6 Best Online Video Watching Apps For Android

Online video streaming has now redefined the future of the entertainment industry in a way unimaginable to the days past. An increase in the use of computers and mobile phones, along with the technological advancements which have turned these devices into our companions. This has made way for the world of entertainment, with the help of the internet, even more, accessible than before. With the demand for the cheaper and better quality of video streaming. Hence more and more people are getting drawn to the use of online video watching apps on our mobile phones a splendid, customizable experience.

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Best Online Video Watching Apps

Here are the six best online video watching apps which are supported by various operating systems, especially Android.

1) YouTube

YouTube, founded in the year 2005. It has now become one of the leading online video watching apps, enjoyed all over the world. YouTube has also become the second-largest search engine after Google Search Engine. From movie trailers and music videos to cricket matches and news. Also from amateur video blogs to funny dog videos, billions of videos are shared and viewed on this app. It is a platform largely driven by video creators and video viewers.


Anyone with access to a mobile phone or a computer, along with internet connectivity, can easily watch the contents of this much-loved application. This is also readily available for many operating systems, including Android. YouTube is loved by a huge number of people, not only for housing a wide variety of online videos. Also because it is extremely user-friendly. From searching for videos to creating playlists and subscribing to channels, everything is quite easy to grasp. And the best part? Watching videos on YouTube is free!

2) Hotstar

Looking for an app that houses TV shows, movies, and live cricket matches, all under one roof? Then your search ends right here. Hotstar, launched in February 2015, has able to make space in the hearts of millions of people. Who not only enjoy a wholesome series, or a splendid movie, but also a nail-biting sport event.


Although Hotstar initially began with limited programs, in March 2019, it launched a new original content brand, called the Hotstar Specials. It is aiming at providing high-quality drama of the biggest scale. Also, Hotstar is India’s premium online video watching apps as streaming platform with a spread of seventeen languages to choose from. It is easily available as a website and also as a mobile application for both Android as well as iOS devices.

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3) Netflix

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service application. It provides its users access to a huge library of films and series for online streaming as it is one of the top online video watching apps. Netflix has more than one hundred and forty-eight million paid subscriptions worldwide. Netflix has gone on to become one of the biggest names in the entertainment business. It offers thousands of in-demand TV shows as well as movies ad-free! Not only that, but Netflix also offers a wide variety of critically acclaimed “Netflix Original” content. The contents are like Stranger Things, House of Cards, etc., through its library. It also hosts original comedy specials.


From recent TV shows to classic films, Netflix has more entertainment than one can watch, with a wide variety of content across every genre imaginable. Netflix had loved by millions of users, also for being so easy to use. By learning about the movies of your liking, Netflix offers custom genres. So finding what you love becomes even easier! Netflix is also operational on both iOS and Android. Therefore with online video watching apps , anyone can “Netflix and Chill”!

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4) Amazon Prime Video

If you are a streaming enthusiast, Amazon Prime Video is made to soothe your soul. Amazon Prime Video, an on-demand online video watching apps which is owned and operated by the world-famous company, Amazon.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the subscription-based online video watching apps that offers a wide range of television shows and movies for easy online viewing. Amazon Prime Video is currently operation all over the world, except for some countries. It is available on Android, play store, along with other operating systems like iOS and Chromecast.

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5) Voot

Voot, an Indian subscription-based online video watching application which is available on devices of many operating systems, including Android.  Launched in the year 2016. Voot is one of the arms of Viacom18. Voot has gained a great amount of popularity across the Indian country. It is hosting over forty thousand hours of content.



Voot will also diverse not only in its varied spread of genres of shows and movies but also in the availability of multiple languages. This includes Tamil, Kannada, Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, etc. Voot is an app where you can watch shows of various popular Indian television channels like Colors, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc. Goodbye, cable!

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6) Viu

Viu, a Hong Kong-based, video streaming app by PCCW Media. Therefore Viu, a subscription-based, service aims at delivering content in different genres. From Asia’s top providers of content with subtitles of the local languages, like Telegu, Hindi, Malaysian, etc.


It is one of the online video watching apps that is available in areas across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Viu, with over thirty million monthly active users. This is easily available across almost all operating systems, like Android, accessible anytime and anywhere. With the Viu subscription comes the privilege of easily watching and downloading the desired video. This will enable the user to watch videos even when offline.

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