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Hacking is when a person with nefarious means gets access to your data online with the intention of fraud or selling it illegally. Hacking is a cybercrime, then. You may be wondering what ethical hacking is when hacking is done for defensive purposes to make a software or application un-hackable that is revising all loopholes that a hacker might be able to access. Here, we would be discussing the best hacking tools for Windows.

More than ever, organizations are focusing on improving cybersecurity measures to protect critical data and networks. Cybersecurity experts carry out ethical hacks to protect users from cyber threats. To do this, they use ethical hacking tools that allow them to identify defects and fix them accordingly. Our team of experts has listed here X Best Hacking Tools for Windows OS for you. 

Best hacking tools for Windows:

These Top Ethical Hacking Tools have been recorded in the post. Intensive research so that the readers get the best of best options in consideration before they make any decision.


First one in the list of best hacking tools for Windows. Metasploit is a set of mining tools; it is intelligent software that you can use to create custom tools. This free tool is one of the essential cybersecurity tools to find vulnerabilities on various platforms.


Over 200,000 users and contributors can vouch for Metasploit’s effectiveness. It helps one to understand and better discover the weaknesses of your system.

Nmap (Network Mapper)

Nmap can be used on all major platforms such as Windows, Linux, and OS X. It is famous and reliable, and is a complementary open-source tool for network discovery or security screening. Nmap is curated to scan large networks and works well for a single host.


It can be employed to detect computers and services on the computer network and draw a “map” of the network. This is one of the best hacking tools for Windows


Acunetix, a Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS), looks for and discovers potentially dangerous flaws on websites. This multi-threaded tool scans websites and detects malicious scripting between websites, SQL injection, and other vulnerabilities. This quick and easy-to-use tool scans WordPress websites for over 1.2K WordPress faults. It can be downloaded on Windows XP or later.


This free and open-source tool was formerly known as Ethereal. This GTK+ network protocol analyzer runs well on Linux, Windows, and OS X. Wireshark is a Wireshark network protocol sniffer or analyzer based on GTK+ that allows you to capture and retrieve the contents of network frames live continuously. Wireshark also has a version that is very user- operating system friendly called TShark.

This software aims to introduce a commercial analyzer for Unix and equip Wireshark with features not available in closed source sniffers.


This easy-to-use and readily available and one of the best hacking tools for Windows jailbreak tool. It is available on various Linux, OSX, and Windows versions. If you crack passwords often, you are probably familiar with the free Hashcat decryption tool. oclHashcat is a processor-based password cracking tool, and oclHashcat is an enhanced version that uses GPU. You can use this as a WiFi decryption tool. oclHashcat is known as the world’s first password cracking tool and has the world’s first and only GPGPU-based engine. 


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Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

The device developed by Tenable Network Security is one of the most popular vulnerability scanners. It supports various platforms, including popular Linux distributions such as Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X, Debian, Ubuntu, and Kali Linux. This best free hacking tool of 2020 works in a client/server environment. Nessus provides a wide range of users with services for different purposes, such as Nessus Home, Nessus Professional, Nessus Manager, Nessus Cloud, and more.


Maltego is an open-source forensic research platform that provides in-depth analysis and intelligence gathering to understand the cyber threats around you fully. It understands the complexity and severity of sources of error in your infrastructure and environment. This is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Social-Engineer Toolkit

In addition to Linux, Mac OS X and Windows also partially support the Social-Engineer Toolkit, one of the best hacking tools for Windows TrustedSec’s Social-Engineer Toolkit is an advanced platform for simulating different types of social engineering attacks such as credential gathering and phishing attacks.

social engineer toolkit
social engineer toolkit

It is a sophisticated one-of-a-kind software that is easy to use and handy.

Unicorns can

Unicorns can create a distributed TCP/IP stack in user space to collect and correlate information. It is to accommodate researchers with a unique interface for stimulus tests and response measurement on TCP/IP compatible devices or networks. Some features include asynchronous stateless TCP scans with various TCP flags, asynchronous stateless TCP banner capture, and response analysis to identify operating systems, applications, and remote active/passive components.


This is the last one out of the best hacking tools for Windows. This is an easy-to-use web application security scanner that uses advanced evidence-based vulnerability scanning technology includes penetration testing and reporting tools. Netsparker automatically exploits identified vulnerabilities in a secure, read-only mode to obtain evidence of exploitation.


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Theses were the best hacking tools for Windows. While looking at various options, you should consider the extensivity of your work and the compatibility of the software. We hope that you’ll be able to find the perfect software for ethical hacking for yourselves to assess the weaknesses and explore the loopholes in the software if any. The world is advancing technologically; hackers are becoming more advanced and are a. step ahead. To avoid this cybercrime, ethical hacking is becoming more and more popular. You should use the best defensive shield to make your application and software. There are certifications and courses available which you can do to become an ethical hacker.


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