How To Apply To Discord Partner Program? Full Guide

If you’re interested in applying for the Discord Partner Program, this article will guide you through the process and provide tips to help you make your application stand out. Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or community leader, this article will help you take the first step toward becoming a Discord Partner and solve the query “ how to partner with discord?”.

To apply for the Discord Partner Program, you must have an active community with many engaged members. After meeting the eligibility criteria, you can apply through Discord’s website, providing information about your community and its goals. Discord’s team will review your application, and if accepted, you will become a Discord Partner.

The Discord Partner Program is a prestigious program designed to recognize and support the platform’s most active and engaged communities. Becoming a Discord Partner offers many benefits, such as access to advanced features, early access to new updates, and increased visibility for your community. 

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What Does The Discord Partner Program Entail?

The Discord Partner Program provides tools and special recognition to active and well-organized servers. Communities that offer their members useful material will relate to this.
Partners gain access to exclusive perks such as custom server invites, enhanced voice servers, and the ability to monetize their content through Nitro subscriptions and partnerships with game developers.

discord partner programYou must fulfill several criteria before applying to the partner program Discord. Be aware that fulfilling all the criteria does not ensure partner badge awarding. The internal Discord staff will review your application and respond in under 1 month. Send a second application after 60 days if your initial one is rejected.

Discord Partnering: A Step-By-Step Guide

A catalog of prerequisites is available on Discord. To meet them, you must first become a Community Host, which is a vital first step. Your server doesn’t have this functionality enabled. Make your Discord channel a community server by following these steps:

  1. Access your Discord account.get started
  2. Right-click on a server name or graphic in the left pane.
  3. Open the Community Settings section of the Server Preferences menu.enable community
  4. Click Get Started under Enable Group to start.
  5. There is a box that appears. To complete the setup, follow the directions and mark the relevant boxes.complete the setupPlease check the “verified email needed” box to reduce server member spam. Use the “explicit media content filter” to weed out inappropriate material. The “Server Statistics” and “Partner Program” tabs are available once you enable community.

Partner Program Eligibility Conditions

For a server owner to be eligible for the Discord partner program, they must achieve a certain level of engagement. Here is a list of the prerequisites:

  • Have you lately launched a Discord server partnership? Let it grow for a while before spraying. 
  • Possess a group with at least 500 participants. As a result, Server Insights generates to monitor the collaboration application’s development.
  • Receive at least 50 weekly engaged members. There must be 50 different individuals interacting on your server. The weekly group of 50 communicators may be the same or assign roles in Discord.interacting on server
  • Obtain 100 monthly participants at a minimum. One hundred people must read, examine, upload, and respond to messages. This is important even if users only browse your website.
  • It establishes a minimum 20% member retention percentage over eight weeks to join Discord server.
  • Own the server and act as the organization’s or brand’s representative as adding bots to Discord server.2fa authentication
  • Make 2FA mandatory for the forum moderators (mod). Under Server Settings > Moderation, site owners can only enable this feature.

Submitting A Discord Partnership Requirements Application

The prerequisites for joining the discord partner application program are outlined above. Let’s think about the program specifics. This is what you require:

  • Neighborhood dialogues: What topics are discussed on your server? Give Discord the information to guide users to your location in “Server Finding.”location
  • Neighborhood type: Determine which group your server falls under. This encompasses a content producer, fan base, company/brand, or public personality. If you cannot locate an option that adequately describes your community server, chooses “Other.”
  • Details about the server’s owner: Indicate your legal name, native tongue, and nation of domicile. Linking to websites that support the objectives of your community is also useful in Discord Partner Program.detail about owner
  • Open-ended inquiries:  In the form, creatively explain why you ought to be an associate server.
  • Connect other systems:  Link your profiles on Reddit, GitHub, Twitch, YouTube, and other social media platforms as Discord partnership requirements.

The Advantages Of A Partnered Server

Here are some benefits that a Discord-affiliated server gets:

  • Tools for modifying your website. This contains the Server Banner, Custom URL, and Invite Splash.
  • Partner-Only promotions. This includes Discord Nitro, a moving server icon, a partner badge for using Discord, and other interesting prizes for Discord Partner Program.  advantages
  • A higher bitrate with terrifying 384 kbps audio clarity is available in voice channels.
  • Partnered servers display the blue infinity-style sign, while verified servers display the green checkmark icon. A verified discord partner badge is frequently given to official companies and businesses.
  • Partner on Discord servers typically get more VIP features than confirmed servers.

Partnered Vs. Verified Hosts

What happens after a request has been approved and verified? As a role model right now, it’s crucial that you follow the Discord Partner Code of Conduct. The partnership designation revoke unless this is done.

Behavior Guidelines

Here are some recommendations to help you organize your discord partner rules:

The Discord Partner Program has behavior guidelines that partners must adhere to.

behaviour guidelinesThese include being respectful and inclusive, following the Discord Community Guidelines, avoiding spam and self-promotion, and not engaging in any activity that violates the law or harms others. Partners who violate these guidelines remove from the program.


Do I need a sizable following to be considered for the collaboration program?

Not. Applying to the partner program Discord is open to both small and big communities.

Can a group become a trusted service partner?

Communities can be of trust, and platforms can be partners. These organizations would receive all the benefits of being an associate server but only the verified server badge.

Can managing a partner server offers extra advantages?

Discord plans to offer additional rewards in addition to all of the perks mentioned above to support the growth of your group.

Can gaming communities join Discord together?

Undoubtedly, a gaming community can be a Discord collaborator. To apply, you must meet the criteria first.


In conclusion, the Discord Partner Program presents an exciting chance for community leaders and content producers to advance their online profiles. Joining the program entitles you to several advantages, such as access to Discord’s marketing tools, special features, and a welcoming community of like-minded people.

Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and have a strong application that emphasizes your community contributions and commitment to producing high-quality content if you want to apply for the Discord Partner Program. As your distinctive personality and voice set successful partners apart from the competition, don’t hesitate to show them off.