Is Gab On App Store | How to Download In 3 Methods [2024]

Similar to Twitter, Gab has been one of the all-tech microblogging sights popular among users. Users could not access it ever since its ban in The United States. Since Parler has been banned because AWS is down for maintenance, users have shifted to Gab as their alternative, and are curious to know is Gab on App store. 

The users skyrocketed because Gab allows free Speech to their users, where they can say anything without the fear of the app banning them. Allow us answer your question, is Gab on App store and to instruct you on how to download Gab app from this article. Be sure to cling around till the end.


You cannot find a dedicated app in any app store, and there is no option to download even an apk on android mobiles. Sadly, this makes it hard for Gab users to continue using the service unless from a browser or a laptop. Browsers sometimes log out from a certain page, and you might have to sign in again. But an app does not trouble you in such a way. So, we have figured out a way to use this social media on your smartphones. 

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Gab is a popular social media site founded in Pennsylvania, and it is similar to Twitter and Parler. Since Gab does not go against free Speech, it is considered a haven for racists, white supremacists, white nationalists, supporters of Donald Trump, etc.gab app

It is famous for free Speech so that users can post and share anything about anyone without Gab banning them. This leads to people sharing opinions against people and getting away with it. Gab users have absolute freedom over what they say on the platform.


The reason for Gab’s ban from Google and Apple is because they refuse to censor Speech on their app. The freedom of Speech is why it was banned from the top two app stores. Google Play and Apple’s AppStore banned the app from their list for violating its hate speech policy.

Is Gab on App Store and How to Download Gab App From Google Play?

So, is Gab on App store? Unfortunately, Google has removed the Gab app from its play store after violating guidelines. You will not encounter the app on Play Store anymore. Even though Android offers a way to install apps into your phone using APKs, Gab is not available in APKs. Android users like you are wondering how to use their service despite this.

gab app on google play

Let us find you a way to continue using Gab on your Android despite its ban.

This is what you got to do:

  1. Open the Chrome app you have downloaded on your Android smartphone.
  2. Go to the Gab official website.
  3. Tap on the three-button menu option next to the address bar at the top of the web page.
  4. From the list of multiple menus, you will select Install app and the instance to their website on your home screen.

add gab app on homescreen

If you go to the home screen, you will find an app with Gab’s logo. Tapping on it will bring you to the browser’s web page featuring

This is not an app like what you download from the Play Store, and it acts as a shortcut to You won’t have the same experience as a typical app, but there is no other option to use the service. Moreover, you have the website logged in, so you don’t have to sign in every time.

Finally, you have learned how to download Gab app on an Android phone. But what about phones that use iOS?

Downloading Gab App for iPhone From AppStore:

Gab’s ban from Apple’s AppStore made it challenging for iOS users to use their service. You won’t be able to find a dedicated app on the AppStore. Since iOS does not allow APK versions similar to androids, there is literally no way to use the platform. But we have found a way to install the app on your iPhone.

downloading the app on iphone

The process is similar to that of an Android phone, and let us show you how to download the iPhone app!

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Launch the Safari app from your iPhone.
  2. Search for and click on the official website link.
  3. Login to your Gab account.login to gab accouint
  4. After you do that, tap on the Share button at the bottom of the app. It’s a small square with an arrow facing up at its center.
  5. Clicking on it will bring up options to share the web page. Among them, there will be an option called Add to Home Screen. 
  6. Safari will add the shortcut to the web address to Homescreen.

add to homescreen ios

You can now go back to the home screen and tap on the shortcut to get to instantly. Again, make sure you have logged into your account so that you won’t have trouble signing in each time you open the web page. This gives a similar experience to opening an app on an iOS device, but you won’t always prefer using the web page.


If you use the Brave browser app instead of Safari, the instructions above will help you download the app on your iPhone. It is pretty similar, but there are some differences in interfaces between Android and iOS apps. To not have trouble on that side, follow the instructions overhead. 

At last, you have learned how to download Gab app on your iPhone. iOS allows you to edit the shortcut in the iPhone’s shortcut app. You can modify whatever actions your iPhone performs whenever you open your app. For instance, you can automatically switch on mobile data every time you click on the shortcut. It is a helpful shortcut available only on iPhones.


Does Gab have an app?

Gab used to have an official app but unfortunately not now. You won't find a dedicated app for Gab ever since its ban. But their service isn't removed entirely from the internet. Using the above article, you can still add the shortcut to to your home.

Is Gab on Google Play?

Gab has been banned from Google's Play Store. The reason for the app is that it violated Google's guidelines on hate speech. Since it's a free speech microblogging social media site, it is prone to violate these guidelines. Google has a set of guidelines that includes posting racist comments or neo-nazis posting stuff related to Nazism.

Why was Gab banned?

In the united states, Gab is majorly used to post political content, and it is famous for being used by Neo-Nazis, racist, white supremacist nationalists. Since it promotes free Speech without the fear of being banned, users can say anything about anyone. Because of the hate speech violation, Google and Apple have removed Gab from their respective app stores.


In conclusion, these are the proven ways how to download Gab app. This solves the trouble of opening the website and searching for whenever you need to use the service, and this method is faster and more reliable considering the situation. 

The Gab app download is not an app but a shortcut to There are no other ways to download this app since it’s ban from several app stores. The advice to users is to use the service this way because the app being back in stores isn’t happening sooner. Let us assist you if you have any trouble installing the shortcut.

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Thank you for reading this article!

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