How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Facebook Messenger

In this digital era connecting with people all around the globe is easier than ever. With Facebook Messenger, you can literally be friends with anyone. But sometimes, you may feel the person on the other end is a bit creepy. In that case, you may want to block the person. But stop, don’t; instead, you turn off read receipts on Facebook Messenger.

At times, individuals desire to read Facebook messages without notifying the sender that they have seen the message. Regrettably, Facebook Messenger does not provide an option to disable the read receipt feature.

Techyhost brings this blog to help you solve the issue of dealing with people on FB Messenger. It’s a much better option to avoid the person rather than blocking them. It’s one of the best ways to tackle bullying or creepy behaviors. You no longer receive any notification if the other person messages you by turning off read receipts on Facebook Messenger. You can further automate how long you don’t want any notification. So without further ado, let’s know how to turn off read receipts on Facebook Messenger.

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How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Facebook Messenger

Let’s see how you turn off read receipts with a few clicks.

facebook messenger

Messenger Notification Off

First, you need to go to the messenger app. Then select the person you want to mute.

1. Left-swipe the chat you want to mute notifications.

mute chat

2. Then tap on the bell icon.

bell icon

3. You can now select how long you can keep the person muted.

select mute time

This process is the easiest and works on both Android and iOS.

App Settings

Using the settings to mute notifications is different for Android and iOS.


1. Go to Settings of your Android.

setting of your android

2. Select Notification.

select notification

3. Then select Messenger.

select messengerr

4. Finally, toggle the blue button on Show Notifications to the mute notification.

toggle the blue button

This is the simplest way of doing the task on Android.


iOS users follow the steps below to turn off read receipts on Facebook Messenger.

1. First, go to Settings on your iPhone.

settings on your iphone

2. Then select Notifications.

select notifications on your iphone

3. Find Messenger and select it. Now you need to toggle the green button.allow notification on ios

4. Finally, toggle the blue button on Show Notifications to the mute notification.

mute the allow notification

We hope this tutorial will help you tackle powerful messages on Facebook Messenger.

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How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram

If you are on Instagram and want to turn off read receipts on Instagram’s Messenger, then do follow the steps below:


1. First, open the app of Instagram. Next, visit your profile and tap the three bars at the top right corner of the app. Next, click Settings. A new screen is displayed. From there, click Notifications.

settings instagram

2. Now tap Messages. Finally, select the option off for Message Requests.


Also, select the option off for Messages as depicted above.

You can now read your messages.

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Airplane Mode

1. For this process, first go to your profile on Instagram. Click the symbol of Messenger. Now first switch your wifi off. Next, turn on the Airplane  Mode.

airplane mode

2. Now, you can read all your messages. Finally, after this, again click on the three bars at the top-right corner of the app.


Click Settings at the bottom of the screen. Now the menu of Settings is displayed. Tap Log Out, and you are done.

Now you can turn off the Airplane mode.

So here are the 2ways by which you turn off read receipts of Instagram.

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions on the internet.

How Can I Read Messages On Messenger Without Being Seen?

You can read messages on Messenger without letting the person know by following the steps: Firstly go to the chat. Then long press on the massage you don’t want to keep seeing. Then press the button” Ignore” to make it unseen.

How To Block Someone On Messenger?

To block someone on Messenger, go to the chat. Then press the Settings button on the top bar. Then press “Block Messages” to block the person.

How To Turn Off Notifications On Messenger?

Please read the blog to know better how you can turn off read receipts on Facebook messenger.

Is Telegram Better Than WhatsApp?

Telegram provides better privacy and security to its users. Moreover sending of large media files is also quite smooth. So, you should definitely try using Telegram over WhatsApp.

How Good Is Signal App?

Signal app is a new messenger app. The app promises to provide complete privacy to its users. The app gained immense success lately due to backing of Elon Musk.

How To Protect My Data?

Data Privacy is one of the most important things in today's world. For protecting data always try to limit the permissions of the apps you are using. Often these third-party apps record your data without your notice. Moreover, also avoid downloading content from untrusted sources.

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In conclusion, we believe by turning off read receipts on Facebook Messenger; you can enjoy social media better. We have tried to keep this tutorial as simple as possible. But if you still face any issues, kindly convey us through the comments. And we will try to help you. For more solutions related to tech, keep following Techyhost. Here is a quick guide to fix if the Facebook app is showing unread messages when there are none!

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