Audio File Editor Software | Free Download the Top 8 Apps in 2022

Let that be about establishing a ringtone out of your cherished film song or creating a fusion of songs, an adequate audio file editor is necessary.

Also, when you are ardent about music creation and do want your output in the best desirable and professional aspect, you have to depend on a fully-fledged situation to get the best out of your endeavor.

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Whether you want to expose your inner artist, want to edit few audio commentary or personalize some downloaded music from a prevalent website, there is a myriad of great free sound file editor that can manage to record, and music making with ease.

When you are looking for a tool to support creating a music track for your movies or something to assist you to convert your old recording into MP3 format while eliminating background static, there is some free audio file editor out there for you.

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Below, we have an endorsement for the most cost-effective product and the outstanding program for podcasters. Our recommendations are concentrating on helping you to search simple audio file editor that doesn’t cost too much.

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From all the options accessible on the Internet, I have filtered some digital sound file editors that are entirely free and perfect for both novice and advanced users. Most of these sound file editors are easy to use and offer a comprehensive list of features.

Top 8 Audio File Editor Tools To Get Now!

These are the best audio file editor filtered according to their functionality and ease of utility.



It is a completely free audio editor that supports popular audio formats like WAV and MP3, but you will have to download a separate encoder latter.

It’s a compelling product that would put some paid-for product to shame, and although the interface might initially seem slightly intimidating, it’s surprisingly approachable even for beginners.

Audacity is equipped with a pervasive suite of built-in tools. Enabling you to edit pre-recorded files, capture sound through an attached microphone or also stream music and podcasts.

Visit: Audacity

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Acoustica Basic Edition

It is an excellent audio editor if you’re looking for a tool for producing music. It has a scrub tool that can be extremely helpful and has excellent analysis tools. Not only you can make your recordings and open files from your PC, but you can also interpret tracks straight from CDs, edit them and convert them to the format you want.

Acoustica Basic Edition

If you’re going to get a choice for music editing with the exemption to move ahead of the basics. When you feel ready, Acoustica Basic Edition is an enormous starting point.

Visit: Acoustica Basic Edition


It is available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is an excellent tool for everyday audio editing. You can handle Ocenaudio to work with locally stored files, and there is also an option of transporting your creations as a ringtone for your phone.


It has a clean and colorful user interface with a bundle of effects. You can use the parameters of the impact and hear the changes instantly.

Visit: Ocenaudio


It is a Audio File Editor that also supports running on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iPad, Android. It is easy to install and use, and has excellent analysis tools for more leading users.


Pitch and speed changes are achievable, so is Audio Scrubbing. This can be very handy. During testing, we can import all the favorite audio and video file formats. And easily batch process some different file types at once.

Visit: WavePad

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mp3directcut Audio Editor

Besides slicing up MP3, you can record precisely into the program. Or work with existing audio files. And despite there are no fancy options, all of the basics are available.

Mp3DirectCut is a dedicated Audio File Editor for mp3 files that can edit compressed mp3 files without needing to decompress them first. The software saves a lot of encoding time and ensures no quality loss.

Visit: Mp3DirectCut


wavosaur Audio Editor

It is a free audio file editor that allows you to manage different kinds of music tracks with ease. The critical features of Wavosaur include basic editing through a cut, copy and paste various processing ways, batch processing capability, file exporting through third party software, etc. It lies between a Digital Audio Workstation and music-mixing tool.

Visit: Wavosaur

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Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition software is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud to which you can rely upon when you need professional editing for your music. The tool comes with an interface that is similar to Adobe products. And its latest version is available in a 64-bit application. Which offers advanced performance in supported systems.

Adobe Audition software provides excellent capabilities such as multi-track editing and non-destructive editing environment.

adobe audition Audio Editor

Visit: Adobe Audition

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WaveShop is a free and open source audio editor for Windows. It allows some basic audio editing features like cut, copy, delete, zoom in/out, etc.

WaveShop Audio Editor

The software comes with a lot of audio filters and effects such as Fade, Swap channels, Normalizes and many more. It supports multi channel audio which could be useful in the right situation.

Visit: WaveShop

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Above mentioned software/apps are well tested and qualified for best audio file editor. Now you can further enhance your MP3 audios with MIDI converter.