7 Best Virtual Theatre Games To Play In 2023: Updated List

Are you interested in playing amazing virtual theatre games? Do you want to revive the adrenaline and creativity of playing virtual improv games? What are the various types of theatre games to play on zoom? 

If these are your main worries and all of your queries, you’ve come to the proper place. Now, even when getting together digitally with pals, relatives, and coworkers, you really shouldn’t lose your enthusiasm cause its virtual. This now has an easy solution with the help of our website.

In this article, you can find our well-researched, tried, best virtual theatre games of all time, which will serve their function and provide an extremely fun, enjoyable experience.

Top 7 Best Virtual Theatre Games 

Below are some of the best theater games you can play and relive your improv gaming experience.

Read My Lips

This works best when played with a theme like “Famous Musicals” and is ideal for playing over videos. One performer mutes their microphone before reading the show’s title or whatever subject is agreed on.  As the other player speaks, the other players attempt to decipher what they are saying by analyzing their lips.

The first listener to predict what they will say accurately earns the point and moves on to become the following “Silent Reader.”

read my lips

Give everyone a few minutes to think up a few titles before the game begins so they can all utilize them. The winner may be determined by who accumulates a specified number of points first. 3, 5, or 7 points should be able to occupy the allotted time, based on the class size making it one of the best virtual theatre games.

Reactions to Reactions

For Zoom, there is an active improv game called Reactions to Reactions. Participants will share an emoji for this activity using Zoom’s responses function. The emoji must be in response to the people acting out the scene.

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reactions to reactions

A character might become angry if a fellow audience member sends a scowling emoji, flirt with them if they receive a heart, and simulate a hangover if they receive a puking emoji. The game is most enjoyable when players utilize unusual emojis, such as an octopus or a tree because characters have to act out and interpret those signals in a way that fits the setting.

You can specify which players are permitted to react and set a cap on the maximum number of reactions every round to make the game run more smoothly.

The Counting Game

One of the easiest activities for developing virtual improv teamwork is The Counting Game. To count to ten collectively, one individual at a time is the goal of the exercise. The count must start over at one of two players simultaneously saying the same number.

This game may assist individuals in improving their timing, reducing instances of chatting over one another on calls, and learning how to read nonverbal cues on Zoom.

the counting game

You can ask players to switch off their cameras or extend the count to ten to see how far the group can reach to make the task more difficult, making it one of the best virtual theatre games. 


A spoken improv game called Rhymes Rhymes invites participants to write impromptu poetry. You will necessitate a min of three players and a max of between six and eight players for this game. Set the environment for the exercise’s opening, then pick a player to deliver the opening phrase.

Every response must rhyme.


Players can rhyme the same word more than once, but they must repeat the previous sentence at least once. If the statement’s final word was a tree, for instance, the following several lines might conclude in “bee,” “ready,” “woe is me,” and so on. Players are prohibited from concluding sentences with non-rhyming terms like silver or orange.

You may also challenge them to react to the rhyme by emphasizing specific players.

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The host selects two to three performers and two to three pundits to participate in Commentary. The emcee draws attention to the actors and presents them with a scenario to act out. The pundits then come out of silence to describe what is happening.

The actors must react to the remarks and change the situation to reflect them.


For instance, Ronaldo should dance if the announcer says, “Ronaldo is ready to score a touchdown. This means we may well see his famous touchdown dance.” This does not require sports-related sequences.

For instance, the performers might play entrants in a food competition show, or the scene might depict something that ordinarily wouldn’t be discussed, like young people operating a lemonade stand, making it one of the best virtual theatre games.

Follow The Leader

One of the best Zoom theatre games for teambuilding is following the leader. In this game, one person commands the team’s gestures and sounds. Except for one team member, everyone copies that person.

This second person observed how the squad moved and changed its movement to identify the leader.

follow the leader

The group will choose both the guesser and the leader. The team members imitate the leader’s movements as he or she alters them to conceal their own identities. To check if they can recognize the leader, the guesser keeps their eyes fixed on the screen.

You May Say That Again

A few volunteers are acting out a scene. Every time a character says, “You can repeat it,” the player must recite their previous statement while changing the tone and feel of it. For instance, a player might genuinely declare, “I am so excited,” to which another character responds, “You can say that again.”

you may say that again

The player might then sarcastically reply, “I am so excited.” The performers must alter the situation depending on the speaker’s tone. The tone of awareness and emotional intelligence of teammates will improve by playing this game, making it one of the best virtual theatre games.


How do virtual plays work?

Plays and scenes known as Virtual Theatre are made expressly to practice and perform online over a video conferencing technology like Zoom or Google Meet.

A One-Word Story: What Is It?

Everyone adds one word when a narrative is told. Typically, it begins, Once upon a time. The goal is to avoid trying to predict what will happen or steering the narrative in a certain direction by keeping your thoughts open-ended.

What are warm-ups for acting?

Actors can prepare for performances by engaging in warm-up exercises, physical warm-ups, and warm-up games that include the entire body. A thorough warmup will greatly aid your physiological, mental, and emotional preparation for auditions and working successfully with other actors onstage.

How do improv games work?

The focus of improv games is on players acting out or role-playing a scene impromptu without a script. Since improv has its roots in comedy and acting schools, it's frequently utilized to get actors warm up and foster teamwork.


Do you have other choices of the best virtual theatre games we didn’t refer to? Do you feel your most loved theatre games to play on zoom are unavailable on those mentioned above or are superior to those recorded here? You may undoubtedly unwind knowing that the world of zoom improv games and certain other best theatre games are always expanding and increasing.

The above article is a quick reference in case you have trouble finding some awesome virtual improv games. If these work for you, feel free to share them with others and try other virtual theatre games. Who can be certain?

You might even score another number one!

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