Watch TikTok Without App Using 4 Methods | 2023

Four countries, including India, banned TikTok based on published pornographic content on their pages. Ever since, users have been devastated that they cannot use the service anymore. But for you, we have found a few ways to watch TikTok without app. In this article we engineered for you, you will learn how to watch tiktok videos without the need for the application.


TikTok is a social media for recording, sharing, and watching short videos. Youth use the app as a portal to voice themselves via songs, dancing, humor, and lip-syncing, and it lets you create videos and intercommunicate across the community.

watch tiktok without app

Can You Watch Tiktok Without The App?

Yes, there are ways to open TikTok without app. Consequently, if tiktok is banned in your country, you won’t be able to watch it without a VPN app. So make sure you install a VPN on your device before proceeding to further stages.

  1. Browser
  2. Mobile
  3. Youtube
  4. Social media

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Watch Tiktok Using Browser

Tiktok has its browser version of the social media platform. You can access it from any browser just like you use an app. 

watch tiktok on browser

If you open without enabling VPN, you will see a message on top of the website saying, “The App is currently unavailable as per the directive by [government].” This means your country’s government has removed access to this platform. A link will be available next to this message that gives you a piece of detailed information about the guidelines involved around this restriction.

To bypass this restriction, you must enable a VPN service to navigate the app without limitation.

Here’s How You Can Do That:

  1. Firstly, open a browser of your choice (chrome or safari) and search for Without a VPN, you will see the message on top, and you cannot access the content is currently unavailable
  2. Secondly, go to the Google extensions page, search for Browsec VPN, and click on Add to Chrome.browsec vpn
  3. The VPN is added to chrome and ready to use.
  4. Click on the VPN icon next to the address bar. You will see a green Start VPN button in the middle. Click on it to start VPN to connect to a server. You can tap on the gear icon in the corner to meddle with the settings further.start vpn
  5. Now that the VPN is connected to a server, you can go back to the tiktok website and reload the page.
  6. Once the page reloads, tiktok contents start playing.start using tiktok

You can now freely browse through tiktok without any restriction. As long as the VPN is connected to the right server, you will be fine. Ensure the server is connected to a country where tiktok is not banned.

Finally, you have learned how to watch tiktok without app using a browser. What if you need to watch tiktok without app, but you don’t have a pc?

Watch TikTok On a Smartphone

If you have a mobile phone and need to watch tiktok without the app, you can do the identical steps as you did above. With this method, you can watch tiktok from anywhere and everywhere.

Here’s How You Can Watch TikTok on Your Phone:

  1. Firstly, proceed to the Appstore or PlayStore if you have an android. Search for VPN and install a VPN app of your choice.
  2. Secondly, open the app you installed and hit connect. Make sure you choose the right server location before clicking on connect. (You should join the server somewhere the service isn’t banned, remember that)vpn app on phone
  3. Now go to your browser app on your phone. (chrome, if android; safari, if you’re using iPhone) In the browser search box, search for tiktok and enter the TikTok website.use tiktok on phone browser

You can now begin scrolling through its content without any restriction. Use this method when someone sends you a link to a tiktok from another app. Say if you’re friend sent you a tiktok link from abroad and you could not open it.

Follow the above steps to connect the VPN; copy and paste the link to your browser to open the link.

Now you have learned how to watch tiktok without the app on your smartphone. 

How to Get TikTok Without Downloading It

Have you wondered about the other ways to watch tiktok? Yes, of course, there are other means to look at tiktok contents. You need not download the app or use the Browser for this method.

There are Two Ways to Watch TikTok Without

  1. Social Media
  2. Youtube

Social Media

There is multiple social media platform which has reshared content from TikTok. You can search for TikToks and start watching it from the catalog.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Firstly, open any social media app, for example, Instagram, and search for tiktok on the discover page.
  2. You will find a hashtag under the name tiktok in the search results.
  3. Secondly, clicking on it will give you thousands of TikToks people reshare from worldwide.

watch on social media

You need not worry about the app or connecting to a VPN to watch tiktok from Instagram. They are tiktok videos that people extract and share on Instagram on their profile. So technically, they are Instagram reels.


One of the best platforms to watch TikTok is youtube. Similar to Instagram, the tiktok videos found on youtube are reshared contents. YouTubers from around the world reshare downloaded TikToks to youtube for you to enjoy.

  1. Firstly, open YouTube and keep it logged in with your default google account.
  2. Secondly, click on the search bar to start typing. Search for tiktok or TikToks in the search bar.
  3. You will be flooded with millions of clips regarding TikToks.

watch on youtube

Finally, can now enjoy watching TikToks on youtube. There is no guarantee that youtube will display every tiktok, but some will be popular ones. If you need to look for a specific tiktok, you can search with the description or name of the TikToker. The experience, however, won’t be similar to the tiktok application and the website, but it sure will do for you. If you wish only to watch tiktok without app, youtube can be a better choice. Learn how to Search background audio on youtube from this article.

Above all, you have learned how to watch tiktok without app from Youtube.

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Can you watch TikTok without an account?

Anyone who likes to watch TikToks can view them without creating an account. Viewing TikTok without an account is fair for everyone, and nobody will be demanded to sign up or sign in to use the service.

Is there a web version of TikTok?

Yes, there is a TikTok website. Follow our guide on how to use TikTok from your PC browser. The web version allows you to use the service anywhere, anytime, without problem. You can view, share and edit your videos on the go.

Can you download TikTok?

Unfortunately, you can't download all videos, and the user who posts a TikTok has to allow it. If the 'Save video' option doesn't show up, the user hasn't enabled the downloads option for others. But, if you need it desperately, you could always record your screen.


In conclusion, these methods are the only way to watch tiktok without app. If you have inconvenience using VPN, consider the last two methods. You can always watch TikTok from Instagram and youtube without restriction.

So, don’t feel unrestrained to reach us if you’re having trouble with these methods.

Thank you for reading!

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