Top 7 Best 3D Printing Software | 3D Design Software of 2023

Every print differs from one another. It is because of the printing software you are using. Many of them are easy to use whereas some are so complex that they are only used by professionals only. All the software differ from each other because of the capabilities and functions. Here are some of the most popular and Best 3D Printing Software options that is going to get you the help needed for 3D printing.

7 Best 3D Printing Software

There are many software tools used for printing 3-D objects, but above them the list of 7 best 3-D printing softwares will be listed here.


When there is an software which provides all type of work, then why not use TinkerCad?
TinkerCad is one of the Best 3D Printing Software tools used for creating, designing, and almost do everything. It is free, and is easy to use. It’s so much easy that even kids, teachers and designers can use. You can also use it in electronics field, such as programming, simulation and assembling. You can use this software for designing with code in the field of codeblocks.


AutoDesk is a leader in 3-D design, engineering and entertainment software. TinkerCad supports English, German and Portuguese languages. TinkerCad is supported in mobile. This software is used generally in startups, SME, agencies etc., generally a website is supported in computers it supports Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. TinkerCad allows to support STL file format which would be present in other 3-D printing software. This software support 3-D import. This 3-D import helps to turn the external file into editable TinkerCad shape. This app is easy because all the creation which would be resulted out, is just few clicks away.

Start using ThinkerCad here

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An app which visualizes or ideas is not less than a boon. An idea handcrafted by hand is the best visualization ever. SketchUp is the software which would help us in this situation. Sketchup merely supports hand drawing and is the most creative software ever.


This software, in general, make sustainable buildings. This software is supported in JPG, BMP TIFF & PNG file format. Not only pictures, but it also supports MOV & AVI file format for videos too. This app renders video scenes and movements. SketchUp is a multipurpose tool because it allows industrial designs. Architecture and interior designs. SketchUp holds patent for U.S.A. since September 2013, for the specialisation on ios and Android technology. This is all in one software which makes it one of the Best 3D Printing Software among others.

Download SketchUp here

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This is one of the most awarded software for 3-D printings. This software is free and is the open source to creation of 3-dimensional objects. This software supports modelling, rigging, animation, simulation video editing and game creation.

Blender 3D printing

This is a very interesting software. It supports various items, such as CPU rendering, HDR lighting support; for the render machines, using advanced sculpting tools and brushes for the sculpt modelling, scripting for custom brushes and ad-ons for python. This software supports the production ready camera, support for tripod solvers. In the field of animation, blenders supports the use for creating numerous short films, advertisements, etc. For the characters it supports the creation of envelope, skeleton and automatic skinning. It also supports sound synchronisation. It also includes story art, also transforms the 2-D drawing into 3-D. The tool does all the animation related works like layering, colouring, filling and stroke, and all these are adjusted in this software. This software has flexible python controlled interface. This app is useful mainly in animation related field.

Download Blender here

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Meshmixer app is the software that is known for the state of art working with triangular meshes.  This software supports Windows and macOS versions.

meshmixer 3d printing

It supports drag-and-mesh mixing. This software allows you to create organic designs like people, objects and and animals.

Download Meshmixer here

3D Slash

What can be more fun as a building game! This software is merely like this. 3D slash is a unique interface wherein the operation is easy. This software supports advanced features to work precisely. This software supports advanced features to work precisely. School students can make the most use of this app. Teachers use these software to teach students. 3D slash is awarded as the fast technology software. 3D slash has many investing partners, some of them are; Google, tringiverse, sculpteo pi-top etc.

3D Slash

Experts say that 3D modelling made super easy. Parents, children, game building fan, architects can use this 3D Slash software.

Download 3D Slash here

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a mere fusion of CAD, CAM and CAE software. This software has many uses. Fusion 360 creates toolpaths to machine components. For creating prototypes, this software users 3D printing workflow. This software has many functions. This software test fit and motion, perform simulation and create assemblies.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 uses modelling for sculpting and iterating on design ideas. Additionally, this software focuses on the finishing features of the designs. Professionals use this software and is one of the Best 3D Printing Software for professional projects.

Download Fusion 360 here

On Shape

On shape is software that aids in modernizing the designs processes. This is the only software that unites CAD data management, collaboration tools and real-time analysis. This unity has different features too. CAD includes simultaneous sheet metal tools and also helps in importing/exporting industrial file formats. Data management helps in releasing management, version control and branching and merging. In addition, Collaboration tools include real-time design review, complete edit history, protects audit controls It has two-factor authentication.


It also supports AES-256 and TLS 1.2 encryption. Integration with live business like ERP, PLM, Single sign-on(SSO) simulation, and CAM makes it so fast growing.

Download On Shape here


Is Maya good for 3D printing?

Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Inventor, Fusion, and the AutoCAD portfolio are good 3D printing software packages. Learn more about 3D printing and Autodesk software compatibility.

Can I use AutoCAD for 3D printing?

You can export the 3D models. They are in STL format, which allows them to be 3D printed. However, it should be noted that AutoCAD was not developed for additive manufacturing and that there are better alternatives. You can use TinkerCAD from Autodesk, Fusion 360, or Netfabb for novices for the more sophisticated.

Is designing 3D prints hard?

3D printing is difficult, particularly for beginners. It is difficult to master since it requires creativity, arithmetic, and computer-aided design (CAD) skills. However, 3D printing becomes easier once you have the requisite hardware and software, modeling abilities, and a grasp of how this technology works.


In conclusion, These are the seven Best 3D Printing Software which are the aid to the 3D printing world. Therefore, these can probably help you with all that you would need to work with 3D printing.