How To Disable Pop-Up Blocker In Chrome Mobile | 2023

A pop-up notice is a message appearing when you open a website. The pop-up notice could be for anything, including an advertisement, a newsletter, etc. Several websites launch pop-up windows whenever a person visits them. But the question is, How to disable pop-up blocker in chrome mobile? This article will explain how to disable Chrome’s pop-up blocker.

pop-up blocker in chrome mobile

To disable the Google pop-up blocker on your PC. Click Customise & ctrl Google Chrome > Settings > Security & privacy > Site Settings > Pop-ups & redirects. Pop-ups and redirects are both options for websites.

Tap > Settings > Site settings > Pop-ups and redirection on an Android device.

To block pop-ups on an iphone, go to Settings > Content settings > Block Pop-ups.

There are instances where pop-ups are necessary. The confirmation screen might pop up if you attempt to access a membership or payment screen. Most of the time, this isn’t the case, so block those annoying pop-up windows. So now you know the solution to turn off Chrome pop-up blocker. Let’s read about them in more detail. Also, click here to fix if your Google Chrome is not opening.

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How Do I Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker on Android Chrome?

Pop-up advertisements are still used on a few commercial and banking websites. Consequently, you can let these chosen sites send pop-ups and redirections if you are confident in their validity. How to disable pop-up blocker in chrome mobile?

To stop pop-ups on android chrome, follow these steps:

  1. On your phone, open the Chrome app and tap the menu’s vertical 3-dot icon.
  2. From the list of choices, pick “Settings” > “Site Settings” as you scroll down. site settings
  3. Open Pop-ups and Redirects in the site settings.
  4. Change the controller to the ON to permit pop-ups. The default setting for redirects and pop-ups is Blocked.

By doing this, pop-up blockers will be disabled and sent to your Android version of Chrome. This choice is NOT advised since you might get many unwanted pop-up adverts on Chrome and get sent to fraudulent websites. You should never enable this toggle option to stop annoying Chrome pop-ups for security and privacy reasons.

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For Particular Sites

How to disable pop-up blocker in chrome mobile for particular sites? It would help if you first had pop-ups disabled and then located a page with pop-ups prohibited from allowing pop-ups from a certain website.

At the base of the display, there may be a pop-up blocking notification when you have located the page for which you want to allow pop-ups. The notification Always shows option allows pop-ups on that page. Read this article on how to block a user on Reddit.

How Can Pop-Up Blockers Be Enabled On Android Chrome?

Turning on the pop-up blocker android if you unintentionally permit redirects and pop-ups is strongly advised. The majority of spammers are did think to commit fraud by using internet pop-ups.. It’s best to avoid phishing and hacking schemes; turn on the blocker for our protection.

The steps to enable pop-ups in Chrome Android are as follows:

  1. On your phone, open the Chrome app.  open the chrome
  2. For more options, tap the menu’s vertical 3-dot icon.
  3. From the list of choices, pick Settings.
  4. Tap the option labeled “Site Settings” as you scroll down.
  5. Open Pop-ups and Redirects in the site settings. pop-ups and redirects
  6. The default setting for redirects and pop-ups is Blocked.
  7. To disable pop-ups, flip the button and set it to OFF.
  8. On Chrome Android, redirection and pop-ups are disabled.

In the Chrome browser for Android, this will enable and permit the use of a pop-up blocker and redirect. It is the default setting and is advised if you haven’t modified it. Also, click here how to set up and use Chromecast for Mac.

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How To Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker In Chrome (iOS)

How do disable pop-up blocker in chrome mobile in iOS? To remove pop-up blockers on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Chrome app. launch chrome on your iphone
  2. Then select Settings by tapping More.
  3. After selecting Content Settings, tap Block Pop-ups. block pop-ups
  4. Activate or deactivate Block Pop-ups. Want to learn how to Block Websites on Google Chrome? Read this.

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What Does Google Chrome's Pop-Up Blocker Do?

A feature in Google Chrome called the pop-up blocker prevents pop-up advertisements from appearing on your screen by default.

Are Chrome Pop-Ups Dangerous?

The website and how pop-ups are used determine its value. On Drive, for instance, pop-ups are necessary. However, other websites might abuse pop-up functionality by displaying advertisements or requesting that you install arbitrary scripts.

Should you permit Pop-Ups on every website?

Pop-up adverts on websites will become obtrusive. You should only enable pop-ups on some websites to be safe. A better strategy is to let pop-ups for certain websites only when necessary.

Why do I keep getting Pop-Ups even after blocking them?

You can enable Pop-ups for that specific website or notifications from that site if you are still getting them while blocking them. You must individually turn off notifications.

How are pop-up blocker chrome android activated?

By tapping the three dots in the corner and selecting Settings > Site Settings > Pop-up and Redirects, users of Chrome for Android can turn on pop-up blockers. Now, switch the OFF position for the button after Pop-ups and redirects.

How can I remove pop-up blockers on Android Chrome?

If you wish to see pop-up messages and turn off pop-up blockers, start Chrome and click on the three dots in the top right corner. To access the site settings, tap Settings and then scroll down. Go to pop-ups, redirect from there, toggle the button, and then set it to ON.

How do I eliminate the pop-up advertising and messages on Chrome for Android?

Launch the Chrome browser, press the three dots in the corner, and select settings if you do not want to see pop-up messages or advertisements. You can find Pop-ups and redirection under Site settings. Click on it, toggle the button, and set it to OFF.


We hope you got the solution to “How to disable pop-up blocker in chrome mobile?” An essential setting in the Chrome browser on an Android smartphone is the pop-up and redirect blocker. You can combat phishing and hacking websites with the use of this. It is strongly advised never to turn off the blocker and only to do so once you are certain. These are the best methods to help you disable the pop-up blockers in chrome mobile. You can address this issue by utilizing the methods presented here. If so, kindly let us know in the comments which of the following remedies you feel was most effective.

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