. These best word game apps entertain all age groups, especially the ones who have a keen interest in solving puzzles of any kind. 

If some of these word games seem too challenging, don’t fret. Word unscrambling tools can help you solve some of these games, giving you more confidence. Moreover, playing them will improve your vocabulary and also improve your cognition. Good luck!

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