6 Ways To Follow For Linking Bose Speakers [Full Guide]

In this article, you will get to know about different ways of linking Bose speakers and the best methods to do so. 

It provides a large selection of goods, such as speakers, headphones with noise cancellation, and other cell phones and audio systems. They have excellent speakers that produce an almost lifelike sound. Using Bose speaker wires to connect Bose speakers to an amplifier is recommended.

However, other folks might already have a spare normal wire laying around and would prefer to use that to save money. You will discover linking Bose speakers using the conventional speaker in this article below.

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Linking BOSE Speakers Can Be Done In One Of 6 Ways:

Using the Bose Connect app or manually, linking Bose speakers is simple. Party and stereo modes are the two alternatives Bose provides for connecting your speakers. Both stereo mode and party mode enhance the sound in various rooms of your house.

Using the Bose Connect app or manually is a simple way to connect and sync Bose speakers. Party and stereo modes are the two alternatives Bose provides for connecting your speakers. Both stereo mode and party mode enhance the sound in various rooms of your house. Here are the best 6 ways:

First-Time Device Pairing with BOSE Bluetooth Speaker

Here are the steps through which first-time device linking can be done:

  1. First, turn on the Bluetooth settings on your computer, mobile device, tablet, or Bluetooth speaker.
  2. The speaker’s LED will flicker white (it won’t stay white) to signal that it is now visible to other devices.
  3. Look for the “BOSE Bluetooth Speaker” in the list of available pairing options for your wireless device.
  4. From the list, tap or choose “BOSE Bluetooth Speaker.” The gadget will prompt you for a PIN code. If you are wondering, can you link two Bose sound link speakers?
  5. Then yes, the speaker will now connect with your device automatically when you enter the PIN “0000” and click “OK.”
  6. The speaker’s indication will turn white, and a tone will signal that the connection has been made.
  7. Play the appropriate file on your device to hear the voice in stunning clarity!


Now you can wirelessly play the audio or video files of your choice through the speaker by linking Bose speakers. Up to six devices can be connected simultaneously to the BOSE Bluetooth Speakers. The first connected device will be instantly disconnected if you need to connect another one. A single device at a time can play it.

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Using A Paired Device to Connect

An alternate for linking Bose speakers is to do it using a paired device. Following are the steps to show how it is done:


  1. When you press the speaker’s power button, a tone will be audible and the Bluetooth indicator will begin blinking white.
  2. Your device must have Bluetooth turned on for the Bluetooth speaker to see it.
  3. An audible tone or beep will trigger an automated connection between the speaker and the gadget.
  4. The Bluetooth indicator will turn white, indicating that your speaker is now able to play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as iPod, iPad (data plan), laptop, iPod, mobile phone, tablet, or another device.

Using the Bose Connect App

If you want, you can use Bose Connect App on your mobile phone or any device for linking Bose speakers:

  1. Activate the Bose speakers on both sides.
  2. Connect one Bose speaker to grab your smartphone using the Bose Connect app. boseconnectapp
  3. Navigate the Bose after the first speaker has been paired.
  4. To activate Party Mode, connect, find the Party Mode option, and toggle it.
  5. Press Continue after choosing the Party Mode option.
  6. For a brief while, your mobile device and Bluetooth speakers will pair.
  7. Press “STEREO (L/R)” if you want to use the stereo mode.
  8. To return to Party Mode, simply press “STEREO (L/R)” once more.

Using Party Mode

If you don’t want to use any of the above methods, then try using this easy party mode way, whose instructions are mentioned below:

  1. Turn on both of your Bose Bluetooth speakers manually.
  2. Connect a Bose speaker to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  3. Grab your connected speaker and hit the Volume + and Bluetooth buttons at the same time.
  4. Release the buttons once you have received the message. bluetoothmode
  5. Get your second speaker now, and simultaneously push and hold the Bluetooth and Volume buttons.
  6. Release the button after a tone is heard from the speaker. Once you hear the speakers emit “Party Mode,” you are successfully pairing Bose speakers.
  7. Now that both Bose speakers are working together, you may enjoy listening to music on your mobile device.

Using Stereo Mode

There is stereo mode method too for linking Bose speakers to your desired device to set up the mood for the upcoming party:

  1. Take one of your Bose speakers and simultaneously tap the Volume + and Bluetooth buttons. stereomode
  2. When it says “Stereo mode,” that is when you should release it. Following that, the left speaker will say “left,” and the right speaker will say “right.” You are now in Stereo Mode as a result of this. Your mobile device may now play music.
  3. Follow the directions above to return to Party Mode.

Turning Off The Party Or Stereo Modes

To turn off the party or stereo mode, you need not worry, as all the steps mentioned below will make your task much easier! turnoff

  1. Perform the following actions in one of the speakers to turn off Party or Stereo Mode:
  2. Once you hear the prompt “Bose speakers unlinked,” release your hold on the Bluetooth button.
  3. Once you hear “Bose speakers unlinked,” press and hold the Volume + and Multifunction buttons at the same time.
  4. To turn off the speakers, hold down the power button for a few seconds and link bose speakers.


How can I activate the Bose speaker's party mode?

Connect one Bose speaker to your smartphone using the Bose Connect app. To activate Party Mode, connect, find the Party Mode option, and toggle it. Press Continue after choosing the Party Mode option.

What exactly is Bose Connect?

This software fully uses the functionality of your Bose speakers, as the name implies. It is a specially created app that makes pairing your mobile device with different Bose speakers and headphones simpler and more seamless. With the help of the keyboard for programming, users can modify their headphones' noise cancellation settings, equalization settings, and language selection.

How can I join two Bose speakers together?

The stereo mode setting enables the independent operation of each speaker. The instructions for joining two Bose speakers are provided here. Connect one Bose speaker to your smartphone using the Bose Connect app. To activate Party Mode, connect, find the Party Mode option, and toggle it. Press Continue after choosing the Party Mode option. This is about how to connect two Bose speakers.

How can I link my phone to my Bose SoundLink?

Activate and pair Bluetooth on your phone: iPhones and iPads: Click the Bluetooth toggle switch to the on/green position under Settings > Bluetooth. Choose Bose Soundlink from My Devices. Android-based devices Toggle Bluetooth on or green by going to Settings > Connected devices > Connection choices.

How much time does it take to charge the battery in the SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II?

When using a USB power supply with at least 1 amp of current, the SoundLink Color II battery can be recharged in large parts in 3 hours when no music is being played. It could take longer to charge when using a different USB power source or while listening to music. The battery life is disappointing and falls short of the advertised eight hours. With the included micro USB charging cord, a full charge cycle takes a little under three hours to complete.


Since it began producing devices, BOSE has had a reputation among its customers for being dependable and user-friendly. They produce some of the best sounds from their equipment, not only from speakers. BOSE manufactures a variety of Windows 10  headphones and speakers for different consumer types. Whether you enjoy sports, travel, or simply staying at home, BOSE has something to offer everyone, and linking Bose speakers is even easy. The price of this particular Bluetooth speaker is justified, and the brand-name BOSE technology is flawless.