Affordable Home Decor Stores Like Pottery Barn [Detailed]

Popular home furnishings retailer Pottery Barn carries a variety of chic and high-quality items. Finding similar shops that provide the same quality and style at lower costs can be challenging. This article will introduce you to some stores like Pottery Barn that provide a similar shopping experience and products. 

These are stores like pottery barns:

  • West Elm
  • TJ Maxx
  • The Citizenry
  • Parachute
  • Burrow

These shops have what you need if you’re looking for bedding, furniture, accessories, or other home goods. Continue reading to learn about your new favorite shopping destinations. This article will highlight some of the best stores, from classic and traditional to modern and trendy.

Some Affordable Home Decor Stores like Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn and other home furnishing stores provide stylish and functional furniture, decor, and accessories. They specialize in contemporary, rustic, and classic design styles, creating beautiful and long-lasting products with high-quality materials.

These stores are a fantastic source of inspiration and a one-stop shop for your home furnishings requirements.

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The Williams-Sonoma Home

The first bookmark should be for WS Home, also known as Pottery Barn’s parent company. It keeps the same timeless-yet-transitional vibe.  williams-sonoma living room layoutIt’s a haven for cooking utensils and accessories that look like they belong in a Nancy Meyers film (making it ideal for Coastal Grandmothers).

Check Out: The Williams-Sonoma Home

Serena and Lily

If you’re looking for a classic, PB-inspired look for your beach house in the Hamptons, you’ve now hit the style jackpot. Serena and Lily’s collection of clean-lined furniture, bedding, lighting, and decor—all available in blue, beachy colorways with natural-finished textures—takes the concept of upscale meets coastal farmhouse to a new level.serena and lily sofa layout It is crucial to note that these products are not inexpensive because they are all made of exquisite, high-quality materials that are meant to last.

Check Out: Serena and Lily


Another high-end institution, Horchow, is our go-to place for opulent contemporary furnishings, accessories, and wall art. Brass and gold accents are scattered throughout the collection, giving items an heirloom, antique quality. horchow home decor and sofaRecent additions have caught our eye, including this antiqued windowpane floor mirror and an absolutely beyond console that is hand-carved and finished in slate black.

Check Out: Horchow

Zara Home

You should know that Zara has a section for homes. Yes, it is just as fabulous as the company’s clothing collection. Like Pottery Barn, the brand sells stoneware decor and rustic, wood-crafted goods in keeping with this year’s design fads. zara home sofa and lampsBecause Zara’s prices are so much lower than farmhouse prices, it’s the perfect farmhouse alternative for achieving the same aesthetic.

Check Out: Zara Home

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel is another excellent option for upscale furniture and designer-approved decor. Each Crate and Barrel item carries PB’s aura of perpetual style while still nailing this year’s top interior design trends from adaptable seating and case goods to vintage artwork, plush bedding, and contemporary lighting.

Check Out: Crate & Barrel

The Company Store

If you’re looking for opulent, PB-quality linens, the Company Store is your best option. The company’s down comforters and everything else from crisp cotton percale sheets to sateen duvet covers has received over 2,700 positive reviews. the company store bedroom layoutThe fact that it is a one-stop shop for holiday decorating hides a section of decor that will have you swooning.

Check Out: The Company Store

Lulu and Georgia

Where do we go when we want an upscale, artisan feel? Gaelic and Lulu. Its impressive selection of furniture, accessories, and artwork blends classic. Contemporary design elements with a ton of curvy, ’70s-inspired forms and modern materials like mohair and boucle.lulu and georgia sofa in living roomNot to mention the abundance of handmade and made-to-order options that ensure your home is one-of-a-kind.

Check Out: Lulu and Georgia


The article is the place to go if you want to take Pottery Barn’s simple shapes and neutral hues to the next level. The company uses high-quality materials to make everything from buildable sectionals to outdoor furniture to decor.article sofa and cupboard If you prefer to view items in a room before making a purchase, the website even has a “shop by room” feature.

Check Out: Article

Stylish Home Decor from Furniture Stores Like Pottery Barn

The good news is that plenty of good Pottery Barn alternatives are out there, even though finding the ideal balance between great items and reasonable prices can be challenging.

In this article, I’ve listed dozens of additional furniture retailers that sell chic home furnishings in various designs and price ranges and are similar to Pottery Barn.

Here’s how you can design your own furniture.

West Elm

One of the top locations to visit for a large selection of furniture and home goods, most of which are in keeping with the brand’s mid-century styles, is West Elm, an example of a close PB competitor.west elm studio layout It’s one of the priciest shops on this list and features unquestionably upscale, elegant, sophisticated, and classy designs.

