How To Schedule Tweets On Twitter | Detailed Guide

Many of you’ll often need help with how to schedule tweets on Twitter. Don’t worry if you still need to figure out when, why, or how to schedule tweets on Twitter; we’ve covered you in this blog.

You can schedule tweets directly from Twitter by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Twitter account.
  2. Choose Your Profile from the left menu.
  3. Choose “Tweet” from the drop-down menu.

You can include photographs, hashtags, and other elements in your post, Choose the tiny schedule symbol at the bottom of the content window, and after choosing the day, date, time, and time zone, click “Confirm.”To schedule tweets on the platform, utilize either Twitter’s scheduling functionality or a social media scheduling service.

Consider scheduling tweets if you want to keep your Twitter presence active simultaneously! Don’t worry if you’re still unsure how can you schedule tweets; we’ve further covered you in this article! Let’s start with the fundamentals.

Why Do You Need to Schedule Tweets

If you’re wondering why scheduling tweets or social media updates, in general, is advantageous, here are some reasons:

Post in Several Time Zones

Because many businesses have audiences spread across multiple time zones, it takes a lot of work to tweet in every time in several time zonesBut if you schedule tweets, you can quickly cover a lot of time zones. As a result, your work can reach more people and grow a more varied audience.

It helps you save time

As a social media manager, you manage five accounts simultaneously.

it helps you save timeThere are still around five hours in a day, even if it takes you an hour to create a post for each and post it separately on each channel. You can accomplish that quickly and easily with a scheduling tool.

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It Maintains the Flow of Your Content

Regular updating is the key to developing a devoted following on Twitter. Posting frequently might be maintains the flow of your content You can schedule tweets to go out on specific days and times using a Twitter scheduling tool, which also supports Twitter auto-tweets.

To Schedule Tweets using Twitter

With the instructions below, you will know how do you schedule tweets directly from Twitter:

  1. Go to Twitter and sign in. On the left menu, select Your Profile. Choose “Tweet” from the menu. choose tweet
  2. You can include photographs, hashtags, and other elements in your can include photographs
  3. Choose the tiny schedule symbol at the bottom of the content window.schedule tweet button
  4. After choosing the day, date, time, and time zone, click “Confirm.”confirm tweetYour article has been booked. You can view your scheduled postings in the “Scheduled Tweets” section.

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Scheduling tweets via different platforms

Scheduling tools or platforms can be of great use to schedule your tweets which are as follows:

How To Schedule Tweets Using Social Champ

Tweets can be scheduled using Social Champ in a few simple steps.

  1. Log in if you have an account on Social Champ and create one if you don’t have champ login
  2. Once you are in the Content Composer, add your Twitter accounts.add your twitter accounts

How to plan tweets:

  1. Choose your Twitter profile, create your stuff, including images and hashtags, and publish it.create stuff in social champ
  2. At the Content Composer’s bottom, choose Schedule. Choose the time, date, and day that you to schedule tweets using social champ
  3. Your tweet is now set to go out. All of the scheduled posts are available on your Social Media media calendar

To plan tweets using Planable

Here is how to use Planable to schedule Tweets on Twitter:

  1. Create an account without using a credit card by signing up for free.create planable account
  2. Connect to a Twitter account.connect twitter to planable
  3. From your workspace, pick the Twitter tab by clicking the Compose button.pick twitter tab
  4. After writing your message and including any necessary images, click Choose Date and Time to select the best posting time from a drop-down menu.choose date and time in planable

To use Hootsuite to schedule tweets

Here’s how to use Hootsuite to schedule tweets on Twitter: On the Composer symbol, click

  1. Choose Post to choose a post on your Hootsuite account. Select which account the tweet is for in step three.add account to hootsuite
  2. Choose the Twitter account you wish to publish to from those that are linked to Hootsuite. Send a tweet.choose account on hootsuite
  3. Provide any references, hashtags, media, or links, and press schedule for later button.
  4. Tweet something and schedule it for later. Decide when you want the Tweet to go live. Next, select Done.schedule on hootsuite

Plan tweets using a mobile device

Currently, there is no way to schedule tweets using the Twitter app on mobile devices. You can use third-party apps for the same.

