Best Browsers For Android TV | 6 Best Apps You Can Use In 2022

Android televisions are now known to the majority of us. From watching our favorite Netflix episodes to utilizing it to play games on our PlayStation 5 and watching free local channels, today’s smart TVs can do it all. But to visit websites in addition to watching videos, you will need a dedicated browser. Android TV requires a separate web browser that isn’t included in the device to access the internet. This is since most people find it frustrating to navigate websites while using a remote control. As a result, the remote controls for these TVs are not designed to be used for surfing. A web browser on an Android television allows us to view any website we choose. We’ve compiled a list of the best browsers for Android TV to help you enjoy a more seamless surfing experience on your television.

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Google Chrome

One of the best browsers for Android TV on the market today, Google Chrome is compatible with almost every operating system. It is fully available across all platforms, including Android, iOS, even macOS, and Windows. On our Android devices, the Chrome web browser is pre-installed. On the other hand, Android TVs are not equipped with one. You can, however, install a Chrome browser on your Android TV by sending it to your TV from your phone or downloading it from third-party software. 

chrome on android tv

The fact that you will still have access to all of your bookmarks, browsing history, and other synced data gives you a distinct edge over those who do not use Chrome. Wondering how to install Google chrome on your Android TV

Brave Browser

One of the best browsers for android tv is the Brave Browser. Furthermore, it is free, safe, and quick; it has an AdBlocker, security, and tracking protection, as well as date optimization for a data-friendly experience. The built-in adblocker in this browser is capable of providing you with a flawless and ad-free surfing experience.

brave browser

This user-friendly browser offers exceptional performance and operates at top speed. Because of these outstanding features, this browser has become one of the best TV browsers and Android phones. The Brave browser is one of the best browsers for Android TV when it comes to selecting the best browser for Android TV.

Opera TV Browser

It is a well-known and old name in the browser industry, and it is also one of the best web browsers for Android TV. This is among the few Android TV internet browsers that ensure uninterrupted surfing, particularly when your pages are completely loaded and browsed in their entirety. This implies that you will be able to access it at any time in the future, even if you do not have an internet connection.

opera for android tv

Also, it has a night mode capability, allowing users to browse the web late at night while Opera activates its interface. Still, it does not come with an Android TV application.

JioPages TV

One of the best browsers for android tv is JioPages, which is one of the best options available. Jio Platforms Limited is the company that developed this app. There are all of the features you would expect from a full-featured desktop web browser in the JioPages TV browser.

jiopage browser

Jio Pages divides the video parts of the browser into categories, including movies, shows, music, etc. If English is not your preferred language, you can choose one of the available language alternatives in the browser. This browser’s popularity is that it is simple to download from the play store. Navigating in a browser on Android TV is pretty level, so you will have no trouble.

Puffin TV Browser

This is one of the best available for smart TVs in terms of TV browsers. There are little to no differences between this software and Google Chrome when it comes to functionalities. Instead of using URLs, the browser makes use of QR codes, which makes surfing faster and more efficient.

puffin tv

Also, the browser is readily accessible with a TV remote. Aside from that, you will also have access to a voice search feature that is better than that of any other browser in this category. Puffin Tv optimizes its content and loads them for use on a smart TV, hence making it one of the best browsers for Google TV. You will have no trouble downloading Puffin TV from the Playstore

Mozilla Firefox

On your Android TV, you may also install Firefox, one of the best browsers for android tv for both desktop and mobile devices. Firefox, like Chrome, does not have an Android TV version that can devote to the platform. This is due to Google’s rigorous rules for what qualifies as an Android TV app, which prevents Google from including it in the Play Store for Android TV. 

firefox browser

Those who use Firefox extensions for Android TVs regularly mention them as one of the app’s critical benefits . Many users have also reported that browsing YouTube with Firefox is significantly faster than with the official YouTube app. So watching and navigating YouTube will be easier and much quicker on Firefox. Here are 8 Best Free Live TV Apps To Keep You Entertained.

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It is your choice to choose the best browser for Android TV that is most likely to meet your needs. We hope this post will be of use to you in your search for the best smart TV web browser. The above-listed browsers are the best browsers for Android TV. You might sideload a standard Android mobile browser to the Android TV, but it will not operate properly, and you may have navigational difficulties as a result of this. It is frustrating to find that there aren’t many choices available to operate web browsers on your Android TV. You can read this article for a complete guide to download xfinity stream on firestick and Fire TV.

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