How To Block Websites On MAC | Top 5 Methods of 2023

At the point when you need to ensure if you haven’t visited any wrong websites on your Mac, you have a couple of various approaches to do it. Whether you have kids or a guest working on your MAC, you must know how to block websites on MAC for protecting your data. Notwithstanding blocking unsatisfactory sites, you may be keen on preventing destinations that entice you to play rather than work.

Screen Time: What Is It

Apple uses Screen Time to help people manage their Mac or iPhone usage. Additionally, you can use it to block access to certain websites, including adult websites, addicting games, and YouTube channels.

screen time

Additionally, you can utilize Screen Time limits to restrict your use of social media during the workday to concentrate on your current tasks. There are numerous house-building games. Try this.

How To Limit a Website Using Screen Time

Screen Time makes it incredibly simple no matter what purpose you have for blocking a website. Mac browsers include Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and others.

Use these procedures to restrict an URL on your Mac:

  1. Go to Screen Time in System Preferences.
  2. You should pick App Limits in the left-hand window. If they’re off, enable them.  screen time in system preferences
  3. Press the plus (plus) symbol. You can opt to restrict access to any of the various categories that are displayed here. For a whole list of websites, you can block and scroll down. Even your websites get into the list. 
  4. To achieve this, input the exact website address by clicking the addition (+) icon next to Add a website.

You can enter the specific daily time restriction in the box below after choosing the application or website you would like to prohibit. Additionally, you can select Custom > Edit to establish a daily variable restriction. Once you’ve configured all of your prohibited websites, be careful to create a Screen Time passcode to ensure that nobody can alter your settings without your consent. To do this, go to Options and choose Use Screen Time Pin code.

daily variable restriction

To share these settings with all devices logged into your iCloud account, enable Share across devices.

Through Screen Time, you can decide to ban all adult websites. Click Content & Privacy > Turn On to accomplish this. Depending on your needs, pick Allowed Websites or Limit Adult Websites Only. To disable certain internet apps or browsers, select the Apps tab and uncheck the boxes next to each one. Want to learn about best video editing software ? Read This.

Browser-Based Blocking vs. Screen Time

Even though you can block particular websites in any browser, employing Screen Time makes more sense. Screen Time can be synchronized between devices and is consistent across all of your windows (even if someone installs a new browser to get around your restrictions).

blocking websites

Utilizing obsolete software and hacks while blocking websites with browser-specific plugins is risky.

Tips & Tricks For How To Block Websites On MAC

To save you from hassle, here are five tips and tricks through which you can know how to block websites on MAC. If any of the way does not work, there is always a chance to try another.

How To Block Websites On MAC Using Parental Controls

Setting up Parental Controls on a mutual Mac is the most straightforward approach to get your children far from locales and applications they shouldn’t see or contact. Precisely, follow the below steps for knowing how to block websites on MAC utilizing Parental Control.

  1. Open your System Preferences from either the catch in your Dock or by choosing Apple symbol > System Preferences from the menu bar.
  2. Choose Parental Controls.

Parental Controls

  1. Click on the lock button on the base left, enter your Mac client secret key, and snap Unlock.
  2. If you have not to switch on controls for a specific client, select them from the left and afterward click Enable Parental Controls. For extra assistance with the other Parental Control settings, look at our supportive guide.
  3. On the following screen, click the Web tab at the top.
  4. You’ll see that you have three alternatives. The center choice is the one that permits you to specific square sites by URL. Thus, mark the radio catch for Try to restrict access to grown-up sites.
  5. Limit access to grown-up destinations and alter.
  6. Click the Customize.
  7. Below the segment titled Never allow these websites, and then click on the additional option and feed the URL for the site you need to square. Proceed with this procedure to add more destinations to the rundown.
  8. When you did, click, OK.

Block websites using parental controls

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Using Terminal

In case you’re OK with utilizing Terminal on your Mac for knowing how to block websites on MAC, you can likewise set up a site square rundown with it. Follow this means.

