How to Easily Add Plex to Roku TV?

Plex is freeware and is often used as a digital media device that enables people to connect to other media platforms. It is available on IOS, Android, windows, home TV devices, setup boxes, and gaming platforms. Plex is a preloaded application on multiple brands like Sony and LG, and it can also be found in application stores or be downloaded from the Plex website. Here, we would be talking about how to add plex to Roku.

Plex provides a platform to browse all kinds of media, from free to on-demand movies and TV shows, all in one application. It even allows you to stream your own media collection as an addition to its features, and you can even load backed-up versions of your content.


Roku is very similar to Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV as it connects to the TV; in contrast, Roku is smaller. It includes many streaming contents like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Disney+Hotstar, and many more. It provides access to many free contents and more than 190 free streaming channels on the Platform itself. So it can be really beneficial to know how to add plex to Roku.

It comes with a Roku remote, which is easy-to-use, and some small ones even offer voice commands and a headphone jack. The critical point worth buying is that it can also be controlled via phone and tablet.

roku tv
roku tv

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Requirements for how to add plex to Roku:

Now that you know what the basics of Plex are, here is how you get going:-

  • You will need to download the Plex media server, which is available for free for PC and mobile phones, and install it. The Mac version will ask a series of questions as a guide to complete the setup.
plex media player
plex media player
  • The Plex media server will now run into the background even when you restart it unless you allow it not to run in the background. 
  • If your computer is on and your media is running, it’ll have access to view your content on your media.
  • Next, you will have to create a Plex account. This allows you to make system changes from any internet connection any time you want to.
plex account
plex account
  • It will allow you to create libraries for your media content.
  • The naming guides explain how to name the media files to make them easier for you to locate.


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Here’s how how to add plex to Roku, by having plex to stream media from PC to Roku setup box.

(As Plex is already available on the Roku channel store, adding it on Roku is not a difficult task.)

How to add plex to Roku:

Let me take you step-by-step on how to how to add plex to Roku TV:-

  • As per the first step, you will have to connect the Roku remote to the Wifi. After connecting to Wifi, press the home key on the remote.
  •  Scroll down to the left-hand side of the Roku home page. Navigate to the streaming channels option to go to the channel store.
how to add plex to roku
how to add plex to roku
  • Go to the Search Bar option. Please type the word PLEX in the search bar on the right and choose it from the suggestions with the virtual keyboard. Select it by clicking on the logo.
type plex
type plex
  • Install Plex on your Roku. Once it finds Plex in the store, it shows on the screen. Click Add Channels to get in on your Roku.
  • Once after the installation, you’ll see a notification on your screen. It’ll let you know that Plex has been downloaded, and you need to activate the Plex application on Roku.
  • Open the Plex application on your Roku from the home screen with the Roku remote.
  • Provide the login details to sign in to your Plex Account. You’ll receive an activation code on your Roku screen.
  • Use on the phone or PC.
  • Enter the activation code on the Roku screen into the plex account from your PC or any other device. As your account gets linked, you will access the Plex application.

If you are a Roku owner, it’s simple to easily link your Plex account and watch content.

As long as the plex application is on your device, you can visit it anytime you wish, but you’ll need a good internet connection available in your area.

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This is all that you have to do for how to add plex to Roku TV. So now you can go and start streaming your favorite movies and music.

You can stream live TV and music with parental controls, early and more without ad pop-ups. It also allows you to share content with your friends, so you’ll have more to choose from.

The free Plex application has a lot to offer. But the premium Plex pass ($4.99/month) has more features available.

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