6 Apps That Let You Listen To Music Offline | Download & Listen Now!

The famous American trumpeter Louis Amstrong once said, “Music is life itself,” and I hardly came across anyone who disagreed with it. From acting as a soothing balm on broken hearts to encouraging revolutionary protests. Can anyone here imagine life without music and beats? Hell No. In today’s world of the internet and apps, listening to the music of different types, genres and languages has only been made easier. But even the internet and apps have their cons. In a world where most of the operations are being run online, how can one expect music to be left behind?

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There are numerous apps out there in the play store which provide uninterrupted streaming of music while online. So easy, isn’t it? But what happens when you don’t have a network or your data pack is over. Well, the answer is quite simple there will be no music. The good old days of downloading songs and storing them in our mobile’s memory card are gone. So is there no other option?

Well, no need to worry; one can enjoy music even if he or she is not within the network coverage area or has reached their data pack’s limit. But how?

We are here to cheer up our dear readers by coming up with a list of 6 apps that let you listen to music offline. So even if you are offline, you can still listen to music because these six apps will let you listen to music uninterrupted while offline.

Best Offline Apps For Music Streaming

The six best offline music apps are :


So the first one on our list of apps that lets you listen to music offline is SPOTIFY. It is not a music app that works offline on Android phones only but as well as on a PC or laptop also.

To listen to music offline, one will have to subscribe to Spotify Premium, which has been gaining popularity since it was launched in Sweden in 2008.


Unfortunately, one needs to subscribe to be able to listen to music offline, but one is free to save as many songs as one likes and gives freedom to create their playlists. Well, this app also allows its users to stream videos and listen to podcasts. You can also download and convert these songs from MP3 to MIDI enhanced music quality.

Visit: Spotify


We all might have heard the tagline ‘bas bajna chahiye gaana,’ which belongs to none other than the Gaana app. This app came into existence in April 2010 and eventually established itself as the largest commercial music streaming app by providing both Indian and International Music content.


Unfortunately, users of Gaana as well have to subscribe to Gaana Plus to be allowed to listen to music offline. Gaana Plus subscription comes with some appealing features like downloading an unlimited number of songs in high quality.

Visit: Gaana


Next up on our list is MUZIFY, one of the free music apps without internet. Now we know Muzify as a free app among this list of apps that lets you listen to music offline and online. But it came into existence as a website where one could download ringtones for free.

Gradually, with time it grew its music content and now lets its users download songs and listen to them offline. Fortunately, there is no story of subscription or premium version for this app.

JioSaavn Music & Radio 

Does the ‘Saavn’ name ring a bell? Well, Saavn came into existence in 2006 in North America, and its content comprised mainly of Bollywood songs. Today it’s a leading company, and the majority of its stake is held by Reliance Digital Ltd.

It is one of the freemium music apps without data. Now, what does ‘Freemium’ means? It is similar to the ones mentioned above, where one can avail of basic online streaming but would have to pay for features like better streaming quality and offline listening.



This app is useful for people with a jio network who can avail all the features for free, but that offer stands valid only for the first three months from the starting date.

Visit: JioSaavn

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Wynk Music 

Now Wynk music is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bharati Airtel, and hence it provides airtel users with the feature of listening to songs offline. For non-Airtel users, it is the same story of subscription. You subscribe, you download, and you listen offline.


Wynk music app’s content comprises both national and international songs, but one would find a large content of regional songs.

Visit: Wynk

Google Play Music 

So, the last one on our list of apps that lets you listen to music offline is Google Play Music. Of course, it is one of the best app to listen to music offline, but there is always a catch.

googleplay music

Google play music allows users to store songs from their personal libraries. Of course, if you are a paid subscriber of the google play music app, then you can access both the Google Play Music app and Youtube Premium catalogs. And can definitely listen to music offline.

Visit: Google Music


What app allows you to listen offline?

Audiomack is a GLOBAL streaming music app that allows you to download and listen. You can listen to the latest albums, songs, mixtapes, and playlists offline.

Can SoundCloud play offline?

You can save your likes, playlists, and entire library on your mobile device for offline listening with SoundCloud Go subscriptions.

Can I use Spotify offline?

Navigate to Settings in the upper-right corner of the Spotify mobile app's Home screen. Scroll down to the Playback section. To enable offline mode, press the Offline mode button. You must be a Premium user for this to work.


So we came up with a list of 6 apps that lets you listen to music offline. Almost all the apps on our list have the subscription option to enable listening offline. But we can’t overlook the tempting features that come along with the subscription. We live in a world where everything comes with a price tag, and music is no different. To stream music, online one needs to pay for their internet again to listen to music offline; one needs to subscribe to apps.