  1. Open Terminal with Applications > Utilities from your Dock or with Finder free snap Go > Utilities from the menu bar and pick Terminal.
  2. Copy and glue or type the order underneath and afterward click Return.
  3. Enter your Mac client secret phrase and hit Return.
    Enter the hosts’ document in Terminal.
  4. Go to the base utilizing your bolt key and type: followed by a space, and afterward, the site you need to square. Hit Return. Rundown each section on a different line.
  5. Press Control + O (O should be capital) and hit Return to spare.
  6. Press Control + X to shut nano.
  7. Close the Terminal window.


Presently when you open a program and go to one of the destinations you recorded in Terminal, you ought to be hindered from getting to it.

Using 1 Focus

You can look at the Mac App Store for an outsider application to assist you with blocking sites. However, one proposal is an application called 1 Focus. This is an ideal application for those circumstances where you need to ensure your psyche and your eyes are centered on your work and not hitting up a web-based life or gaming site. The application is excessively simple to use, here’s a snappy stroll through of how to square sites with it.

Visit : 1 Focus

  1. Open 1Focus and snap the Websites tab.
  2. Under Blocked Websites at the top of the page, click the plus button to include one.
  3. You can likewise include Exceptions on the base right on the off chance that you like.
  4. Next, set up a timetable for when and to what extent you need to hinder the sites.
  5. Click the Schedule tab at the top.
  6. Click the plus button to include a period of obstructing in hours and minutes. You can likewise begin a period square promptly by filling in the hours and minutes under QuickStart and afterward tapping the Schedule the option for how to block websites on MAC.

1 Focus

At the point when you or another person attempts to get to a blocked site, they will see with a bright statement rather than that site.

Download : 1 Focus

Learn how you can fix the error ‘Move To iOS Not Working’, here.

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Self Control App

SelfControl permits you to obstruct explicit site for to 24 hours for your efficiency. When the site hinders, it is highly unlikely to get to it until the clock terminates. This is the thing that makes SelfControl so productive, and helps you for how to block websites on MAC.

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Self Control App how to block websites on MAC

Visit : Self Control 

  1. Explore Self Control App in an internet browser and click on Download SelfControl.
  2. Now open the SelfControl zip file, which helps in the extraction of the “” file.
  3. Click on and install SelfControl and also click on Move to Applications Folder, to move it in this particular folder and can be readily available.
  4. Now search for SelfControl is a search bar to open it, there is a pop-up window appear, where we have to click on open.
  5. Click on Edit Blacklist, present on the bottom right corner of the app window, and then plus sign to add the address of the website you want to block, like, to block YouTube, and then press on Return.
  6. Now set a block time by using the slider and then press on Start to block the site.
  7. After that, type an administrator’s username and password to authorizes SelfControl. Click here for best 3d rendering software.

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How To Block Websites On MAC Using Cold Turkey App

  1. Explore Cold Turkey in an internet browser, and click on Download Now > Download for macOS.
  2. Now click on Cold_Turkey_Mac_Installer.pkg file, found in the Downloads folder, and install Cold Turkey step by step.
  3. Search for Spotlight, in the search box, and Click Cold Turkey, to install which opens the Extension install page in the web browser.
  4. Click Install in the web browser, where a pop-up is displaying and ask to add up the extension to your web browser.
  5. Now add and enable (If it is not allowed, Cold Turkey will shut down your web browser within 30 seconds) the extension to your internet browser.
  6. Now again open the Cold Turkey app, and then click on Edit blocklists, click plus sign to add a new block list.
  7. Add the address of the website you want to block. For example, To prevent Facebook, and then press on Return, and click on Save.
  8. Now set a block time by using the slider and then press on Start to block the site.

Cold Turkey how to block websites on MAC

Visit : Cold Turkey 


On my Mac 2022, how do I restrict a website?

Navigate to the bottom of the line using the arrow buttons on your keypad. Enter the web address you want to ban together with Once you've finished inputting the website address you want to prevent, use your keyboard's Command + O and Command + X shortcuts to save and dismiss the file, respectively.

How do I restrict a website on Safari Mac?

Go to Screen Time under System Preferences. Toggle between Content & Privacy. Select Customize > Limit adult websites. Add the website you want to block.


These are the five best ways through which you can learn how to block websites on MAC. You can always refer the other method, if one doesn’t help you. As you have read all about how to block websites on MAC, you may try using it. Also, share your experience with us in the comment section.

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