How To Use Wayback Machine For Twitter? [Complete Guide]

What happens if the tweet you’re looking for has been deleted and you can’t access the account’s Twitter archive? Then, we have a comprehensive guide for you using a Wayback machine for Twitter.

When using the Wayback Machine for Twitter, you can enter a Twitter URL and select a specific date. This allows you to view tweets that were accessible at that time, including ones that have been deleted since then.

The article that follows provides further useful information about the method. Follow us for updates to learn more.

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Using The Wayback Machine For Twitter:

The popular Twitter pages archived by the Twitter Wayback Machine are screenshots. Follow these three steps to use Wayback machine for Twitter:

Check Out The Twitter User Profile

This service’s inability to display the enormous collection of historical Twitter screenshots is one of its shortcomings. Instead of searching for specific tweets, you look for the profiles of the people who posted them.

user profileInstead, the search engine locates the Twitter profile through a URL and then provides access to all of that profile’s archives.

Decide On A Date Range

Dates for the historical documents you’re looking for should be entered to use Wayback Machine for Twitter.

date rangeThis assists the search engine in limiting the results to those most pertinent to Twitter errors.

Review The Outcomes

Finally, you can view screenshots taken from that Twitter profile on that particular day.

review outcomeNote this! Wayback Machine may only have archives for a Twitter profile if it has a sizable following or enough engagements.

Archive The Tweets 

Follow these steps to archive the Tweets from the “tweets.js” file with the Wayback Machine:

  1. Access Save Page Choose the new “Archive all your Tweets using the Wayback Machine” option from the Google Sheets interface page
  2. Utilizing the UI of the new Google Sheet, upload your tweets.js file.
  3. Once the file has been processed, a download link for the a.csv file will be provided. Open a new Google Sheet and import that.csv file.csv file
  4. Use the Save Page Now Google Sheets interface to archive from that new sheet. You will receive an email with the results after the process is complete (this could take several hours or a day or two).

The Wayback machine for Twitter can be used in many ways, and take note that you can ask for  

Amazing Tweets Captured In Time

Being proactive is an alternative to going down this investigative path to find deleted tweets. Go to Save Page Now to save a noteworthy tweet, comment, or blog post you’ve encountered.

amazing tweets captured in timeTens of millions of screenshots of tweets are taken by Wayback Machine. However, not all of the social networking platform’s posts are archived. According to an interview with the Wayback director, millions of individuals have recorded particular URLs using the Save Page Now feature. What is a Wayback machine? These are primarily from Twitter followers tracking. Furthermore, Wayback Machine can take you on a voyage through time if you wish to reflect on Twitter’s earlier appearance.

2 Ways To Find Previous Tweets

Here are the two ways to find your previous tweets with Wayback Machine for Twitter:

Get Your Whole Twitter History

Generally speaking, it’s a smart social media habit to download an archive of your tweets periodically. Also, it’s a terrific method to browse through all of your previous tweets. Here’s how to access the Twitter archive to view older tweets:

  1. Access Twitter’s settings/account page.access twitter
  2. Download your data archive from the Your Account section. Retype your password and select a verification method when prompted.
  3. Choose Request archive from the Twitter following list as a Twitter time machine. A request for the Twitter data archive. Twitter may need a couple of days to create your archive. You’ll receive an email and a push notification when it’s ready to let you know.
  4. Press the alert to download your archive. Instead, return to and select Download an archive of your data from the Your Account section as Wayback Machine for download
  5. To get file containing your Twitter activity, including previous tweets, click Download archive.
  6. Once file has been downloaded to your desktop, launch the Your archive.html file. You’ll see a rundown of your whole Twitter file
  7. Click Tweets to view all of your previous tweets. Viewing the folder’s summary.previous tweetsTo focus your search, use the search box and filters on the right side of the page. Instead, use the top-level tabs to view only your replies and retweets. For convenience, a link to the current live tweet on Twitter is provided with each tweet in your downloaded collection.

Advanced Search On Twitter

The simplest approach to searching older tweets on Twitter is to use the advanced search option, which doesn’t require you to grant access to your account to any outside apps.

  1. Open the Twitter advanced search page after logging into your account. The advanced search page for Twitter.advance search page
  2. Fill out the From these Accounts field under the Accounts subheading with your username.
  3. Type in any details you recall about the tweet(s) you’re looking for. This may be a word or phrase, a hashtag, a user account you replied to or mentioned, or a certain time frame. Minimum dates or likes on tweets with Wayback Machine for Twitter. The options for choosing a date stretch back to 2006, when Twitter initially started.details
  4. Press Search. How to see tweets from a deleted account? You’ll find a list of the top tweets from that period in the search results. The top tweets from that period in search results.
  5. Choose the Latest tab to view each tweet from that period. You should use reverse chronological order to get a list of tweets you post between the from and till dates you select.choose the latest tabUse the tabs at the top of the page to search for tweets that include images or videos.

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How to see tweets from a deleted account?

Regrettably, absolutely. With programs like Wayback Machine or Twaku, it is possible to view tweets that have been deleted for a long time. They screenshot Twitter, which will probably contain your account as well.

Does Wayback Machine keep tweet archives?

You can ask Twitter to create an archive of all of your Tweets, which you can then submit to the Wayback Machine to preserve your Tweets. Follow these steps to ask Twitter to send you a copy of your tweets' archives.

Is Twitter accessible using the Wayback Machine?

Twitter cannot be accessed through the Wayback Machine. An online program called The Wayback Machine or Twitter time machine enables users to browse old versions of websites. Users are not able to log into websites or use them in the same manner they would if they were viewing them directly.

How long is deleted data kept on Twitter?

Certain content, such as sent DMs, will remain on Twitter for at least 30 days if you change your mind and want to reactivate the account. Go to Settings Your Account Deactivate Your Account to delete your account.

Is Wayback Machine free?

Anyone can access the Wayback Machine for free thanks to the Internet Archive. Although donations are accepted on the website to support its objectives, they are not required. Most of the website's features are free; however, if the Archive subscription better matches your needs, you can join up for it.

What is Wayback machine?

The most visited area of the Internet Archive website is The Wayback Machine. The free online application, first released in 2001, enables you to 'rewind time.' and view various eras of websites around the world. At the time of this writing, The Wayback Machine contains 562 billion online pages.


Now that you know how to use the Wayback machine for Twitter, we hope our tips have been helpful to you. The easiest and finest configuration methods are available in this blog; now, you can easily use the Wayback Machine for Twitter and see the deleted tweets.