Check Out: West Elm

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is frequently mistaken for a discount clothing rather than a furniture store. However, they do have a sizable selection of exciting home goods from well-known brands at affordable maxx home decor pot and bowl It also makes sense because HomeGoods and Home Sense jointly possess a sizeable chunk of the shares owned by TJ Maxx’s parent company.

Check Out: TJ Maxx

The Citizenry

The following fundamental principles guided the creation of The Citizenry:

The idea is that our homes should reflect the journeys we take.the citizenry living room sofa Since they carry distinctive collections of furniture and home décor items that they have sourced worldwide, they have a much broader aesthetic than Pottery Barn, which is more suited to traditional design tastes.

Check Out: The Citizenry


Podcast listeners are likely familiar with Parachute because they have probably seen one of their favorite shows feature one of their ads for bath and bedding products.parachute living room sofa They sell plush items in those two categories and a selection of decor and home accessories that emphasize the midcentury modern style.

Check Out: Parachute


Burrow has a distinctly clean and cool aesthetic that I would describe as “midcentury modern, but heavy on the modern,” making it one of the most fabulous shops similar to Pottery Barn (at least in the opinion of this humble style blogger)burrow living room sofa. They compete with Pottery Barn in terms of prices and quality, but their fashions are hip and contemporary than traditional or timeless.

Check Out: Burrow

Best Alternatives for Pottery Barn/pottery barn competitor

Even though Pottery Barn is the undisputed market leader in mid-century modern furniture, many other online retailers are carving out a niche for themselves in the home decor market. Many have intriguing brand histories and missions, while others rapidly expand their cult followings. Here are a few Pottery Barn substitutes that are less expensive and still offer great modern designs.

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Apt2b is the go-to store for interior designers and people who want their home to appear expertly designed because of its emphasis on contemporary, modern, and chic styles.apt2b They are dedicated to making furniture of the highest quality, despite not sharing Pottery Barn’s aesthetic preferences.

Check Out: Apt2b


When Anthropologie expanded into furniture and home decor a few years ago, it followed the same strategy it had used when it was a women’s clothing retailer specializing in trendy bohemian looks.anthropologie wall hanging and mirror Although they don’t have the same design aesthetic as Pottery Barn, they offer comparable prices and high-quality furnishings.

Check Out: Anthropologie

Jonathan Adler

“Modern American Glamour” is a pretty accurate description of the brand’s aesthetic- designer Jonathan Adler describes his name-brand line of home furnishings.jonathan adler living room set up Luxury and sophistication are present in Adler’s furniture and home decor.  They also have a fun, fresh feel that manages to straddle both the modern and traditional.

Check Out: Jonathan Adler


Hayneedle has a wide selection of home goods, including items for infants, kids, and even pets.hayneedle wall hanging and sofa Their prices aren’t the lowest. You can still look through their website’s “Styles & Inspiration” section to find what you like. Then try to find items comparable to some of the more reasonably priced websites and stores listed below.

Check Out: Hayneedle


What is another store similar to Pottery Barn?

You can try other stores similar to Pottery Barn; these are the most recommended sites: Williams-Sonoma Home, Serena and Lily, Horchow, Zara Home, Crate, Barrel, and The Company Store.

Is West Elm or Pottery Barn cheaper?

Compared to Elm and Pottery Barn, all the products listed rarely differ in price rates. They are almost the same as each other. These shops have suitable quality decor and furniture at very reasonable rates. Talking about categories like rugs and tables, Pottery Barn wins the expensive ticket.

Is a Pottery Barn a luxury?

Pottery Barn is considered a mid-range to upper mid-range brand, not typically considered a luxury. It offers stylish and quality home furnishings but is positioned below actual luxury brands in terms of price and exclusivity.

What is an Amazon brand like Pottery Barn?

Rivet and Stone & Beam are Amazon-owned furniture and home decor brands similar to Pottery Barn. They offer stylish and quality products, often with a modern or contemporary aesthetic, catering to mid-range to upper mid-range markets, similar to Pottery Barn's positioning.


In conclusion, Pottery Barn is a well-known company that provides a variety of home decor and furnishings. However, other brands offer comparable products, focusing on quality and design. There is a store for every taste, from Crate & Barrel’s sleek and contemporary look to West Elm’s mid-century modern designs.

When searching for stores like Pottery Barn, it’s essential to think about your style and the aesthetic you want for your home. There is a brand out there that suits your preferences, whether vintage, rustic, or modern. Finally, you’re now sure to find the perfect store to help you bring your home decor vision to life.

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