Here’s how to use Planable to schedule Twitter posts on your phone:

Planable is a scheduling tool that will help you to schedule tweets on Twitter; follow the below-given process to continue:

  1. Create an account with Planable and link it to your desktop Twitter with twitter desktop
  2. Press the compose button.
  3. Select the date and time after writing your tweet, then hit Next. Choose the desired time and day, then select Schedule.You’re finished! Your planned tweet will be sent out automatically.schedule on plannable

Using the smartphone app for Social Champ

The easiest approach to get the most out of your time is to make the most of it. Initially, you can go to from your browser & then follow the preceding steps.

  1. You may post or schedule your tweets with our user-friendly & simple mobile app. Simply write your tweets in the content composer, add any necessary images, and schedule them for publication at the specified time and champ queue
  2. You may see your upcoming post in the queue.See Also: How To Turn On Dark Mode On Twitter

Best practices for tweet scheduling

Below given suggestions are some best practices to follow while scheduling tweets on Twitter:

Keep up a consistent Twitter post pace

As Twitter is all about interaction, your followers might stop paying attention to you if you don’t tweet for an extended period. consistent twitter paceEven when you don’t have any scheduled posts, it would be better to tweet frequently.

Using a content calendar is a good idea

Social media calendars are excellent for monitoring campaigns and sustaining a consistent online presence.

Tweet relevant business events

Just tweet about them, though. Ask your audience for specifics and insights.

tweet relevant business events

That will give the impression that you are talking to your audience. Also, it’s a fantastic method to network with key players.

Improve your Twitter profile

Don’t overschedule tweets, and stay up with your regular tweeting routine. Consider your entire Twitter footprint if you want to be proactive.

improve your twitter profile

Filling out your bio and description, selecting eye-catching cover and profile photographs, responding to tweets, and retweeting intriguing topics are all part of this.

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Use a basic handle

Complex handles only irritate and frustrate those who wish to contact you directly.

Make branding guidelines

Your branding principles should be adhered to in all planned tweets. 

mkae branding guidelines

Branded hashtags, emoticons, link usage, answering etiquette, and other items are typically included in a brand book. All of these help your audience recognize your brand right away.


Can we schedule a tweet?

We can schedule tweets but not on the Twitter app. Some tools make it possible, such as:Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck , Twerio, etc.

How can I plan a tweet on my phone?

These are the steps to schedule a tweet on a mobile device: Start crafting your tweet after opening the Twitter app. Press the schedule button After choosing the time and date for your tweet, tap schedule. Your tweet will be noted as scheduled and appear in your queue at the appointed time. Tap the Tweet compose icon, then click the queue symbol in the top right corner of the compose page to view or amend your scheduled tweets.

Where can I get free Twitter scheduling tools?

Several free Twitter tools exist that let you plan out future tweets. A free application with comparable functionality is SocialOomph, which allows you to schedule tweets and keep track of people who have retweeted your material. Scheduling tweets in advance can be a useful strategy for companies and individuals who want to increase the reach of their material on Twitter

What factors should you take into account while scheduling tweets?

Simple rule: Be sincere in your tweets; readers pay attention to tweets; as soon as your followers are online, tweet; the best strategy is to tweet two to three times daily and add one new tweet per ten thousand followers.

Can Tweets be queued?

You can schedule tweets, yes. Once you've booked a tweet, you may put it in a queue or schedule it for a certain time.

Why is it crucial to plan your tweets?

Twitter itself is not required to schedule tweets. Create an account with a scheduling service to manage your tweets from a single dashboard.


Finally, remember that your best scheduling choice could alter at any moment. For instance, the individual posting flexibility of in-Twitter scheduling might be extremely helpful if you need to distribute a significant company announcement across time zones and languages.

Now that you know how to schedule tweets on Twitter, we hope our guide has been helpful to you.

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