Top 9 Most Played Online Games Of 2023 | Latest & Best Ones

Are you looking for a new adventure to dive into? We’ve compiled a list of the most played online games as of today. But be careful because they’re highly addicting.

most played online games

Having fun is good for anyone’s well-being. It relieves stress and helps to unwind. Nowadays, video adventures are the best way to relax. They allow us to enter an unreal world and complete unusual journeys. We see things and creatures that we will never encounter in our reality. Cool missions, epic fights, challenging puzzles, and mysteries. You will have new experiences and fuels positive emotions, all thanks to these most played online games.

The best option is to enjoy online titles. Their main advantage is that you can access them from any device—several rounds from your home PC, then a couple of matches from a smartphone. Jump in anytime and from anywhere. Home, school, work, waiting in a queue, traveling, etc. 

What are the most played online games? Let’s game it out in our list below.

About the Games

We’ve decided to compile a mix of projects by big studious and smaller indie teams. The latter include browser-based options that went viral thanks to thought-through gameplay and nice graphics. These games do not require downloading or installation, which is the coolest part about them.

All titles presented below are easy to access without paying. They’re all very different, with unique mechanics, plots, and agendas. However, there is one important similarity that allows us to place them in one group. They are the most played online games in 2023. If you get interested in any of them, click on their name. With a stable Internet connection, the toys will be launched right away!

What’s the Most Played Web Game

There are lots of good options out there. We’ve picked only 9 to make it easier for you to choose.


Swedish programmer Markus Alexej Persson created this trending 3D sandbox in 2011. Mojhand Studios (later bought by Microsoft) is known for developing and perfecting the project. Although it’s an old adventure, it’s still the biggest selling video toy. Its popularity only keeps growing.


What do you do here? Unleash your creativity. Players enter an almost endless world. Armed with building instruments, they change the environment around them. Everything is built of blocks that can destroy or create. 5 modes make the gameplay more diverse: Spectator, Hardcore, Survival, Creative, and Adventure. If you want to play it with your friends, i.e., in multiplayer mode, you need to have a Minecraft server. So, check out the cost the of Minecraft server and enjoy the game.

This popular game also had a hand in educational purposes. It was even made part of the curriculum for 13-years-old students in one Swedish school. According to the teacher, the adventure was a great tool for learning about infrastructure. Kids built cities, mastered planning secrets, and had fun together and that is why this game is considered as one of the most played online games. There is a browser version available for everyone.

The only toy that can compete with Minecraft in style and opportunities is Roblox. It’s a platform with lots of games by ordinary users.

VISIT: Minecraft


It’s a popular online multiplayer title that pits users in a big but limited arena. Controlling at first a small worm, your goal is to grow it. Guide it right towards glowing dots that are littered around. The more you consume, the longer your pet becomes. But you can’t bump into other participants. Otherwise, your worm will die, leaving lots of points behind for others to eat. But if you force your enemies to crash into your body, you’ll get rid of them. As well as boost your growth by collecting their blobs.

slither is all about patience and cunning. There are 3 vital tips to follow to compete with most players successfully:

  1. Keep close to giant worms when you’re small: If they get killed, you’ll enjoy what’s left of them.
  2. Don’t speed up with lots of other worms around: Forget about it if you’re big. The slower, the better.
  3. Learn the tactics to kill: When everyone hurries to grab a dead body, think of a trap and destroy them. 

VISIT :  Slither


This FPS was made by shooter studio called Blue Wizard Digital. It’s a free-to-play adventure with dynamic matches and cartoonish visuals. Instead of humans, the main characters are eggs. But their shell is not that fragile and can withstand a couple of shots. The agenda depends on the mode you dive into. But the basic goal is to move around the map, destroy enemies and avoid dying.


The title offers rich customization options to make your character unique. Some items are free, and others will cost you Golden Eggs. It’s an in-game currency that you get as a reward for blowing up your opponents. Using real money to buy what you need quickly is also possible.

