The 5 Best Screenwriting Software for Professional & Amateurs | 2020

If you are a filmmaker or merely a screenwriter who is always busy preparing scripts, then you might have faced the problems that are associated with writing a correct and formatted text that, too, within a particular time frame. For such scenarios, the best screenwriting software is among the recommendation list for enhancing your typing skills. Also, it helps in simplifying your work with specific minimal keyboard shortcuts.

Thus, the best screenwriting software is a must for every filmmaker or scriptwriter out there. It helps you perform composition, formatting, editing, and taking print out of scripts used in films, television so that scriptwriters can maintain the strict formatting guidelines of the industry, correct language, and grammar, and keeping backups of their documents as desired.

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The 5 Best Screenwriting Software to Use in 2020

So to help you go from a blank page to a full script, we have listed five best screenwriting software so that you can pick one and start working on your screenplay right away.

Final Draft

Being initially released in 1990, Final Draft has been an industry standard for decades and needs no introduction. Precisely, leading as one of the best screenwriting software, it is a multi-award-winning screenwriting software used by top writers and filmmakers. It was used in the Oscar-winning movie ‘The Shape of Water.’ for which it was awarded a Primetime Emmy Engineering Award in 2013.

Final Draft
Final Draft

Besides, it comes with several unique and useful features, such as real-time collaboration and an in-built reformatting tool. Although it comes with an expensive price tag, still its unique and remarkable features make up for the price. For this very reason, despite its price, it is one of the highest screenwriting software in the world.


  1. Offers real-time collaboration feature
  2. In-built reformat tool available
  3. Comes with over 100 distinct templates
  4. Fonts support over 97 languages
  5. In-built text-to-speech support
  6. Comes with SmartType function which remembers scene elements like characters and locations
  7. Supports automatic file backups option
  8. Compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS


  1. Multilingual font support available
  2. Huge templates list to choose from
  3. Native support for Text-to-speech
  4. SmartType functions available

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  1. Price is on the heavier side
  2. Complex UI hence not suitable for beginners
  3. Document sharing add-on needs should be separated.
  4. Doesn’t come with free update options

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StudioBinder is an industry-approved, leading, and one of the best screenwriting software widely used by filmmakers and screenplay writers. It is an end-to-end production management platform, which helps you to write a script that ultimately moves into preproduction and production stages as well.

It comes with various features for highly customizable experience and easy-to-use solution. From personalized call sheets to script breakdown functionality, this best screenwriting software is an excellent option to consider as these all features are available in the free version.



  1. Comes with an in-built drag-and-drop interface
  2. Script breakdowns functionality available
  3. Features highly customizable storyboard builder
  4. Personalized Call sheets with RSVP tracking
  5. Collate and send messages to the others simultaneously
  6. Free version available for unlimited use


  1. Drag and drop interface provides ease-of-access
  2. Storyboard builder is highly customizable
  3. Easy collaboration
  4. Call sheets are personalizable


  1. Price is not viable for personal use and small companies
  2. Suitable to use for experts, difficult for beginners

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WriterDuet is a widely used as the best screenwriting software for remote users to collaborate in real-time. It is more than a collaborating software as it features in-app chat options with a commenting facility.

Moreover, it comes with a revision-tracking feature and supports a wide range of formats to choose from. It offers seamless services for both online and offline access and comes with fully integrated SSL certification. It also features asset tagging, mobile integration, templates, organization, and alternate dialogue storage options.



  1. Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  2. Signing up is free
  3. Comes with a free, in-built tutorial on signing up
  4. Supports mobile devices and multiple browsers
  5. Offers seamless services for both online and offline access
  6. Fully integrated with SSL certification
  7. Supports a wide range of formats
  8. Comes with various plugins for better customization
  9. Allows tracking all your edits
  10. Secure backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and local system

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  1. Super simple UI
  2. Multi-platform supported
  3. Offers various plugins for easy customization
  4. Provides secure backup to popular drives
  5. Supports for online and offline access


  1. Collaboration only works while online
  2. Priority given to only pro accounts
  3. Requires subscription after three free scripts

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Celtx is one of the most affordable and best screen writing software. It has cloud-based solutions featuring screenwriting software in the market. It comes with a wide variety of template formats to choose from, and you can convert them from one to the other with ease.

Besides, if you want to continue an existing script, this one of the best screen writing software offers a variety of import formats, including PDF, Final Draft, and Microsoft Word documents, and much more. It also features a collaboration option though not real-time but comes handy when required. It is a great cost-effective alternative to Final Draft.



  1. Simple, Easy and Intuitive User Interface
  2. Allows tagging of elements within the script
  3. Features rich text editor module for novel writing
  4. Allows real-time collaboration
  5. Supports creation of strip-boards and production calendars
  6. Supports team-based production workflow
  7. Features single master file for better optimization
  8. Fully cloud-based solution
  9. Comes with mobile apps support for apple and android devices


  1. Tagging feature helps secure access to script contents
  2. Real-time collaboration is great
  3. Good for team-based workflow
  4. The mobile app supports multiple devices
  5. Fully cloud-based hence independent of local storage configurations


  1. Fully dedicated towards preproduction process
  2. OCR conversion required for PDF scanned scripts
  3. Copying and pasting is troublesome
  4. Free version not available anymore

Visit : Celtx


Trelby is a free, multiplatform, feature-rich, elegant, and best screenwriting software available in the market. It is a simple, fast, and infinitely-configurable solution to your simplifying all your screenwriting needs. This feature of the software helps it to rank high in the list of best screenwriting software.

Being previously known as ‘Blythe,’ it is an open-source screenwriting software which, as of now, operates only on Windows and Linux platforms and soon to be supported by OSX. It comes with a built-in feature-rich character name database and screenplay editor. Since it is one of the best screenwriting software and licensed under GPL, developers and collaborators can easily contribute to Trelby and customized according to their desires.

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  1. Availability of multiple choices of views
  2. Comes with a precious and in-built character name database
  3. Various Reporting options including scene, location, character, and dialogue
  4. Extremely user-friendly and intuitive UI
  5. Can generate PDF with custom watermarks
  6. In-built screenplay editor available
  7. Feature in-built scripts comparing option
  8. System requirements are very feasible hence can run on older systems


  1. User Interface is straightforward
  2. In-built screenplay editor is quite handy
  3. Character name database is feature-rich
  4. Custom generation of pdf with watermark is an additional advantage


  1. Compatible with Windows and Linux only, no support for OSX
  2. Basic options such as bold, italics, or underlining are missing
  3. Slow in updates hence not suitable for long term support
  4. Only supports the English language, no support for other character formats
  5. Revision tracking feature doesn’t work as expected
  6. Online Collaboration feature is missing

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The above mentioned are the best screenwriting software for Professionals and beginners. While some of these best screenwriting software provides free services, the other provides paid services. These also help you in completing on the go tasks. If you download any of these five best screenwriting software, we’d like to hear from you!

Happy Writing!

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