How To Change Twitter Handle And Not Lose Followers

Is it necessary to update your Twitter handle, Or were you adding numerals? This post will take you to how to change your Twitter handle and not lose followers. There are instances where you want to modify your username, profile name, photo, and any other part of your bio without losing your followers. By following the instructions, you can accomplish this.

On a desktop, click the “three dots” to access “More” or on your profile photo. On Android, you would already have updated your Android Twitter account name. There shouldn’t be any problems when you try to alter your handle because all devices have the same steps.

We’ll review how to change your Twitter handle on computers, Android smartphones, and iOS mobile devices. Each method’s stages are straightforward and quite similar. Just read the article below for detailed information.

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An Explanation of a Twitter Handle 

Well, you are aware if you know. However, most people mistake the Twitter username or handle for the Twitter display name.

Before knowing how to change your Twitter handle and not lose followers, you must know what Twitter Handle is. Your “display name” is a title you provide to your profile; it’s distinct from your username. It serves as a unique Twitter identity for your brand and personal identity. The display names of two separate profiles can be identical, but not their Twitter handles.twitter profileIn contrast, your Twitter handle is the unique name of your profile that is also included in the URL for your profile.

It begins with @ and serves as an anchor for mentioning you in comments or tweets everywhere on Twitter or in direct conversations.

Causes of Change

Twitter usernames are important because they represent the online identity you want to create and because they can affect how people view your profile.

If you (as a person or company), whether a new or seasoned user, believe that your Twitter handles no longer accurately capture your persona or brand, it may be time for something new.

For people to find you easily on social media, you might also have a recognizable handle on each platform. Also, learn how to identify fake followers on Twitter by clicking here!twitter handle Change your username on Twitter, and these are the several reasons:

  • Rebranding
  • Unreliable Username
  • Embarrassment
  • Decadent aesthetic
  • Misalignment 
  • With Other Social Media Accounts in a Different Way

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How To Modify Your Twitter Username On An Android, iPhone, Or Tablet

How to change your Twitter handle and not lose followers. The Procedures for changing your Twitter handle: On a desktop, click the “three dots” to access “More” or on your profile photo. Options & Privacy Account Settings > Account Details > Username

There shouldn’t be any problems when you try to alter your handle because all devices have the same steps.

  1. Initiate by opening the Twitter app on your tablet or smartphone. twitter app
  2. Your screen’s lower-left corner will display your profile picture. Toggle it. 
  3. After that, a side menu will appear on the left; scroll down to “Settings & Privacy.”settings and privacy
  4. You must then select “Your account” from the menu.
  5. You should now select “Account information.”your account
  6. The next step is selecting “Username.”username
  7. You are now able to select your new name at this point.

Remember that this can only have 15 and a minimum of 4 characters.

Doing this would already have updated your Android Twitter account name.

On A Desktop, How To Modify Your Twitter Handle

  1. Start by logging into your Twitter account there. twitter log in
  2. From the left menu, choose the “More” button.more
  3. Next, select “Settings and Privacy.” your account
  4. Click “Account Information” after that in “Your account.”account information
  5. The “Username” option will be your next step. You have the option of selecting a new name at this point. Remember that this can only have 15 and a minimum of 4 characters.  usernameChoose Your Username, and your Twitter handle name will be updated on your desktop.

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How Can You Change Your Twitter Handle Without Alienating Your Followers?

Changing your Twitter handle may make you worried that it will affect your account and cause you to lose followers.

Can you change your Twitter Handle with these alternatives, too? As stated by Twitter, changing your handle will not impact your existing followers, direct messages, and responses.change username However, if you decide to change your Twitter account, you should use a systematic strategy.

  • Let your followers know by posting on your account that you will be changing your Twitter handle in the upcoming days so they will be aware of the change.
  • Changing your Twitter handle and profile image simultaneously is not a good idea, so keep them both the same. Users will feel more at ease and assured that they have found the appropriate place and are communicating with the right brand or company if you leave their profile image as it is.
  • The Twitter support page offers instructions on how to modify your Twitter handle (username). If your chosen handle is available, Twitter will let you know. Once you are prepared to change your handle, rename your Twitter account.
  • Claim ownership of your previous handle by opening a new account. The previous handle must be claimed by making a new account. If you switch your Twitter username, someone else could assume control of your old username. You may prevent misunderstandings with your followers and tell them to return to you.

These are some ways when you wonder how to change your Twitter handle and not lose followers.

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Why am I unable to alter my Twitter handle?

Due to the following two factors, you cannot alter your username: Your desired username is already in use. The desired username does not adhere to Twitter's requirements.

When may you want to modify your Twitter username?

You've rebranded your company or changed your name. You want your profile to reflect the evolution of your sector. Your username contains an error or is not strategically chosen. A non-strategic username could be shorter or more professional. Your username differs from other social networking sites.

How frequently can your Twitter handle be modified?

You can modify it as much as you like, but the trouble with it is that it needs to be clarified for the audience and followers and suggests a need for more authority. On Instagram, you can only alter your name twice, and you must wait 14 days before changing it.

Can you switch your Twitter handle and keep your account active?

It might be time for an upgrade if you set up your account years ago and your username (or 'handle') no longer represents the image of your company. Change your Twitter identity and keep existing followers rather than create a new account from scratch.


How to change your Twitter handle and not lose followers is quite familiar to you now. It’s simple and crucial to be able to modify the handle name associated with your account. Numerous advantages can come from changing your handle name.

Make a new account immediately if you wish to change your Twitter handle. Declare to your fans that you will change your handle by posting on your account soon. Someone else can immediately take over your account if you do this.

How do you change your Twitter Handle? These easy methods would make it quicker and easier to modify if you didn’t know how. Also, here is the top 10 list of accounts with most Twitter followers in 2024.

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