VISIT : Shellshock IO


It’s a special drawing game released by Google in 2016 for 1 player. You’ll interact with a smart AI, a neural network that becomes smarter by communicating with humans. Users get a word and do their best to draw it. The AI’s goal is to guess what it is. To make things more interesting, the time is not in our control. You have only 20 seconds to depict a word.


It’s actually an ongoing experiment in the sphere of machine learning. Its clever algorithms analyze your drawing and look for similarities with other players’ attempts. In the end, you can have a look at other people’s guesses. As well as see how an AI came to the correct answer.

VISIT : Quickdraw


This epic Battle Royale shooter came into our lives in 2017 and has been one of the most played online games ever. Teams or solo fighters jump in the digital world from the plane using parachutes. The first moments of the round are the most peaceful ones. Everyone is busy looting for guns and things to kill with. The match lasts for about 30 minutes until one group or person eliminates the others.


An additional threat is the environment. The area around the battleground shrinks from time to time. Anyone who gets caught in it starts losing HP and dies. Besides, random zones get colored in red and are bombarded. If you stay in it, you will most likely be blown up. Luckily, all participants get a notification about such events a few minutes prior. Win matches, get more experience, and get better rankings!



It’s survival horror, the first incarnation of which took place back in 2014. As a newly hired security guard, your goal is to survive for 5 shifts. You’ll find yourself in a room with monitors showing different parts of the building. Hair-rising things start happening soon after you begin the round. You’ll see strange movements on the screens. There will be suspicious noises around you.



The danger comes from animatronics, large robotic animals used for entertainment during the day. It turns out that they’re alive and hates humans. You’ll stay in the room with 2 metal doors for better protection. However, they’re powered by electricity. You’ll quickly run out of it if you use it all the time.

Created by an American developer Scott Cawthon, the horror grew into a huge franchise. There are 8 main titles, with even more spin-offs and fan-made projects.



If this is not the most played online game in the world, it’s very close to it. It’s a team-based MOBA title with a top-down perspective. Groups of five players attack each other’s bases, trying to destroy the Ancient. It’s a huge structure without which it’s impossible to continue the round. The teams try to take it down while protecting their own.


Each group has a secret weapon called a hero. It’s a special creature with extra powers. For example, speed, strength, etc. Using magic and abilities is restricted. One needs mana points that slowly regenerates over time. Victories award you with experience that will increase your rank and power.

This online toy has a huge fanbase. In 2022, Steam registered 719 thousand players at its peak!


Catan Universe

It’s a digital version of a famous board game with the same name. Based on strategic mechanics, it offers participants to take turns and build new settlements. You’ll do your best to outsmart your opponents and create more roads and city units. Trading resources is an important element of the adventure. Brick, lumber, ore, etc., allows you to develop your settlements.

catan universe

The title is available as an app or can be accessed right through a browser. Enjoy matches against AIs or challenge real people. You can join rounds with strangers or with your friends. There are different modes available, 2-person including.

The original hard copy has been sold more than 34 million times. It’s translated into 40 languages.

VISIT : Catanuniverse

 Among Us

Let’s finish our list with a multiplayer deduction-based toy that took place in 2018 and is also one of the most played online games to exist. Its true fame boomed in 2020. But it didn’t become successful right away.

among us

What’s it about? A group of astronauts complete missions on a space base. However, 1 person, chosen at random, is a killer. The traitor’s goal is to secretly destroy everyone without giving themselves away. When the body is found, all gather in one room. They vote on who the killer is. If they guess correctly, they win. In case they make the wrong decision, an innocent player will have to out into space.

Nice graphics and addicting gameplay made it one of the coolest browser toys out there. Short and dynamic matches make it fun to dive into.

VISIT : Aamongus


What’s the most played online game? We have provided you with 9 options to choose from. They’re of different genres but equally attractive. But if you want a list designed specifically for this Linux, check out this article. It features nice titles that will run smoothly on your Linux-based computer.

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