All You Need To Know About “All 4” On LG TVs

Channel 4, a significant British television network, provides the well-known streaming service known as the all 4 on LG TV. This app enables access to a wide variety of content, including TV episodes, documentaries, movies, and even exclusive Channel 4 creations.  

The All 4 app provides access to a vast library of on-demand content, including TV shows, documentaries, movies, and more from Channel 4 and its affiliated channels. You can watch recently aired episodes of Channel 4 shows that you may have missed through the catch-up TV feature. The app may offer personalized recommendations based on your viewing history and preferences.

In summary, the “All 4” app and other streaming apps on smart TVs have become essential for modern entertainment consumption. This article will guide you through the All 4 app on LG TV and also how to download all 4 on LG TV.

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What is the “All 4” App?

One of the fundamental telecom companies in the Unified Kingdom, Channel 4, offers a streaming stage called the “All 4” application. It is famous for giving a wide assortment of programming, for example, Network programs, narratives, films, and elite Channel 4 tasks.

 Many projects, including show, parody, unscripted television, narratives, and news, are accessible on “All 4”. It is known for its unique and innovative content that often tackles contemporary issues and societal themes.

Popular Shows and Content Available:

These are the popular shows available on all 4 on LG TV-

  • “The Great British Bake Off”: This top-rated baking competition series has gained a massive following and features amateur bakers showcasing their culinary talents.great_british_bake_off[1]
  • “Gogglebox”: A unique reality TV show where viewers watch and react to television programs. googlebox
  • “Black Mirror” is a science fiction anthology series that delves into the darker side of technology and modern mirror
  • “Derry Girls”: It follows a group of teenage friends navigating the challenges of adolescence amid political and social unrest.derry_dirls[1]
  • “The Circle”: A reality competition show where contestants can be themselves or catfish other participants using a social media platform.the_circle[1]

Availability of “All 4” on LG TVs

All 4 on LG TV are available on LG TVs in the United Kingdom. Other nations, like the United States, do not have it on LG TVs.

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Historical context:

This is some of the history of the All 4 app-

In the US, LG TVs supported the All 4 app, but Channel 4, the parent company of All 4, discontinued that service in 2019. They made the decision to delete the app for several reasons, including the shifting TV environment in the US.

There isn’t a set date for the All 4 app to be accessible on LG TVs in other nations, but it’s possible. Users in countries without the All 4 app can still get All 4 content by casting it from their computer or mobile device to their LG TV in the interim.

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Alternative Ways to Access “All 4” Content on LG TVs

If you’re searching how do I get All 4 on my LG smart TV and the app isn’t available directly from the LG app store or has been removed, there are alternative methods you can try:

  • Using External Streaming Devices:

   – Utilizing outside streaming gadgets like a Roku, Amazon Fire television Stick, or Google Chromecast is one of the most straightforward ways of getting “all 4 on LG TV” material on your LG television. external_streaming_devices[1]These widgets often offer a more extensive assortment of applications and admittance to web-based features that probably won’t be promptly accessible on your television.

  • Setting LG Services Location to the UK:

– Depending on your TV’s location or region settings, some smart TVs, including LG models, may limit access to particular apps. Ensure you set your television’s administration area to the UK to potentially access “All 4” if it’s available there and you have a UK-based LG television. lg_location[1]If it’s not too much trouble, know that modifying the area settings on your television can affect different administrations or applications, so tread carefully.

  • Porting Apps from Other Android-Based Platforms:

   – LG TVs often run on the webOS platform, but some models also use Android TV. It might be possible to sideload Android apps, such as the “All 4” app, onto your LG TV if it runs Android TV. android_platforms[1]This procedure entails downloading the APK file for the app and manually installing it on your TV. This approach might only be practical for some apps and require technical knowledge.

Community Feedback and Discussions 

If you’re searching how to get all 4 on LG TV and the app isn’t available directly from the LG app store or has been removed, there are alternative methods you can try:

  • App Availability: Users might have experienced frustration if the “All 4” app was unavailable in their region or removed from the LG app store. This could limit their access to Channel 4 content on their LG TVs.lg content
  • Technical Compatibility: LG TVs come in various models, and older models may need to be more compatible with the latest apps or updates. Some users may have encountered issues with app performance, crashes, or freezing, particularly on older LG TVs.
  • Geolocation Restrictions: Users outside the UK may have faced issues accessing “All 4” content due to geolocation restrictions. The app is primarily intended for UK viewers, and Channel 4 may restrict access to users within the United Kingdom.all settings
  • Authentication and Login: Like many streaming apps, “All 4” may require users to log in with their Channel 4 account or a TV provider’s credentials. Users who need to remember their login information or encounter issues with authentication may experience difficulties accessing content.login
  • App Updates: Users may have faced problems after an app or system update disrupted their viewing experience.

Why Some Apps Aren’t Available on Certain TV Models

Here are two key reasons:

  • Licensing Agreements and Geo-Restrictions:license_agreement[1]

   – Content license: Many streaming apps that deliver copyrighted content call for specific license contracts between the app developer and providers. These agreements frequently limit the places where the app may be made available. Check how To Install 3rd Party Apps On LG Smart TV here.

   – Geo-Restrictions: App developers utilize geo-restriction technology to enforce these licensing agreements. Users may only access the app if their location is within the allowed regions listed in the licensing agreements.

  • Differences Between TV Operating Systems and App Development Challenges:difference[1]

   – TV Operating Systems: Developing and maintaining an app for each platform can be resource-intensive, as it requires adapting the app’s code to work seamlessly with each operating system’s unique features and requirements.

   – App Development Challenges: TV screens vary in size and resolution, and remote control navigation differs from touchscreens or mouse input. App developers must ensure that the user interface and experience suit TV screens and remote controls.


Is the 'All 4' app available on all LG TV models?

No, the availability of the 'All 4' app may vary depending on your LG TV model and region. Not all LG TVs may have access to this app.

How can I check if the 'All 4' app is available on my LG TV?

Visit the LG app store on your TV to check if the 'All 4' app is listed among the accessible applications. If it's not there, your TV model cannot support it.

How do I get all4 on my smart TV?

Make sure the All4 app is compatible with your smart TV. Obtain an Internet connection. Visit the App Hub or App Store. Look for All4. Download the app. Install the app and then launch it. You'll have to sign or make a new account.

Is there a subscription fee for the 'All 4' app on LG TVs?

'All 4' offers a free version with advertisements. However, they also offer a paid tier called 'All 4+' . It provides an ad-free experience and the ability to download content for offline viewing.


In conclusion, we discussed several key points related to the “All 4” app and accessing content on LG TVs. All 4 on the LG TV app were described in detail, emphasizing its function as a streaming service supplied by Channel 4 in the UK that offers a vast selection of TV series, documentaries, movies, and exclusive material.

We discussed the importance of streaming apps on smart TVs and also how to get all 4 on LG smart TVs. We outlined the legal constraints, geographical limitations, and technical difficulties caused by various TV operating systems. These are the reasons why certain apps might not be accessible on particular TV models.

Advice to consumers is to stay informed and up-to-date with LG’s official statements because of the dynamic nature of app availability and technology. Being informed through official channels can help users obtain the material they want and maximize their smart TV experience.

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