Ways To Block An Email On Gmail [Complete Guide]

Emailing is a vital way of getting in touch, and used for various purposes like business communication, recruitment, marketing, or personal usage. Gmail is the most trusted email service, preferred by people worldwide. However, getting your inbox littered with unwanted and junk emails can sometimes get annoying. Gmail users often need help getting rid of such kinds of emails. If you are one, you must know how to block an email on Gmail. Click here to view how many people blocked you on Twitter.

Gmail has many options to block emails on Gmail to keep your inbox clear of these spam and junk emails. You can block an email on Gmail through your computer or mobile app. You can also create filters to help Gmail to remove spam emails instantly. Gmail also has other features which you can use to unsubscribe from mass emails and report spam and phishing emails.

blocking an email

We will guide you on all the methods to block Gmail addresses that send unwanted emails and also let you know more about Gmail’s additional features to keep your inbox clutter-free.

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Procedure To Block An Email On Gmail From Your PC

If you are fed up with unwanted emails from a particular sender, you can block this email address from your computer by following these easy steps.

  1. First, open the Gmail login page and access your account. Click on an email from the account you want to block.gmail account homepage
  2. On the upper right side of the email, press the three dots icon and select ‘Block.’ Now, a confirmation window will pop up. Tap on Block to confirm.gmail block icon

Now you have successfully blocked the Gmail account. The emails from blocked accounts will automatically land in your spam folder. You can access these messages if you want but only for a limited time, as Gmail clears your spam folder every thirty days.

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Procedure To Block An Email On Gmail From Your Mobile

The process to block an email on Gmail on your mobile is the same for Android and iOS users. Here are the steps to execute this task:

  1. First, open the Gmail app on your mobile phone and go to an email from the account you intend to block.gmail homepage on mobile 
  2. Then, press the icon of three vertical dots (horizontal dots for iOS users) located just beside the reply icon—select Block “User Name” from the drop-down menu to block the Gmail account.block from phone

Now you have successfully blocked the Gmail account from your phone. The emails from blocked accounts will automatically land in your spam folder. You can access these messages if you want.

How To Create Filters To Help Gmail Block Incoming Emails From Spammers?

Following the abovementioned methods, you can block unwanted emails, but they will still appear in your spam folders. If you want these emails to be deleted permanently, you can create filters using Gmail’s advanced filtering features. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Firstly, navigate to the Gmail web page using your browser, tap on the ‘Gear’ icon to go to settings, and click on the ‘See all settings’ option.gmail gear option
  2. Then move to the ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ option. A multitude of filtering options will appear. You can directly type the email address you want to block or mention the email content you want to avoid. You can filter emails according to their size or check if they have attachments.filters and blocked addresses
  3. Fill in the criteria as per your need and hit Create Filter option. From the menu, specify the action to be taken if an email matches your filters. You can choose to Delete them, Forward them, Mark them as read, Archive them, and many more such actions.create filter on gmail

You can also secure your email for safety purposes. If you choose the Delete option, Gmail will instantly delete emails from the blocked sender instead of sending them to spam folders. Hence you can block an email on Gmail.

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How To Unblock An Email Address

Sometimes you block someone by mistake or reconsider receiving emails from blocked Gmail contact. In that case, you can unblock an email address in two ways.

Through An Email:

If you have blocked an email using the first two methods, you can unblock it with just one tap.

  1. Start with opening an email from the sender you desire to unblock. You will likely find their email in the spam folder or open an older email from the blocked sender.email from spam
  2.  As you open the email, a message will appear, “You have blocked [Sender’s Name],” with an Unblock Sender button below. Select Unblock Sender and hit Confirm.unblock sender

You have successfully unblocked the email address and received their emails in your inbox. Try email appending if you want to add emails to the current database.

Unblock From Settings:

You can unblock an email address from GMail’s settings on your PC.

  1. By clicking on the Gear icon, proceed to the Gmail settings menu and move to the Filters and Blocked Addresses option.filters and blocked addresses
  2. You can find all your blocked email addresses and go through the filters applied earlier. 
  3. To unblock an email address, select the Unblock option next to it. You can also unblock multiple email IDs by striking the checkboxes next to them and selecting the Unblock selected addresses option.unblock email address
  4. To clear a specific filter, you can hit the Delete option beside it. You can also do it in one go if you want to clear multiple filters. Strike the checkboxes next to the filters and hit the Delete option at the end of the menu.

How To Block Someone On Gmail And Report Them As Spam?

Sometimes more than just blocking is needed to get rid of malicious and annoying emails. You can report spam and phishing emails on Gmail to help them serve you better. When you report spam and phishing emails, Gmail interprets them and adds them to its spam list. 

You can report spam and phishing emails from your PC or mobile phone. If you want to block an email on Gmail, below are the procedure mentioned which will help you know how do you block someone’s email:

  1. Open your Gmail account and find the spam or phishing messages you intend to report.gmail spam message
  2. As you open the email, tap on the three dots at the upper right-hand side and select Report Spam from the options for reporting a spam email.gmail report spam and phishing
  3. You can select Report Phishing for reporting phishing emails.

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Methods To Unsubscribe From Mass Emails

Are you annoyed with mass marketing emails that keep creeping into your mailbox? To clear your inbox of these mass emails, you need to unsubscribe from the sender’s list. To do this, refer to the procedure given below.

Unsubscribe From Mass Emails On Your Desktop:

  1. Head to Gmail on your browser and open a mass email. You will find an Unsubscribe option beside the sender’s email address.unsubscribe option
  2. As you tap on it, you are sure to unsubscribe from this sender.hit unsubscribe
  3. A message will appear asking this. Hit Unsubscribe to complete the process.

Unsubscribe From Mass Emails On Your Mobile Application:

  1. Go to Gmail and open a mass email. Proceed to the bottom of the email to see the Unsubscribe option.unsubscribe option
  2. You’ll land on a new page where you will be asked to specify your reason for unsubscribing. Select your reason from the list and hit Unsubscribe.


How to block someone on Gmail?

You can block someone on Gmail from your PC or mobile. Proceed to Gmail > Open the email of the sender you need to block > Click on the three dots for more options > Tap on Block (sender’s name)

When you block someone on Gmail, do they know?

No, the sender you have blocked does not get a notification from Gmail.

Do block emails jump back to the sender's Gmail?

No, when you block someone, they can still send you an email, but it ends up in your spam folder.

How do I stop spam emails permanently?

The best way to eliminate spam emails permanently is to report them as spam to Gmail.


Blocking is the quickest way to avoid unwanted emails and keep your Gmail account junk free. Now you know all the methods to block an email on Gmail and how to stop mass emails from jumping into your inbox.  

You can also help Gmail by reporting suspicious emails that contain harmful links and attachments to get rid of them permanently using the methods discussed in the article.

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